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We’ve Used 4 Best RoadWarrior Alternatives - Here’s our Feedback

Looking for a less complicated way to optimize multi-destination routes and an alternative to RoadWarrior? Here are 4 best RoadWarrior alternatives

Looking for an uncomplicated way to optimize your multi-destination routes while looking for finer alternatives to RoadWarrior? And if you’re also considering better options to cut your drivers’ time on the road, then this blog is for you.

Here, we deep-dive into the 4 best alternatives to RoadWarrior - eLogii, Tookan, Onfleet, and GetSwift, weigh out their benefits, and compare the prices to see what’s the perfect fit to squash your route planning goals.


  • RoadWarrior - has a complicated UI, and its pricing makes it a bad choice for medium and larger businesses.
  • eLogii - A perfect solution for effective A-Z route management and has many more features than RoadWarrior.
  • Tookan - A little pricey once you consider the lack of integration options like the rest.
  • Onfleet - Good for smaller businesses with a great all-in-one dashboard.
  • GetSwift - A pay-per-delivery pricing model with a smart route optimisation algorithm.

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RoadWarrior - Overview

A widely used tool for route planning and dispatch, RoadWarrior has been used by individuals and teams alike.

With its paid Flex app, RoadWarrior provides a premium service to its users where they can easily track, update multiple stops, and deliver on time through well-optimized routes.

What’s good about RoadWarrior?

Some of the key benefits of RoadWarrior include:

  • Dispatch management for both teams and drivers.
  • Smart route assignment and enables tracking driver’s progress on the app.
  • Flex provides multi-user support where you can manage your entire team and grant permissions based on their role.
  • Offers integration with FedEx, so you can import and operate your dispatch all in one place.

RoadWarrior UI

If you have developers on board, you are at an added advantage. RoadWarrior also provides API access, so you can automate everyday delivery tasks to save more time.

What’s not so good about RoadWarrior?

So where does RoadWarrior lag? Although their Flex app is outstanding in terms of solutions, most “not-so-tech-savvy” users have reported some steps to be quite complex.

For instance, while making notes to add new stops or mark routes as complete, users must click many more buttons than usual.

Here are a few more disadvantages of RoadWarrior:

  • The Basic or the Free version of the app provides up to 8 route stops to try and with a limited search limit of 50.
  • If you have to try out features like route assignment to drivers, tracking progress, etc., you would have to purchase the Pro or the Flex package.
  • Pricing is not suitable for a team of 5 or fewer drivers because the only option left to purchase is the Flex version.
  • Lack of performance analytics, which is crucial for making future improvements.

Another significant drawback of RoadWarrior is the lack of training and help centres, which is a terrible combination with its unintuitive UI.

RoadWarrior pricing

RoadWarrior Pricing

The prices displayed here are from the official page of RoadWarrior.

As you can see, the Pro package does not cover the much-needed tracking and monitoring part of route management, leaving you with little choice but to purchase the Flex version.

And considering you have a team of 50 drivers, this is what your monthly RoadWarrior expense would look like:

  • Free Version: Free but limited to 50 search limits a day, so it’s definitely not a preferred choice.
  • Pro Version: $10/month - 120 route size, 500 daily search limit, but excludes license for multiple users, assigning routes to drivers, and the tracking feature, which are all essential capabilities for route management.
  • Flex Version: $10/month and an additional $10 per driver, so a minimum of $500 per month capped at 200 route stops, but with significantly fewer features.

So, is it worth the price point for the features they offer? We’ll know for sure when we look into the RoadWarrior alternatives.

RoadWarrior alternative #1 - eLogii: For top-notch optimisation

An effective route management software should be capable of more than just route planning and managing.

It should also include features that:

  • Optimise routes to save time;
  • Track your vehicles instantly;
  • Provide performance-related analytics.

Introducing eLogii, a cloud-based delivery and route management solution that does all this and more.

RoadWarrior alternative - eLogii Route Optimization UI

How does eLogii outperform RoadWarrior?

The central gap in RoadWarrior’s offer is the lack of performance analytics and around-the-clock support because, let’s face it - issues do not announce before showing up.

eLogii not only covers this gap, but it also provides plenty of other features, such as:

  • Easy upload of bulk data onto your dashboard using spreadsheets or API integration. So, goodbye manual effort.
  • Auto-planned routes, make quick updates to custom routes and destinations.
  • Accurate geocoding to avoid unsynchronised street addresses and maps.
  • For multiple vehicles, eLogii coordinates deliveries so there’s no more overlapping.
  • Live communication between the drivers and admin.
  • Can respond dynamically to any hurdles in the route and can instantly plan to reschedule and find the next most effective way.
  • Offers 24/7 customer support and training.

RoadWarrior Vs. eLogii rating as per Capterra

Do all these features make eLogii a costly option? Let’s find out.

How do RoadWarrior and eLogii compare in price?

eLogii does not have a flat rate card but is customised per every company’s requirements, which is undoubtedly a better way to avoid paying for unnecessary features.

