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Route Optimization Software, done better

The intelligent route optimization, customer communications and order execution solution for distribution and field service businesses anywhere in the world


Trusted by hundreds of leading businesses.

Group 57-1 

A fully integrated logistics platform

Group 214


Powerful planning and optimization that you can trust
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Plan seamlessly over any time horizon

Combine planning types in a single optimization
Set up recurring tasks and task templates for repeat visits on a pattern

Pick the optimization mode you require

Route distance / stop limits
Utilization and scaling factors
You decide what to prioritize, optimization speed or best possible routes
Set tolerances and overrides
Pick a mode dependent on what you need (most efficient or use all drivers, for example)
Fastest planning available on the market

The most configurable platform on the market

Driver skills and vehicle capabilities
Proof of Delivery / Service actions
Issue workflow
Hundreds of configuration options put you in full control
Build custom workflows to ensure your operations run exactly as you want them to

The most realistic optimization, based on real-life factors

Historical and Live Traffic
Adjustable vehicle types / profiles (including large truck mapping)
Adjustable driver speeds
ETAs update live as routes are being executed
eLogii enables the most accurate ETAs on the market constantly improved by Machine Learning
Allow your team to make further adjustments based on operational knowledge

Set up the exact operational structure you want, at scale

Screen Shot 2024-01-19 at 01.27.59
Multi-depot (unlimited number of depots can be added)
Ultra-fast optimization for thousands of tasks
User profiles, access levels and teams
Job workflow and action queue
Run any scale of distribution or field service operation, across multiple cities / countries on eLogii
Split your operations into an unlimited number of sub organizations, teams, users etc.
Reduction in planning time
Reduction in required planning FTEs
reduction in customer calls
Group 174
How Porcelanosa improved efficiency and reduced customer calls by 80% with eLogii
“With eLogii we gained a fast, flexible system that integrates into everything. We have 10x more speed and flexibility versus what we had before, planning time is down (60%+) with a leaner team than ever before and we produce executable, accurate routes that have our trucks going out 90%+ full. Furthermore, we can give our customers ETAs and tracking – they don’t need to call us any more to find our where things are. So - all in all the benefits we have gained from eLogii are tremendous –

- Rafael Salinas – Head of International Operations

Group 58-1 (2)


Seamless data import and exchange, enterprise grade security
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Your developers can easily build light-touch or deep integrations with any of your business systems, such as:

Rated as most flexible API
5* Developer friendliness and amazing support

Additionally to the REST routes, enable seamless 2-way integration via extensive webhooks

Task lifecycle update
Task update
Task / Driver Tracking update
Optimization Complete
Route ETA update
Route Created
Route Completed
And more...
Organization and customer-level webhooks available
5* Developer friendliness and amazing support

Powerful import, validation and geocoding wizard enables you to work with CSV / Excel files with ease

Mapping for an unlimited number of file types
Geocoding with a choice of providers
Import history and roll-back
Fastest import on the market – thousands of records within seconds
XLS or CSV import
Automated / SFTP imports supported if required

Create reports and exports exactly as you need them

Driver Manifests
Loading lists (which your WMS / other systems can consume)
Create custom reports from any combination of columns
Proof of delivery (single or bulk as PDF)
Export any data attribute in any format
Lightening quick and keep working as exports generate

Supporting the Enterprise through robust Single Sign on

Group 173-1
Microsoft Azure (SAML2 standard)
Seamless and secure for Microsoft directory users
Empower your field agents / drivers to execute while keeping your team informed and to react
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Empower your drivers / agents with the tools they need to succeed

Clear view of jobs with turn by turn navigation
Handle issues in seconds
Signatures, photos, barcode scans are a breeze
Pre/post checklists
Allow your drivers / field agents as much autonomy as you wish to (from full guidance to full autonomy)
Tens of configuration options allowing you to control exactly what drivers / agents see and when

Live updates and monitoring from the field

A live at a glance view of your entire operations, broken down by area / team
Helpful, visual interface allowing your team to have the power to make decisions quickly

