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We tried 4 best Tookan alternatives - here's our feedback

Tookan has its uses as routing software, but it won’t work for everyone. We examine eLogii, GetSwift, RoadWarrior & Onfleet as the best Tookan alternatives

If Tookan is not delivering for you, there are plenty of other route management platforms to choose from. But which one is right for your business?

In this blog, we’ll report on the 4 best Tookan alternatives - what they’re good at, and who should select them in preference to Jungleworks’ app.

But if you’re short of time, here’s a condensed summary of what we found:


  • We’ve rated Tookan, eLogii, GetSwift, RoadWarrior, and Onfleet out of 5 for Core Functionality, Customisability, Integrations, User Satisfaction, and Looks
  • We’ve also compared pricing relative to Tookan separately
  • Tookan: a pick-and-mix approach to features that looks inexpensive but soon racks up high costs
  • eLogii: the most powerful route optimisation and delivery management platform on the market today
  • GetSwift: with a purely “per task” pricing model, GetSwift customers pay only for what they use each month
  • RoadWarrior: for route optimisation at an exceptionally low cost
  • Onfleet: a good all-round delivery management solution for small firms

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What’s good about Tookan?

Tookan is just one part of Jungleworks’ wider suite of products, which includes hyperlocal D2C ordering and delivery platform Yelo and customer engagement toolkit Hippo.

But beyond that, Tookan offers an enormous range of extensions that enable you to craft the perfect solution for your business, whatever vertical you are in, whatever features you need. For example:

  • Sector-specific solutions, for businesses including beauty, cannabis, laundries, car washes, restaurants, waste management, furniture delivery, and many more
  • Quick native integrations with tools like Quickbooks, Shopify, Stripe, Zapier, etc
  • Waybill and barcode generation, facial recognition and OTP identity verification, many different SMS gateways - the list goes on

Not only that, developers can create their own Tookan add-ons and add them to the extensions marketplace. There is also a well-documented API and webhooks for those cases where there isn’t a ready-made extension.

Tookan Alternatives - Tookan UI

In terms of core functionality, Tookan includes:

  • Delivery and despatch management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • SMS and email customer alerts

And as shown in the screenshot above, it has a clean, uncluttered user interface that is easy to use - for both dispatchers and drivers, via the mobile app.

What’s not so good about Tookan?

Route optimisation is not included in the basic packages. It is charged extra, on a per-task basis. As we’ll see in the next section, that has a massive impact on Tookan’s competitiveness - which gets worse as your business gets bigger.

In fact, that’s the negative flipside of Tookan’s biggest strength. A lot of what you’d expect a modern delivery management solution to include has to be added on at a price. For example:

  • Barcode generation for POD - $11.99 per month
  • Create custom reports from performance data - from $30 per month
  • Customer number masking for privacy - 12 cents per task

So what looks like a cheap option actually is not.

Plus, even with all the extensions, there are certain parameters and configurations that Tookan simply doesn’t support well. By itself, the core functionality of Tookan is not comparable to the alternatives we’re going to look at.

Tookan does not score well compared to the alternatives when it comes to user satisfaction. On G2 it has an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 - with 7 of 96 reviews being 1 star. Similarly, on Capterra it scores 4.4 out of 5 (with 5 1 star reviews out of 65). The average of those scores - 4.3 - makes Tookan one of the worst-reviewed tools on this list.

Quite a few reviews mention a lack of responsiveness from Tookan customer support.

For all those reasons, we’re giving Tookan a score of 15.3 out of 25.

Tookan Alternatives - Tookan Rating

What does Tookan cost?

Tookan Alternatives - Tookan pricing

The prices shown above are simply the price of the platform. Tookan’s basic pricing doesn’t include:

  • Route optimisation - charged extra at 12 cents per task
  • ETA generation - charged from $49 per month

Tookan Alternatives - Tookan Add-Ons

Given that these are essential parts of a route planning solution, we’ve calculated the true cost of using Tookan (assuming all included tasks are used):

  • Starter - $102 per month for 200 tasks
  • Startup - $222 per month for 700 tasks
  • Growth - $478 per month for 2,000 tasks
  • Standard - $1,008 per month for 5,000 tasks

At the lower tiers, that looks like pretty good value. But at the top, Tookan doesn’t live up to its reputation of being a budget option.

So let’s move on and check out the Tookan alternatives…

Tookan Alternative #1 - eLogii: for all-round delivery management excellence

eLogii is an all-in-one, cloud-based delivery route management solution. It features exceptionally broad functionality, making it suitable for a wide range of business types.

It has also been designed for massive scalability, meaning that it doesn’t suffer from the performance problems that other route management software often experiences when dealing with large amounts of data.