RoadWarrior alternative - eLogii’s typical pricing plans

eLogii starts at $359 monthly for 2500 tasks with unlimited drivers and users. So, this is undoubtedly a better option price- and limit-wise.

Here’s a more in-depth estimate of using eLogii:

  • Route optimisation - 2500 tasks a month, 12 cents per task.
  • An additional 500 tasks a month cost the same 12 cents per task.

Compared to RoadWarrior’s limited number of capabilities and users in the premium pricing plan, eLogii is a steal deal!


RoadWarrior alternative #2 - Tookan: For greater customisation

Most suited for on-demand delivery services, Tookan provides real-time tracking and route optimisation.

Known for its wide range of features under a single package, Tookan provides an exclusive Admin Panel to its users to seamlessly track and manage their team.

How does Tookan outperform RoadWarrior?

Tookan is mainly used by small and medium-sized businesses, and here are some of the main reasons why:

  • It integrates with a vast number of applications like CRM tools, BigCommerce, payment tools, Shopify, and more.
  • It offers a 14-day free trial, which is not the case with other tools.
  • It provides performance metrics for efficient route planning and optimisation.
  • Packages include driver management, route capacity planning, emergency dispatch, GPS tracking, and many more.

Also, the application is comparably easy to use even with all the additional features.

RoadWarrior alternative - Tookan Route Optimization UI

How do RoadWarrior and Tookan compare in price?

Tookan Pricing

The most recommended standard package will cost you $359 a month, with 5000 tasks and unlimited agents. Clearly, this is a way cheaper option than RoadWarrior, which costs $500 a month for a team of 10.

The Standard plan offers 5000 tasks a month, making Tookan a preferable alternative for small to medium-sized businesses.

RoadWarrior alternative #3 - Onfleet: For effective route planning

Onfleet is a delivery software suitable for smaller businesses as they have a convenient task-based pricing model.

One of the most significant advantages of Onfleet is that it provides a cohesive dashboard where you can get a bird’s eye view of every route and all the active operations from a single place.

OnFleet’s Dashboard

How does Onfleet outperform RoadWarrior?

  • It’s not as complex since all your operations can be accessed and updated within a single dashboard. That means no more extra keystrokes, as in RoadWarrior.
  • Easy search option using text or queries to find your drivers, routes, destinations, and customers.
  • Use of an auto-assign engine to assign on-demand.
  • Provides detailed driver performance metrics and other key insights to make your future deliveries more efficient.
  • Good API integration and setup using their Onfleet Solution services.

RoadWarrior alternative - Onfleet Route Mapping UI

Let’s see how Onfleet and RoadWarrior compare price-wise since both are used mainly by smaller businesses.

How do RoadWarrior and Onfleet compare in price?

Onfleet pricing

The Starter package seems a little over-priced considering its lack of route optimisation and planning features. Still, the maximum number of tasks is more than RoadWarrior’s basic package.

Its most popular package is the Premium one, with a solid 5000 tasks a month, making it a go-to option for enterprises.

RoadWarrior alternative #4 - GetSwift: For a per-delivery pricing solution

The small businesses’ hero delivery software GetSwift is quite popular for its pricing model that charges per delivery, instead of the rest that charge monthly or annually.

So, in case there were no deliveries in a particular month, you wouldn’t have to pay for that period.

RoadWarrior alternative - GetSwift’s route optimization

How does GetSwift outperform RoadWarrior?

Here are some of the nifty features GetSwift has that RoadWarrior doesn’t:

  • Alerts for any delays, ETA, deliveries, and real-time tracking.
  • The most easy-to-use app and functionalities for the less tech-savvy drivers.
  • A robust route optimisation algorithm for super accurate route assignment.
  • Multiple integrations with popular tools like Zapier, Shopify, UserEats, Dash, and more that’s clearly missing in RoadWarrior.

And now, we’ll look into its unique pricing model.

How do RoadWarrior and GetSwift compare in price?

GetSwift offers a 30-day free trial which is practically a whole month of free use.

Apart from this, the two paid packages include Professional and Enterprise, with the former starting at 29 cents per delivery. And this includes every feature under its hood.

GetSwift Pricing

But if you are a larger business or experience an unexpected delivery surge in any given month, then GetSwift would not be a viable option as the price could easily shoot up before you know it.

The Bottom Line

After all the drawbacks of RoadWarrior we’ve mentioned earlier, any one of the 4 alternatives may seem like a better option for you to hop onto.

But things are not that simple.

Here are some quick but insightful questions you need to ask yourself before choosing “the one” for better route management:

  • Can the route management software auto-assign routes on-demand?
  • Can it analyse the data and performance for improving future deliveries?
  • Does it offer API integration to import tasks easily and reduce manual effort and time?
  • Can I track my drivers live/in real-time?
  • Are you a medium or larger business that’d like the pricing plan to be task-based rather than per vehicle?

If you’ve answered “yes” to each of these, we present the best-fit option for you - eLogii.


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