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The Most Complete Route Optimization Software Suite

Plan, Optimize, Execute, Analyze - the only end to end solution in the market suitable for any size distribution or field service business, anywhere in the world

Increase Efficiency with Unbeatable Route Optimization

Single day planning

Plan an unlimited number of orders for a single day in seconds, from the dashboard or via API

Same-day re-optimization accounting for current time, ongoing routes, ETA, and driver locations

Real-time context consideration ensures realistic and efficient route planning

Date-range planning

Plan across an unlimited date horizon effortlessly, directly from the dashboard or via API

Multi-day routes

Strategically plan overnight routes, allowing drivers or agents to stay away overnight and continue seamlessly the next day

Continue working while eLogii optimizes

Effortlessly continue working in other areas of the solution while optimizations are running

Run scenarios and comparisons

eLogii optimizes so fast that you can change variables and re-run optimization, almost in real time 

Multi-depot optimization

Simultaneously plan from an unlimited number of depots, streamlining your entire logistics network


Draw or import zones and exclusion zones with specific rules, ensuring specific drivers or agents service familiar areas

Traffic-enabled travel times

Utilize historical and live vehicle-type-specific traffic data for accurate route planning

Driver skill/Vehicle capability constraints

Guarantee that only drivers or agents with the right skills and vehicles with suitable capabilities can service specific tasks

Allow or disallow certain days of the week

Tailor task schedules by setting specific days when tasks can be performed, directly from the dashboard or via API

Task time-windows

Set precise time windows for tasks, considering 'open from' and 'open to' times with ease

Flexible service durations

Apply service durations (at delivery or service locations) as needed, tiered based on rules set by your business

Vehicle-specific mapping

Ensure optimal routes for different vehicle types, accounting for specific speed constraints and map considerations

Unlimited number of physical or logical dimensions

Define and simultaneously consider various dimension units crucial to your business needs

Earliness, lateness, and overtime tolerances

Build structured buffers with tolerances to accommodate variations in service times

Travel time and speed scaling factors

Factor in additional considerations, such as driver/agent relative speed or specific ETA-impacting events

Flexible driver / agent start and end locations

Define any start or end location for a driver, whether a depot, their home or somewhere else

Configuration of optimization objectives

Tailor optimization objectives based on your priorities, sliding them up or down the list as needed

Balancing by load, time, distance, # of jobs

Achieve balanced workloads based on your preferred parameters

Route distance, duration, and stop constraints

Define maximum distances, travel times, and limit the number of stops to optimize routes efficiently

Depot reloads

eLogii enables depot reloads by default, maximizing your operational efficiency

Cost-based optimization

Automatically optimize for the lowest cost routes and fleet mix, considering the diverse costs associated with different vehicle types


Harness the power of deterministic and non-deterministic K-Means clustering as well as DBSCAN (Haversine distance) clustering

Parallel optimization based on depots, zones, clusters, drivers

Run multiple optimizations simultaneously for your organization, handling even hundreds of thousands of tasks at once

Same side of street routing

Same side of Street routing looks to navigate the driver to a stop on the same side of the street as the direction of travel

6 figure
Operational Savings
Reduction in customer service calls
Reduction in planning time
Group 176
How Bristow and Sutor saved planning time and drove route efficiency with eLogii
During the process we looked at 20+ solutions and eLogii scored the highest on most attributes we looked at. The system is very intuitive, mature, and able to handle very high volume. Specifically on handling volume: it is not uncommon, for example, for our routing and planning team to be working on 40,000 visits/calls in eLogii at any one time. eLogii handles this with ease.

