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Tookan Reviews: Features, Pricing, Use Cases, Alternatives + MORE

Jungleworks’ Tookan is a platform focused on delivery management with a twist. But can Tookan get the job done for any business? Here’s our review

Jungleworks’ Tookan is a platform focused on delivery management with a bit of a twist.

Namely, Tookan is part of a broader suite of products and has many extensions, enabling users to tailor genuinely unique solutions.

But does it mean that Tookan can get the job done for any business?

In short - no, Tookan is not the universal solution for everyone, as there are companies that won’t benefit much from using it.

If you’re wondering whether Tookan could be suitable for your business, you’ll find all you need to make an informed decision right here.

In this blog, we’ll review in detail Tookan’s:

  • Ease of use and overall user experience
  • Core functionality
  • Pricing
  • Use cases

In addition, we’ll offer an alternative platform for businesses that need a different solution for their delivery management challenges.

  1. Our methodology
  2. Tookan Ease of use
  3. Tookan Key features
  4. Tookan Pricing plans
  5. Who is Tookan for?
  6. Tookan Best alternative
  7. Final takeaways


  • Tookan is a highly customisable tool thanks to its native integrations and a massive number of extensions
  • Tookan’s pick-and-mix approach can quickly rack up the costs, as users will have to pay for pretty much every vital feature (such as ETAs and route optimization)
  • Tookan’s an attractive option that will get the job done only for micro businesses - bigger and more demanding users will find Tookan to be way too expensive
  • eLogii is the perfect alternative for companies of all types and sizes that need a comprehensive delivery management platform that is easy to scale, highly customisable, and has a massive number of cutting-edge features


Tookan Reviews - Our methodology

To ensure we’ll provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information on Tookan, we’ve done a few crucial things:

  1. We’ve interviewed a couple of dozen former and current Tookan users to pinpoint what encouraged them to opt for it, what they liked the most about Tookan and what put them off, as well as what compelled them to stop using it
  2. We’ve read customer reviews on all the reputable SaaS rating sites - G2, Capterra, and GetApp

Finally, since we’ve been in the delivery management space for quite some time now, we know what makes a good delivery management software. That’s why we paid particular attention to matters such as:

  • Tookan’s interface design and ease of use
  • Its key features
  • How much will Tookan cost you
  • Best use cases

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Tookan Reviews - Ease of use

Regarding its ease of use, most users agree that Tookan is one of the easiest platforms to navigate.

Tookan has a clean and uncluttered user interface that is easy to navigate - for both dispatchers and drivers in the mobile app.

Tookan Reviews - Tookan UI

Moreover, Tookan has comprehensive training materials for users that even provide detailed instructions on how to build integrations.

However, Tookan’s customer support is an entirely different story.

Numerous users’ reviews speak volumes about Tookan’s customer support, or more precisely, the utter lack of support.

Tookan’s customer support is notorious for being unresponsive and unhelpful. Moreover, there’s no live support, meaning you’ll have to wait for them to reply to your emails… If they ever do reply, that is.

And once you consider that many users complain of frequent glitches, lagging, and other issues, it’s clear that this could be a major problem in the long run.

The bottom line

Tookan’s interface is very clean, simple, and straightforward, making it easy for new users to get onboarded.

Moreover, Tookan’s thorough training materials also give a great hand with learning the ropes, as well as with getting the hang of Tookan’s more advanced features.

On the other hand, Tookan’s customer support has quite a reputation for being unresponsive - they take too much to respond if they ever do.

The lack of proper customer support and the fact that Tookan’s prone to various glitches adds up to a pretty unsatisfactory user experience.

In fact, Tookan has an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 on G2 - with 7 of 96 reviews being 1 star. Similarly, on Capterra it scores 4.4 out of 5 (with 5 1-star reviews out of 65).

So if (or better said - when) you encounter an issue requiring urgent help from Tookan’s team, you might easily find yourself in quite a pickle.

Chances are you’ll be left to your own devices.

Tookan Reviews - Key features

1. A pick and mix approach

One of the best things about Tookan is that it enables users to create unique solutions for their particular needs.

Namely, some businesses will only need certain features of the delivery optimization apps. Others will have particular use cases that require specific solutions.

Tookan’s rich marketplace of various add-ons allows users to pick only those functions they require for their business’s type and size.

