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We compared 4 GSMtasks alternatives – Here's what we found

Looking for GSMtasks alternatives that can suit your needs? This guide gives you all the answers you need.

GSMtasks does a great job in the last-mile delivery space. It’s an effective tool that can manage an entire mobile fleet of drivers, couriers, technicians, etc., and optimize their driving route with ease.

However, GSMtasks’ frequent glitches, limited customization options, and inability to meet the needs of a large company might have you exploring alternatives.

And if you’re looking for a reliable GSMtasks alternative, we’ve got you covered.

In this guide, we’ll compare GSMtasks to four other popular fleet management solutions so you can make an informed decision about which one is best for your company.

  1. GSMtasks
  2. What’s good about GSMtasks?
  3. What’s not so good about GSMtasks?
  4. How much does GSMtasks cost?
  5. GSMtasks alternative #1. – eLogii
  6. GSMtasks alternative #2. – Tookan
  7. GSMtasks alternative #3. – Shipsy
  8. GSMtasks alternative #4. – EROAD

Here’s a summary of our findings:


  • GSMtasks is too expensive for use cases beyond the most basic ones. So it’s better suited to smaller enterprises with less complex needs.
  • eLogii is the best GSMtasks alternative. eLogii offers automatic route planning with the greatest array of customizations available on the market. It’s suitable for everyone, from SMBs to large enterprises. Book a demo to see what eLogii can do for you today.
  • Tookan is a delivery and fleet management software suitable for small and local enterprises. However, tailoring it to your specific needs may be costly.
  • Shipsy is an all-inclusive supply chain management platform built especially for organizations that handle sophisticated international shipments. It’s an excellent choice for multinational corporations.
  • EROAD is a cloud-based solution that provides drivers with electronic logbooks, driver vehicle inspection reports, clear dashcams, asset trackers, and a dedicated mobile app. It’s perfect for corporations looking for a unified system to handle inventory and shipping.

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GSMtasks – UI

GSMtasks provides a route and task optimization solution for businesses that oversee a fleet of delivery vehicles, couriers, or service professionals.

Before we dive in and analyze GSMtasks’ alternatives, we’ll give you an overview of the pros, cons, and use cases of GSMtasks.

What’s good about GSMtasks?

GSMtasks offers loads of robust features while having a clear, appealing user interface for administrators and drivers that non-specialists can pick up quickly.

It has some fantastic features, including:

  • A multi-stop planning feature – GSMtasks provides instant routing and optimization for routes with several stops. As a result of the tool’s high-powered routing engine, fleet optimization and route planning that would normally take hours to complete only takes minutes.
  • Fuel conservation – GSMtasks arranges stops in a way that conserves fuel and reduces delivery costs. Thus, it reduces drive time.
  • Recurring tasks dashboard – GSMtasks saves time for dispatchers by displaying the details of recurring tasks. It keeps track of the tasks completed every day, week, or month.
  • Analytics and reporting features – In addition to providing routing information, GSMtasks provides analytics on the efficiency of each driver. With GSMtasks, you can track parameters like total time, average delivery time, and delivery cost per unit so that you can make data-driven optimization decisions.

What’s not so good about GSMtasks?

Some GSMtasks users have complained about the app frequently crashing in reviews. It’s very annoying when the app stops working right when you need it.

GSMtasks - Review

Several devices, like Huawei and Oppo, are not compatible with GSMtasks.

As a further drawback, GSMtasks’ GPS locations frequently turn off. And route optimization is only available in the two most expensive plans.

At face value, GSMtasks is a low-cost option. However, adding more functionality, like API connectivity, can get expensive. Shopify’s integrations are also quite expensive.

Finally, GSMtasks provides few customization possibilities, and more advanced customization is neither user-friendly nor straightforward to implement.

How much does GSMtasks cost?

GSMtasks offers three plans:

  • Essential per user: $17 per user/month

This service is designed specifically for fleets with basic management requirements. You can also set up recurring events and consult with GSMtasks live chat for help.