– Paul Lillico, CTO

Group 58-1 (2)


The Ultimate Toolkit for Peak Operational Performance

Realtime visibility

Experience live on-map tracking and dynamic, configurable communications to keep your customers in the loop

Live ETA updates

Gain up-to-the-second visibility into ETAs based on real-time on-the-road context

Live driver location updates

Receive live location updates from eLogii's driver/agent app or your own, ensuring accurate monitoring of your fleet

Powerful and scalable (100,000+ tasks/day) live view

Handle any level of scale effortlessly, ensuring your team stays efficient without any freezing or slowdowns on key screens

Lateness tracking

Proactively monitor tasks running behind schedule and take focused action

Driver telemetry

Monitor driver speed, vehicle status, and device status in real-time

Highly customizable map view

Tailor your map view with various modes, geometries, tooltips, and colors, ensuring a personalized and informative planning environment

Powerful management of driver/agent and vehicle availability

Efficiently manage schedules, availability, and exceptions, including known driver/agent vacations

Drag & drop to reassign/reorder:

Visually intuitive planning that allows maximum efficiency for planners

Configurable task, driver, and route display

Apply specific visual context to your planning environment, such as assigning consistent route colors to certain drivers

See impact of manual changes in real-time

Instantly see the impacts of adjustments made by your operations team, such as potential time window violations

Near-instant batch operations on selected items

Quickly and seamlessly make the same changes across hundreds or thousands of tasks at once

Filtering and filter presets

Easily search and find what you need instantly by applying various filters

Configurable driver autonomy level

Decide the level of autonomy drivers have in making decisions in the field

Fully configurable driver/agent actions

Tailor proof of delivery/service requirements on a task basis, making actions mandatory or optional

Barcode scanning including Zebra integration

Leverage powerful barcode scanning capabilities, with native Zebra integration for enhanced accuracy

Unlimited photos, signatures, and documents per task

Attach an unlimited quantity of photos or documents as proof of delivery/service

Issue workflow

Empower drivers to take action when a task doesn't go as planned, dynamically re-planning accordingly

Task retries and returns

Configure driver/agent behavior when a task fails, including retry and return behavior configuration

Driver/agent update of task location

Allow drivers/agents to define precise locations in ambiguous geocoding situations, ensuring accurate future visits

Custom task-failure reasons

Specify meaningful task-failure reasons for analytics and pattern spotting


Set language for driver / agent app to one of more than ten languages

Recurring tasks and routes

Support any recurrence pattern of specific tasks/routes automatically, streamlining repetitive scheduling tasks


Enable auto-arrive and configure status changes based on driver/agent location to minimize errors

Driver/agent Push notifications

Keep drivers/agents informed with configurable push notifications based on various event triggers

Dashboard notifications

Set up proactive alerts for your operations team to stay ahead of potential issues

Flexible management operations structure - Teams, Zones, Depots

Configure views and visibility based on any required unit of work, making eLogii suitable for even the largest global enterprises

Dynamic route cost calculations

Consider any required cost attributes within routes, view summaries, and run analytics

Route timelines panel

Gain a clear and visual Gantt chart-style summary of routes for the day, providing at-a-glance overview for planners

Clear schedule / capacity utilization

Whether for an individual driver or vehicle, or on global planning level, have instant visibility over your driver and vehicle utilization and efficiency

Reduction in planning time
Reduction in required planning FTEs
reduction in customer calls
Group 174
How Porcelanosa improved efficiency and reduced customer calls by 80% with eLogii
“With eLogii we gained a fast, flexible system that integrates into everything. We have 10x more speed and flexibility versus what we had before, planning time is down (60%+) with a leaner team than ever before and we produce executable, accurate routes that have our trucks going out 90%+ full. Furthermore, we can give our customers ETAs and tracking – they don’t need to call us any more to find our where things are. So - all in all the benefits we have gained from eLogii are tremendous –

- Rafael Salinas – Head of International Operations

Robust Security, Scalable Infrastructure and a Developer-Friendly API

REST API covering all entities

eLogii is an API-first solution. Manage tasks, drivers, routes, optimizations, customers, and more via the API

Clear documentation and self-managed API keys

Robust API with detailed documentation and self-managed API key generation

Excel/CSV data import for each entity

Import an unlimited amount of data via files with the easiest and most flexible import process

Import mapping

Map columns to eLogii for seamless future imports

Automated CSV data type conversions

Ensure smooth data import with automated conversions for data types

XLS/CSV based data updates

Run mass data updates directly from XLS/CSV files

5* Developer friendliness and amazing support
Rated as "Most flexible API" in the market
Extensive webhooks
Screen Shot 2024-01-19 at 05.43 1