Your team are empowered to react as needed when issues arise

Clear visibility over your entire field operations
Focus in on problem areas proactively (e.g. lateness)
Make changes to routes if needed based on circumstances
Handle break-downs and issues on the road
Proactive monitoring of operations which isolate issues before your customers are impacted
Drive significant improvement in on-time deliveries through learning and system intelligence

Set up driver schedules including breaks and handle exceptions

Easily set up driver schedules including breaks
Manage schedule exceptions with ease
Connect to your scheduling system or HR tools, import via CSV/Excel or configure via the interface (as shown)
Ensure regulatory adherence in any jurisdiction

Monitor driver / agent performance

Compare driver ratings to find star performers
Granular driver-level analytics on service duration, on-time etc.
Clearly see which drivers are performing well and which are falling behind
Ensure your customers receive the best service, each and every time
Reduction in human error
Reduction in time spent generating reports
Improvement in driver efficiency
Group 184
How Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust cut manual work by 90% while improving efficiency with eLogii
The original route optimization system we had was error-prone and we struggled to scan barcodes accurately. With eLogii scanning is a breeze and the efficiencies we get are amazing. Running reports used to take a day a month (putting together the data etc.) with eLogii it is a click of a button.

– Alan Hulme - Facilities Manager – Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust
Give your customers an experience they didn’t even think was possible
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Enable an amazing tracking and live update experience for customers

Fully-customizable tracking page that looks like your brand
Display time windows or exact ETAs
Allow customers to change delivery slots
Enable customers to rate and receive a copy of the POD
Customers will be delighted by proactively being informed without having to call
You’ll save significant operating expenses due to falling call times

Communicate how your customers want to be communicated with

Customizeable email templates
Amend the workflow with your own code
Control exactly when messages are sent
Override defaults per customer or even individual task

Make sure your customers are served how they want to be

Take into account specific requirements and preferences at your customer’s locations
Ensure that time is saved on-site by allowing your drivers / agents to be proactive

Class-leading customer dashboards for your B2B customers

Allow customers to connect their own systems with customer-specific API keys
Bulk upload, monitoring, tracking and feedback without having to look order by order

Ensure the driver arrives at the right place, effortlessly

Screen Shot 2024-01-19 at 01.53.21
Pin drop precision, for your operations team, customers and drivers
Drivers guided directly to entrances, not just to buildings (where available)
Actionable insights that positively impact your bottom line
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Analytics that empower your team to make the best decisions

Clear visibility into the metrics that matter in the way you need them to ensure your operations run efficiently
Proactive notifications drawing attention to issues immediately as they occur

Historical analytics allowing your team to dissect your data in exactly the way they need

Failed reasons
On time vs. late
Service duration
Vehicle and schedule utilization
Tens of analytics (as well as the ones explored above) to drive new levels of productivity in your team
Unlimited look-back period on historical analytics

Track operational costs and optimize for lowest cost

Clearly know exactly what each route costs and work out the most efficient blend of fleet and drivers


Machine learning means eLogii gets smarter every day

Screen Shot 2024-01-19 at 02.10.53
Machine learning allows service times, ETAs etc. to get more and more accurate as real-life data flows through eLogii
Solutions evaluated
40k tasks
Worked on at any one time
Reduction in planning time
Group 176
How Bristow and Sutor saved planning time and drove route efficiency with eLogii
During the process we looked at 20+ solutions and eLogii scored the highest on most attributes we looked at. The system is very intuitive, mature, and able to handle very high volume. Specifically on handling volume: it is not uncommon, for example, for our routing and planning team to be working on 40,000 visits/calls in eLogii at any one time. eLogii handles this with ease.

– Paul Lillico, CTO

A selection of industries our solution creates strong ROI for


3PL and Courier


Food and Drink


Non-food Retail


Pharmaceutical and Heathcare


Field Service


Construction Materials and DIY


Restaurants and Dark Kitchens


And many more!

Operational savings within months
Reduction in "where's my order?" calls
Reduction in internal calls per order
How Ananas built the most efficient last mile delivery operation with eLogii
I looked at the leading solutions in the world and I couldn’t find in any of the other solutions the flexibility that I find in eLogii. On top of that, the flexibility, the customer support and the attention that you get from the team makes the whole difference to your business”

- Felipe Alves, COO
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