How does eLogii outperform Tookan?

The best delivery management solutions need the following features:

  • Automated route planning and optimisation, with rerouting and reoptimisation while drivers are in the field
  • Dynamic ETA calculations, and the ability to automate customer notifications
  • Multiple parameters for customising delivery plans (eg vehicle types, return-to-depot, multi-day routing, consideration of traffic conditions)
  • Proof of Delivery confirmation (including barcodes, signature, photo, QR code, alphanumeric code scanning, and even cash on delivery)
  • Live vehicle tracking
  • Driver-dispatcher communications
  • Performance analytics and extensive integration options via a best-in-class API

eLogii offers all this and more.

Tookan Alternatives - eLogii UI

It is the most configurable platform on this list. It allows businesses to optimise for:

  • Driver “skills” - matching the best drivers to particular tasks (eg heavy loads, specialised vehicle equipment)
  • Vehicle multi-capacity optimisation (eg plan loads around capacity, weight, pallet number, etc)
  • Custom start and endpoints, and pickup-only tasks without corresponding drop-offs
  • Traffic conditions (including Waze map overlays for live information)
  • Driver tasks and activities during deliveries, and tolerances for early/late delivery

eLogii is massively scalable - it doesn’t slow down as your fleet gets bigger, making it perfect for fast-growing businesses.

eLogii also has an excellent average rating of 4.8 out of 5 on Capterra across 20 reviews. Nobody who reviewed eLogii has given it a rating lower than 3, while 16 out of 20 are 5 out of 5!

That’s why we’re giving it 23.8 out of 25.

Tookan Alternatives - Tookan vs eLogii

How do eLogii and Tookan compare on price?

eLogii doesn’t have a standard rate card - pricing is tailored on the basis of configuration for each user’s bespoke needs.

Tookan Alternatives - eLogii pricing

However, the typical entry-level price is around $359 per month for 2,500 tasks. That is considerably less than Tookan would charge for an equivalent service:

  • Growth package - 2,000 tasks for $189 per month
  • An extra 500 tasks per month - 12 cents per task, or $60 per month
  • Route optimisation on 2,500 tasks - 12 cents per task, or $300
  • ETA generation - $49 per month

That’s a grand total of $598 per month for Tookan, not including the costs of extra features that eLogii includes as a standard part of the package.

While eLogii’s entry price is more expensive than some of the Tookan alternatives on this, making it less suitable for very small businesses, it’s easy to see how competitive its pricing is when lined up on a like-for-like basis.


Tookan Alternative #2 - Get Swift: for pure per task pricing

GetSwift is a last-mile delivery management service that features route optimisation, live vehicle tracking, dispatching, customer notifications, ETA calculations, Proof of Delivery collection, cash management, and more.

What makes GetSwift different from the alternatives is its pricing model. It’s paid for on an entirely per delivery basis, with no standing charges for platform access.

How does GetSwift outperform Tookan?

GetSwift has many of the features that delivery businesses will need:

  • Automated route optimisation
  • ETA calculations
  • Automated customer notifications
  • POD collection (except for barcodes)
  • Live vehicle/driver tracking
  • Cash management
  • Driver app
  • Support for on-demand delivery
  • Vehicle and driver capacity configuration options

Took Alternatives - GetSwift UI

As such, it’s a viable off-the-peg option in a way that Tookan isn’t unless supported by extensions.

Not only that, it boasts a REST API and webhooks, and a huge range of native integrations.

Took Alternatives - GetSwift Integrations

But GetSwift customers have not been entirely positive.

GetSwift has a 5-star rating on G2 but across only two reviews. While, on Capterra, it scores just 3.5. For our purposes, that’s an average of 4.3 - along with Tookan, the lowest of the apps examined here. A lot of the Capterra apps point to technical problems and difficulties in accommodating non-standard requirements.

Despite the bad reviews, we’re giving GetSwift a decent 20.3 out of 25.

Tookan Alternatives - Tookan vs GetSwift

How do GetSwift and Tookan compare on price?

GetSwift is unusual in that there are no platform charges and no packages to speak of. It’s billed at a per delivery rate of 29 cents.

Tookan Alternatives - GetSwift pricing

That price includes all the key features we’re looking for, so GetSwift is very attractive for small businesses.

Compared to a de facto price of $102 per month for 200 tasks or $222 for 700 on Tookan, GetSwift would cost you $58 or $203 per month, respectively.

However, as workloads grow, that advantage is reversed. 5,000 tasks per month with GetSwift would cost $1,450 per month.

The smaller your business, the more attractive GetSwift is.

Tookan Alternative #3 - Road Warrior: for low-cost route optimisation

We highlighted RoadWarrior in a previous blog as a great free route planning tool - because of its free-forever pricing tier.