  • Professional: $22 per user/month

This service is designed for slightly more sophisticated users. This is the first plan that includes route optimization and white-label email alerts.

  • Enterprise: Custom price

This service is designed for large enterprises. It includes all the features from the professional plan.

Here’s a breakdown of the full features of each plan:

GSMtasks Features

Who is GSMtasks for?

Small businesses that don’t require a lot of customization can benefit from using GSMtasks. However, it may not be the best option for large businesses that require a great deal of customization.

GSMtasks alternative #1. – eLogii

eLogii is a powerful GSMtasks alternative. It’s a delivery management solution that’s great for organizations of all types and shapes because of its many features, customization options, and flexible pricing plans.

Why choose eLogii over GSMtasks?

While GSMtasks is a great last-mile solution for SMBs with low delivery volumes, eLogii excels as a cloud-based end-to-end delivery route planning software solution for businesses of all sizes.

In comparison to GSMtasks, which offers few customization options, eLogii offers a wide range of customization options.

On Capterra, customers have given eLogii 4.8 stars while GSMtasks has 4.6 stars – so eLogii outperforms GSMtasks according to users.

eLogii vs. GSMtasks Capterra score

Thanks to its highly-customizable features, eLogii may be used by a wide variety of enterprises, from field service management providers to merchants, pharmaceutical companies to restaurants, couriers to food and drink delivery services, and so on.

Some of its features include:

  • Excellent routing functionality – eLogii offers dynamic, multi-day, and multi-depot routing – these aren’t present in GSMtasks, Tookan, or EROAD (the other alternatives in this article). eLogii’s cutting-edge AI for planning routes also makes it simple to make real-time changes to account for things like traffic, weather, roadblocks, and more.

eLogii Routing Interface

  • Customer satisfaction – eLogii helps you guarantee customer satisfaction in several ways, including by providing live order tracking, giving real-time ETA alerts (with updated calculations if something happens on the road), and sending real-time notifications through SMS or email (or both channels, if you’d like).

eLogii Customer service options

  • Large numbers of adjustable operational parameters – These allow for actions like giving more difficult routes to the most capable drivers or automating vehicle load optimization to get the most out of each vehicle’s carrying capacity (i.e., matching each load to a vehicle with a suitable capacity and features).

eLogii Drivers

  • Countless ways to acquire PODs – Including scanning barcodes and QR codes.

eLogii Proof of delivery

  • Analytics and reporting – In-depth reports and dashboards can help organizations monitor and assess their delivery processes in real time.
  • A smooth driver app optimized for all operating systems – eLogii’s app functions without a hitch. It offers one-click dialing, navigation, POD collection, task overview and management, live chat with dispatchers and customers, etc.
  • First-class Application Programming Interface (API) and webhooks – With eLogii, you get unmatched freedom to customize your IT infrastructure with a wide variety of native integrations, a user-friendly API, and webhook access. eLogii will fit in with the rest of your supply chain without hassle.

eLogii API documentation

  • Beginner-friendly design – Because of the way eLogii is designed, users of all experience levels can learn to use eLogii quickly and easily.

How do eLogii and GSMtasks compare in price?

There is no set pricing structure for eLogii, as prices are based on each company’s needs.

With GSMtasks, on the other hand, charges for the professional plan start at just $22 per user per month. However, because of GSMtasks’ modular nature, you’ll need to pay more for several functions that are included at no extra cost with the eLogii.

It’s also important to note that eLogii includes an infinite number of users, drivers, and vehicles and charges for each task. Thus, businesses with many vehicles and employees will find that GSMtasks is the more expensive option.

Who is eLogii for?

eLogii is built for businesses of any size, in any industry, that want to get the most out of their fleets at the lowest cost possible. Companies that prioritize delivery efficiency should use eLogii.

