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Distribution and Field Service businesses, of all sizes, across countless different sectors world wide are making double digit efficiency gains and growing their businesses with eLogii. 

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What a typical customer
gains from eLogii

checkmark-icon  Routing and planning time cut by 50%+ regardless of how many orders you have.

checkmark-icon  Reduction in the number of vehicles needed on the road and driver hours

checkmark-icon  Mileage reduced by 20%+

checkmark-icon  Manual Processes and paperwork eliminated

checkmark-icon  Number of Customer Phone Calls cut in half

checkmark-icon  Ability to offer unparalleled customer service (tracking, live updates etc.)

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"The software has all the features a building materials operation like ours could need and also great customer support. Full package."






"The system is easy to use, and very effective for helping plan delivery of our goods using our fleet of trucks. An Electronic Proof Of Delivery (E-POD) helps eliminate questions and disputes."






"After evaluating 20+ options, and trialling 5+, we chose eLogii as our delivery management solution, for its flexibility and ability to integrate into our workflow."






Serve 46% more orders

Routes are always efficient and take your business's context into account


Save 40%+ on routing-related expenses

Reduce planning time, manual work and customer service activity. Reduce driver mileage.


Take your customer service to new heights

Live updates, time windows, ETAs all mean that customers receive a service that your competition can't provide


Plan 10x faster

Planning thousands of orders is a Click or API call away.Manual work is completely eliminated.

See how eLogii’s end-to-end solution will
improve the efficiency of your routes
Countless smart distribution and field service organizations
around the world switched to eLogii – we'll show you why
Connect and import

Seamless import and export of your orders

Most extensive and developer-friendly API and webhooks documentation on the market. Create seamless integrations via API or upload from either CSV files or Excel spreadsheets (whatever format your data is in - eLogii handles it with ease).



Plan your routes

Plan an unlimited number of orders

Powerful route planning and optimization that fits any business setup:

checkmark-icon  Most efficient resource utilization or balanced routes

checkmark-icon  Route distance limits

checkmark-icon  Every required operational parameters taken into  account

checkmark-icon  Daily, weekly or monthly planning

checkmark-icon  Make on-the-fly adjustments, whenever you want (drivers will see the change right away)



Execute routes on the road

Provide your mobile workforce the tools
they need to succeed

eLogii's powerful driver app enables drivers to see their orders, navigate and easily handle exceptions and changes. You can also use your own (or any external) driver app via API.

checkmark-icon  Orders / visits visible daily as a list or on a map

checkmark-icon  Built in navigation (all major providers), turn-by-turn

checkmark-icon  Barcode scanning, signatures, photos, codes, notes and any combination

     of Proof of Delivery options

checkmark-icon  Configurable checklists

checkmark-icon  Live changes immediately visible on driver's app



Communication every step of the way

Keep any party you need to (customers,
service clients, senders) informed
on the status of their order

Clear and direct communications with multiple stakeholders in an order:

checkmark-icon   Live on-map tracking

checkmark-icon   Customizable email, SMS or data message communications

checkmark-icon   Automatic status/ETA updates (exact time to the minute or in bands/windows)

checkmark-icon   Share proof of delivery/service (and full history trail with customers)

checkmark-icon   Rating functionality to track service levels



Monitoring your field operations

Powerful tools allowing your operations
teams a level of visibility they didn't know
was possible

With eLogii you gain unparalleled visibility into your operations, allowing your team to proactively react to issues before they impact your customer experience

checkmark-icon   Live ETA updates

checkmark-icon   Active lateness monitoring

checkmark-icon   Last minute changes to routes

checkmark-icon   Powerful filtering allowing your teams to focus on what matters -

       regardless of how much scale you have



Proof of Delivery

Customizable and transparent Proof of Delivery

eLogii allows you to build any customer experience you want to. Capture all the information you need, while ensuring your drivers follow your processes.

checkmark-icon  Capture signatures, photos, notes

checkmark-icon  Scan barcodes

checkmark-icon  Build fully custom workflows (what do you need your drivers to do and when)

checkmark-icon  Eliminate paperwork

checkmark-icon  Integrate proof of delivery confirmation with your CRM, ERP and other systems



Analytics and Reporting

Gain actionable insights into any area of
your operations

With our powerful analytics suite you are able to gain visibility into every part of your operations at a glance, including:

checkmark-icon  Capacity / schedule utilization

checkmark-icon  Driver performance

checkmark-icon  Route durations / distances

checkmark-icon  Reasons for order / service failure

checkmark-icon  Tasks / orders split by depot / customer etc.



How a leading distributor saved
six figures USD annually with eLogii





“eLogii has had a material impact on customer experience. Trustpilot scores are up! Customers love the transparency of getting an up-to-date ETA and being able to track their orders. The amount of time saved on the phones is certainly hours every day.”

Increase ROI with eLogii's Route Planning Software

Learn how to start a distribution and supply chain, reduce platform development-to-launch time, and find a solution that lowers operational costs and generates a ROI.

Trusted by leaders, across a wide
variety of industries, globally
Leading distribution and field service businesses pick eLogii


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Ready to learn more about how eLogii
can help your operation achieve
amazing results?


checkmark-icon   Planning time cut by 50%+ regardless of how many orders you have

checkmark-icon   Reduction in the number of vehicles needed on the road and driver hours

checkmark-icon   Mileage reduced by 20%+

checkmark-icon   Manual Processes and paperwork eliminated

checkmark-icon   Number of Customer Phone Calls cut in half

checkmark-icon   Offer unparalleled customer service (tracking, live updates etc.)


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