However, RoadWarrior is also a viable Tookan alternative for managing teams of drivers and higher volumes on its paid-for packages. It has a good range of features and very competitive pricing.

How does Road Warrior outperform Tookan?

Tookan Alternatives - RoadWarrior UI

RoadWarrior Flex - the team version - is good on route planning, assigning routes to drivers, and keeping track of traffic conditions.

The “lasso” function is even fun to use. Just draw a loop around a series of delivery destinations and RoadWarrior will plan an optimised route!

Tookan Alternatives - RoadWarrior Lasso

However, it lacks some features compared to best-in-class delivery management tools like eLogii:

  • Driver tracking is based on last check-in rather than live GPS monitoring
  • No options for optimising loads per route based on vehicle type
  • No built-in customer notifications or ETA calculations
  • No POD collection

The dispatcher web app provides useful performance dashboards, the ability to adjust routes while in progress and add tasks without allocating them to a route. This certainly makes it useable for delivery management purposes, but without the other features RoadWarrior’s ability to optimise operations is limited.

Also worth noting: the maximum number of stops on a route that RoadWarrior supports is 200. So it may not be suitable for multi-day routing.

There is an API, but it’s in beta at the time of writing - and information about integrations is hard to come by.

RoadWarrior isn’t reviewed on G2, but on Capterra it scores a respectable 4.5 out of 5 across 46 reviews (none of which give it 1 star).

For all those reasons, we’re giving RoadWarrior 14.5 out of 25.

Tookan Alternatives - Tookan vs RoadWarrior

But then there’s the matter of price…

How do Road Warrior and Tookan compare on price?

Tookan Alternatives - RoadWarrior pricing

RoadWarrior is not priced on a per-task basis, but rather on a per driver basis - so, the more deliveries per driver you make, the better value it becomes!

For example:

  • To make 5,000 deliveries over 20 working days in a month, 50 deliveries per driver would require 5 drivers and a dispatcher on the RoadWarrior Flex plan. That’s $60 per month
  • If drivers made only 25 deliveries a day, you would need 10 drivers - a cost of $110 per month

But in either scenario, RoadWarrior is by a long way one of the cheapest options, whether for small businesses or larger firms. It may not be ideal for delivery businesses, but if you just need route optimisation, this is certainly one of the most competitive tools out there.

Tookan Alternative #4 - Onfleet: for small business deliveries

Onfleet is a high quality, all-in-one route optimisation solution for delivery businesses. Primarily used by small companies, it has a good reputation with customers and a solid selection of features.

We looked into Onfleet’s capabilities in detail in this earlier blog.

How does Onfleet outperform Tookan?

Onfleet has an attractive, clean interface and is easy to use for drivers and managers.

Tookan Alternatives - Onfleet UI

As an all-in-one package, customers don’t have to worry about missing out on key features. Most of what users need comes as standard on the Basic package and above, including automated route optimisation, ETA calculations, automatic customer notifications, chat, and a robust API.

Onfleet offers a range of vehicle, delivery, and other configurations (eg delivery time slots), but this is limited compared to eLogii.

Barcode scanning is limited to Premium customers and above - which adds a huge price hike ($349 to $799 a month) if you need that feature! So Tookan’s pick-and-mix approach - barcodes cost just $11.99 a month for anyone - is not always a negative!

Onfleet scores well on both Capterra (4.7 out of 5) and G2 (4.5) - an average of 4.6, making it second only in user satisfaction to eLogii.

In terms of integration options, Onfleet pushes users towards the API or Zapier. It would be nice to see more native integrations in such a slick tool, rather than relying on a third-party service.

Nevertheless, we’re giving Onfleet 19.6 out of 25. It’s a high-quality Tookan alternative.

Tookan Alternatives - Tookan vs Onfleet

How do Onfleet and Tookan compare on price?

Tookan Alternatives - Onfleet pricing

Onfleet’s Starter package doesn’t include automatic route planning and optimisation or ETA generation, but it does provide 1,000 tasks. That’s still cheaper than Tookan: to get 1,000 tasks without those features would cost $134 per month (Startup package plus 300 extra tasks per month at 15 cents per task).

That gap gets wider at the higher levels. For 5,000 tasks Onfleet costs $799, compared to $1,008 for a comparable Tookan package.

The Bottom Line

Tookan Alternatives - All tools rated and compared

When it comes to delivery management solutions, Tookan has its pros and cons - as we’ve seen. So do these four Tookan alternatives, but our ratings put eLogii on top.

Of course, these scores don’t take pricing into consideration, and if you’re on a tight budget or you’re running a very small business, one of the other tools may work better for you.


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