For comparison, GSMtasks is designed for small businesses. So it struggles to fulfill the needs of huge corporations.

If you’d like to see what eLogii can do for you, book a demo in just two minutes. Our expert team will help you configure eLogii to your needs, and you’ll receive a trial run of eLogii.


GSMtasks alternative #2. – Tookan

Tookan UI

Tookan is designed to help local businesses manage their delivery fleets and vehicles. This program and its associated cloud service are compatible with selected Point-Of-Sale (POS) and eCommerce systems.

Why choose Tookan over GSMtasks?

Tookan beats GSMtasks with its customization and add-on features.

Whatever your business or needs, Tookan has a library of add-ons that can be integrated in any way to build a personalized solution.

Tookan stands out with these features:

  • Industry-tailored options for a wide range of industries – Such as the cosmetics, cannabis, laundry, car wash, restaurant, waste management, and furniture delivery industries.
  • Simple, built-in compatibility with a wide variety of popular apps and services – So Tookan will fit in with your supply chain easily.
  • Generation of waybills and barcodes So it makes your job easier.
  • State-of-the-art technology Including facial recognition, OTP identity verification, and several SMS gateways.

However, compared to the other alternatives in this article, Tookan’s review profile is more negative. It only gets 4.2 on G2, 4.3 on Capterra, and 4.3 on GetApp.

It’s also noteworthy that when we checked Tookan’s reviews, quite a few customers complained about issues related to software hiccups and freezes. These issues can halt deliveries.

Tookan Review about software freezes and issues

How do Tookan and GSMtasks compare in price?

GSMtasks’ pricing starts at $17 per month/user, while Tookan’s pricing starts at $35 per month for an unlimited number of users.

Tookan pricing

Small companies with few users will profit from GSMtasks. However, GSMtasks will quickly become too expensive for corporations with a significant number of fleets and consumers.

The expense of using more complex GSMtasks features like API integrations and Shopify will also make it more expensive.

While Tookan’s base cost is cheap, ETAs aren’t included in the base plan. So the cost of using Tookan’s more advanced features can add up as well.

Ultimately, if you want to take advantage of most/all of Tookan’s features, it won’t be the affordable delivery alternative you might expect – you’ll need eLogii for that.

Who is Tookan for?

Tookan is best suited for smaller businesses handling local deliveries with an in-house driver team (e.g., restaurants, supermarkets, etc.).

Tookan isn’t suitable for large organizations with many drivers.

GSMtasks alternative #3. – Shipsy

Shipsy UI

Shipsy is an all-inclusive supply chain management platform made for businesses that handle intricate international shipments. It’s an ideal fit for multinational corporations.

Why Choose Shipsy over GSMtasks?

Shipsy outperforms GSMtasks in several key areas:

  • Shipsy provides an all-inclusive platform for managing freight procurement and forwarding – So it helps users quickly and easily connect with the best shippers for their individual needs.
  • Shipsy streamlines the tracking and management of long-distance international shipments – Including those traveling by sea, air, or land.
  • Shipsy provides several search tools that streamline and simplify the process of choosing a trustworthy third-party logistics provider (3PL) – These search tools consider factors like the number of outsourced shipments, the maximum number of shipments in a region, the type of load, special requirements, and cost.
  • Shipsy facilitates full-circle supply chain management Shipsy includes automated warehouse assignment, consolidated shipping bags based on individual items’ origins and destinations, and route planning and optimization.

Keep in mind, though, that Shipsy’s API and integrations aren’t particularly great. It also doesn’t offer a ton of room for customization (like GSMtasks).

It may also take some time for first-time users to learn how to use Shipsy’s advanced features.

How do Shipsy and GSMtasks compare in price?

Shipsy’s pricing structure is mostly unknown due to the company’s decision to make limited pricing details public.

Shipsy is, however, transparent about the fact that the price you pay is determined largely by the amount and complexity of extra features you use.