Tookan Reviews - Tookan Add-ons

Some of Tookan’s extensions include:

  • Waybill and barcode generation
  • Facial recognition and OTP identity verification
  • Many different SMS gateways
  • Long-haul delivery management and many more

And if you need a specific add-on Tookan doesn’t have in its standard offering, there are options for creating bespoke extensions and adding them to the Tookan marketplace. A well-documented API and webhooks also help integrate Tookan with third-party tools.

However, Tookan’s biggest strength is also its most significant downside - pretty much every useful feature is an add-on that you’ll have to pay for in addition to your monthly subscription plan. For example:

  • Route optimization - 12 cents per task
  • ETAs for tasks - $49 per month
  • In-app messaging between dispatchers and drivers - $11.99 per month
  • Barcode generation for POD - $11.99 per month
  • Create custom reports from performance data - from $30 per month

That means that options that come as standard with similar platforms will be charged extra. And they’re not that cheap either, so the costs will stack up before you know it.

2. Lots of native integrations

In addition to its rich extensions marketplace, Tookan has many native integrations with various platforms and technologies.

Tookan Reviews - Tookan Zapier integration

That enables users to easily integrate Tookan with all the other tools they need for optimal management of their business and its particular needs.

Some of the third-party tool integrations Tookan has are:

  • Shopify
  • Zapier
  • QuickBooks
  • Stripe
  • Paystack, etc.

And since Tookan is part of Jungleworks’ wider suite of products, there are also options for integrating it with some of the other Jungleworks’ software. For example, you can combine it with Hippo Live Chat for improved customer experience, among other things.

On the other hand, a number of Tookan users have reported that some of these integrations don’t really work as seamlessly as they should, whereas some don’t work at all.

3. Sector-specific solutions

Another cool thing about Tookan and its high customisation capabilities is that it offers solutions designed for particular business sectors and industries.

Tookan Reviews - Tookan Sector solutions

Those solutions are optimized for managing businesses pertaining to certain sectors, such as:

  • Cannabis transportation
  • Waste management
  • Water delivery
  • Laundries
  • Car washes
  • Furniture delivery
  • Flowers and gifts delivery
  • School children’s transportation and others

4. Custom order forms

Tookan also provides custom order forms that plug straight into the dispatch system.

This is a brilliant option for micro-businesses since they won’t have to design and then integrate their own forms.

These forms allow you to create tasks directly in the dashboard by accepting orders from your customers using a web form from your desired URL name.

Moreover, Tookan’s forms can be further customised to fit your business needs to perfection.

Tookan Reviews - Tookan Forms

The bottom line

On the one hand, Tookan’s massive number of add-ons and native integrations, as well as options for developers to create their own bespoke extensions, make Tookan a highly customisable platform that can accommodate the needs of various businesses.

On the other, Tookan can get expensive really fast. Most of the features an average delivery management solution offers as standard are pricy extensions with Tookan. For example:

  • Route optimisation - charged extra at 12 cents per task
  • ETA generation - charged from $49 per month
  • In-app messaging between dispatchers and drivers - $11.99 per month, etc.

Since an average business that needs delivery management and optimization simply cannot do without these features, most companies will have to pay for these add-ons right from the start.

That immediately shoots Tookan to the more expensive end of the price range, especially when larger businesses are concerned, as we’ll see in the next section.

Moreover, Tookan’s integrations tend to glitch and lag, meaning they can hardly be considered seamless.

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Tookan Reviews - Pricing plans

Tookan Pricing

At first, Tookan looks like a pretty budget-friendly option, especially once you consider that each plan includes unlimited agents and vehicles since they are all task-based.

However, this picture quickly changes once you add all the essential extensions you’ll need for comprehensive delivery management (e.g., route optimization, in-app driver-dispatcher messaging, and ETA generation).

We’ve calculated the actual cost of Tookan’s plans (provided that you have no more tasks per month than those included in the package):

  • Early Stage - $199.99 per month for 200 tasks
  • Startup - $243.99 per month for 700 tasks
  • Growth - $529.99 per month for 2000 tasks
  • Standard - $1089.99 per month for 5000 tasks

If you consider only the lower-tier plans, Tookan is an attractive choice. But at the top, Tookan is anything but.

The bottom line

Tookan can live up to its reputation as a budget tool only when micro businesses are concerned.

These types of users will be able to get by with fewer tasks and won’t have to get too many different add-ons.