System, customer, or individual task level configuration

Configure settings at various levels, from whole system to individual tasks or items

Individual task inventory detail (Task Items)

Handle individual components of a single order separately, including separate proof of delivery/service if desired

Custom data fields with automated UI generation

Include specific data objects that matter most to your business, with automated UI generation for easy editing and filtering

Task notes and attachments

Attach notes or documents to tasks for easy access by drivers/agents

Tagging and filtering system

Append filterable identifiers to tasks for efficient organization

Rules engine

Configure powerful rules for changes, adjustments, and additions to tasks based on specific criteria

Task priority setting

Determine the relative importance of tasks, ensuring priority tasks are highlighted and have a higher chance of being completed


Set up filter presets so you find what you need within a few clicks 

Powerful geocoding

Flexible geocoding from all major providers, fallbacks, and a correction wizard to help make fixing issues easier

Access point geocoding

Snap geocoding to the precise entrance coordinates of a site or building

Geocoding overrides

Override geocoding with corrections for future visits to the same address

Super fast geocoding

Thousands of records geocoded in a matter of seconds

Group 173-1

Enterprise-grade security and high-availability infrastructure

Reliable always-on, global coverage with enterprise-grade data encryption at rest and in transit

Bullet-proof encryption

Ensure data security with encryption at every layer

Zero-downtime platform updates

Experience continuous service without downtime during updates

Robust Enterprise-grade SLAs

Rely on robust SLAs for dependable support and service

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Support for SAML 2.0 and Azure Active Directory for enhanced security

Regularly put to the test

Rigorous automated tests for both stability and security run constantly to ensure any issues are proactively addressed

Seamless proof of delivery / service

Comprehensive suite of POD options

Photos, sign on glass (signatures) or one time passcode verification can be configured as mandatory or optional

Barcode/QR code verification and capture

Build barcodes and QR codes into your workflow for enhanced verification

Custom confirmation dialogue

Tailor confirmation dialogs as needed, such as confirming the recipient's age for age-restricted products

Cash-on-delivery and payment method confirmation

Implement a full cash-on-delivery workflow, supporting 'cash received' reconciliation if required

Task lifecycle geo-stamps and time-stamps

Maintain a full audit trail with geo-stamps and time-stamps through every lifecycle step of delivery and field service tasks

Configurable required or optional configuration options

Define global, task, or item-level required or optional signatures, photos, barcodes, or any combination of the same

Operational savings within months
Reduction in "where's my order?" calls
Reduction in internal calls per order
How Ananas built the most efficient last mile delivery operation with eLogii
I looked at the leading solutions in the world and I couldn’t find in any of the other solutions the flexibility that I find in eLogii. On top of that, the flexibility, the customer support and the attention that you get from the team makes the whole difference to your business”

- Felipe Alves, COO
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Give your customers and unbeatably good experience

Automated email / SMS notifications at each task stage

Notifications sent automatically from eLogii at stages chosen by you

Highly customizable Tracking page for customers

Branded tracking page (whitelabeling) that looks like your business. Configure closely which information / options you display or hide, even control colors and look and feel

Fully customizable notification templates

Customize content via form or directly in HTML

Show predicted ETA

You can choose to show down to the minute ETA or time-banded ETA to customers depending on preferences

Further customization

HTML widgets for further adaptability so you can build any experience you want into the tracking page

Push notifications

Ensure your drivers / agents are always in the loop and aware of changes via proactive push notifications

Enable customers to correct address / contact information

Customers can make corrections to their address / contact information if they see an error or if they can help improve accuracy

Enable customers to reschedule tasks

Customers can re-schedule tasks, if allowed, to a date/time more convenient for them direct from the tracking page

Show task history and Proof of Delivery / Service

Allow customers to see full task history / audit trail as well as any provided POD information

Customer Dashboard

Enable your selected B2B customers to schedule and manage their own orders via an intuitive dashboard. Also includes tracking multiple orders simultaneously