For example, this is the cost of just one of Shipsy’s many features – its packages for tracking shipments:

Shipsy – Tracking price

We also do know that Shipsy manages the whole supply chain process. As a result, it’s clear that Shipsy won’t be a cheap alternative to GSMtasks.

If it helps, Shipsy does offer a free plan. But the bottom line is that Shipsy is more expensive than GSMtasks.

Who is Shipsy for?

Shipsy’s features support businesses in efficiently handling end-to-end logistics activities, particularly in relation to the procurement and forwarding of shipments.

Shipsy is best suited to large corporations, as they are the only ones with the resources to take advantage of its advanced capabilities.

Shipsy is not a suitable fit for small or medium-sized firms or organizations that require a dedicated last-mile delivery service (something Shipsy is not).

GSMtasks alternative #4. – EROAD

Eroad UI

EROAD is a great platform for managing fleets. It offers features like an Electronic Logging Device (ELD), fleet tracking, tax compliance management, and safety compliance management.

You can learn more about EROAD in our article EROAD reviews – Is EROAD the right solution for you?

Or, you can just keep reading…

Why choose EROAD over GSMtasks?

EROAD has the following stand-out features:

  • Driver performance – You can encourage drivers to perform better with consistent monitoring, performance insights, tailored training, and reward programs.
  • Fleet Safety features These features include business intelligence insights, in-vehicle video, and real-time driver teaching.
  • Better organization of drivers and their tasks – Thanks to automated task loading and information sharing, drivers can be assigned and receive information from anywhere.
  • Smarter dispatch – With its end-to-end integration capabilities, EROAD gives users complete access to their shipments’ tracking information, delivery confirmations, invoices, and payments.
  • ELD – EROAD offers Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) that are easy for drivers to use. These devices are FMCSA-registered, and they can gather and share data automatically.

Despite its useful features, many reviewers of EROAD have complained that editing ELD logs can be a tedious process. Some users have also complained that the mobile driver workflow software is difficult to use.

How do EROAD and GSMtasks compare in price?

We are limited in what we can tell you about EROAD’s price structure because it’s not easily available.

We do know for sure that its pricing is based on the number of vehicles its users have and that its monthly rates can begin at $25 per vehicle if you purchase certain hardware devices in advance.

Given that EROAD charges on a per-vehicle basis, companies with big or expanding fleets will likely see their expenses spiral out of control.

And don’t forget that every time you want to buy EROAD hardware and have it installed, you’ll have to spend more money.

As a result, it’s clear that EROAD is more expensive than GSMtasks.

Who is EROAD for?

EROAD could be a good fit for companies that:

  • Are based in North America, Australia, or New Zealand (EROAD’s only service areas)
  • Have relatively modest fleet sizes
  • Deal with long-distance transport

EROAD isn’t the most cost-effective option for businesses with large fleets because of its per-vehicle price and the need to buy EROAD’s hardware.

GSMtasks alternatives – The verdict

Tookan, Shipsy, and EROAD are excellent alternatives to GSMtasks. However, each of these programs has its own set of limitations.

Tookan can be an appropriate choice if your company is small and has basic requirements. However, Tookan may not be the cheapest delivery choice if you use most of its services.

Shipsy’s adaptability means it can serve the demands of sizable enterprises. But it’s expensive, doesn’t have great customization choices, and lacks integrations with third-party apps.

Due to EROAD’s per-vehicle cost, service area limitations, and the fact that organizations with large fleets will need to buy its hardware, EROAD isn’t a viable alternative for businesses operating in Europe.

Therefore, eLogii’s comprehensive and powerful delivery management solution is the best choice for most companies.

eLogii is an all-in-one solution for optimizing and managing deliveries. It gives customers the tools they need to handle the complex nature of modern transportation and logistics activities.

eLogii has extensive yet easy-to-use features, including a mobile app, route optimization, flexible PODs, a first-class API, and advanced reporting functions.



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