Larger businesses with more advanced needs will find Tookan to be way too expensive an option that doesn’t provide enough value for the price.

The biggest Tookan put-off is that it charges you extra for features that most other delivery management platforms ensure to include in their standard offering.

Tookan Reviews - Who is Tookan for?

Although Tookan comes off as a very customisable tool, the truth is that only certain types of businesses will make the most of it.

Micro businesses with less advanced needs and a smaller number of monthly deliveries will benefit from using Tookan’s starter plans - especially if they’re on the lookout for a sector-specific solution.

On the other hand, Tookan isn’t a viable option for larger companies that have to opt for the pricier plans and buy all the extensions they inevitably need for effective management of their services.

Tookan Reviews - Best alternative

We’ve already done a piece on the 4 best Tookan alternatives, where we’ve analyzed Tookan and its top competitors in-depth.

Here’s a quick and sweet recap on the one Tookan alternative with the highest average rating on G2 and Capterra and the most versatile use cases - eLogii.

eLogii is an all-around delivery management and optimization platform that helps users tackle all the challenges of modern-day delivery and transportation logistics.

eLogii has a wide range of highly-customisable features that make it a perfect choice for various types of businesses - from field service providers to retailers, pharmaceutical companies, restaurants, couriers, food & drink delivery services, etc.

Some of its features include:

  • Various advanced route planning and optimization options, including dynamic, multi-day, multi-stop, and return to depot routing

Tookan Reviews - eLogii Dynamic route optimization

  • Dynamic ETA calculations (with updated recalculations if something changes on the road) and customer email and/or SMS notifications from every stage of the delivery process
  • Live vehicle tracking

Tookan Reviews - eLogii Live tracking

  • Numerous highly customisable operational parameters that enable things such as automated matching of each load with the right type of vehicle, assigning more challenging routes to most skilled agents, etc.

Tookan Reviews - eLogii drivers_ profiles

  • A designated mobile app that allows live communication both between drivers and dispatchers and drivers and customers
  • Widest range of POD methods on the market (including barcode and QR scanning, among others)

Tookan Reviews - eLogii POD

  • A well-documented API that allows seamless integration with all the other tools and technologies you use to manage the rest of your supply chain and operations.

Tookan Reviews - eLogii API

eLogii’s cutting-edge features, combined with its flexible pricing, make this platform massively scalable. eLogii won’t slow down or increase your costs linearly as your fleet grows, making it perfect for fast-growing businesses.

Regarding its price, eLogii doesn’t have one-size-fits-all pricing packages, making it an ideal solution for small, medium, and large businesses alike.

eLogii comes with custom-tailored pricing plans based on your business’s particular configuration and needs, with the typical entry-level price starting at around $359 per month for 2500 tasks.

Tookan Reviews - elogii pricing

That is considerably less than Tookan would charge for an equivalent service:

  • Growth package - 2,000 tasks for $189 per month
  • An extra 500 tasks per month - 12 cents per task, or $60 per month
  • Route optimisation on 2,500 tasks - 12 cents per task, or $300
  • ETA generation - $49 per month
  • Driver-dispatcher in-app communication - $11.99 per month

That’s a grand total of $609.99 per month for Tookan, not including the costs of extra features that eLogii includes as a standard part of the package.

While eLogii’s entry price is more expensive than the starter Tookan plans, making it less suitable for very small businesses, it’s easy to see how competitive its pricing is when lined up on a like-for-like basis.

You can quickly compare each plan’s features for a detailed overview of what each eLogii package includes.

Tookan Reviews - Final takeaways

Tookan’s sheer number of native integration, extensions, and sector-specific solutions, makes it one of the most attractive platforms in the category of mix-and-match delivery management tools - i.e., tools that allow users to build bespoke solutions for their own particular requirements.

However, the essential delivery optimization functionalities other platforms provide as standard (e.g., route optimization, ETA generation, etc.) only come as pricy add-ons with Tookan, which will put off users with more advanced needs.

Tookan’s higher-tiered pricing plans are simply not worth the cost, especially once you consider that you’ll have to pay way more than the entry price to get all the features a larger business with higher demands needs.

That means Tookan is a budget-friendly option with a lot to offer only when micro businesses are concerned.

Bigger companies, businesses looking to scale, as well as businesses that want a comprehensive delivery management system that includes all the vital functions in its standard plans will find eLogii to be a much better fit.


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