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Delivery Logistics

Optimizing Package Delivery Efficiency with Package Delivery Software

Maximize delivery efficiency with package delivery software. Optimize routes, provide real-time tracking, and streamline proof of delivery. Learn more!

Some delivery crews do deliveries by hand, while others juggle various apps. Both ways waste time and money—more fuel, more staff costs, and more expenses on tools that don't help in the end.

The fix is to grab package delivery software that speeds up deliveries and trims down the number of tools your drivers and dispatchers have to deal with all at once.

Sure thing, here's a rephrased version with a numbered list:

  1. You need software that crafts optimized routes to swiftly deliver packages to customers.
  2. The software should allow customers to track their packages in real time with delivery updates.
  3. It should also gather proof of delivery to confirm the time and location of package delivery by the driver.

In this post, we'll cover how delivery teams lose money by taking inefficient routes, making multiple delivery attempts, and dealing with lost packages. 

Then, we'll introduce how eLogii can help your team save money and expand by making deliveries fast and efficient.

The Impact of Inefficient Package Delivery on Your Business

Delivery teams aim to help drivers complete more stops faster. However, various issues often arise, causing the team to spend more time on each stop instead of less.

These challenges are common, whether you run a small local delivery service or a large courier company with numerous clients.

  1. Planning Inefficient Routes. Route planning is tough because there are so many things to consider, like time windows, locations, traffic, and how many drivers you have. But, all delivery teams, big or small, can benefit from route optimization software. It uses smart math to figure out the fastest route.
  2. Making Many Delivery Attempts. Sometimes, packages need someone to sign for them. If the customer isn’t home when the driver shows up, they must return later. That means more cash is spent on labor and gas for each delivery. To fix this, keep customers in the loop with accurate delivery times, which we'll talk about next.
  3. Missing Package Disputes. Leaving a package at the door or with a concierge can lead to disputes about missing packages. The easiest fix? Use a proof of delivery tool. It shows when and where the driver dropped off the package.

Rather than tackling each problem separately, it's simpler and cheaper to use all-in-one package delivery software. That is better than juggling many tools because drivers and dispatchers don't have to switch between apps. It lets them work more efficiently.

Using eLogii to transport packages from Point A to Point B involves a few simple steps:

  1. Input Details: Start by inputting the details of your delivery task into the eLogii platform. This includes the pickup location (Point A) and the delivery destination (Point B), as well as any other relevant information such as package size, weight, and special instructions.
  2. Route Optimization: Once the details are entered, eLogii's route optimization algorithm goes to work. It calculates the most efficient route for your drivers to take, taking into account factors like traffic patterns, time constraints, and priority stops.
  3. Dispatch Drivers: With the optimized route generated, you can then dispatch drivers to pick up the packages from Point A and deliver them to Point B. Drivers can access their assigned tasks and route information through the eLogii mobile app.
  4. Real-time Tracking: Throughout the delivery process, eLogii provides real-time tracking and updates. You can monitor the progress of your drivers and packages, ensuring everything stays on schedule.
  5. Proof of Delivery: Once the packages reach their destination at Point B, drivers can use eLogii to capture proof of delivery, such as a signature or photo. This helps confirm that the delivery was completed successfully.

By following these steps, you can effectively use eLogii to get packages from Point A to Point B in the most efficient and streamlined manner possible.

Optimizing Routes: Speeding Up Package Deliveries


Route optimization becomes immensely challenging without the aid of advanced algorithms to assist in planning stops. Relying solely on programs like Google Maps for route planning has its clear limitations.

(One of the primary limitations is that Google Maps can't generate routes with over ten stops. It also lacks the necessary software for route optimization.)

eLogii began as a delivery application for individuals seeking superior route optimization compared to free route planning tools, underscoring the significance of devising the quickest route feasible. This route planning app tailored for individual drivers prioritizing route optimization, remains accessible.

With eLogii, you can set:

  • Task priority: When creating a task, you can define its importance.
  • Constraints: Constraints are used to ensure that routes adhere to the predefined principles set up within your account.
  • Driver schedules: You can create a driver’s schedule in Drivers ⇒ Driver profile ⇒ Schedule.
  • Time windows: Time windows are an optional feature, so you can bring in tasks without having to say exactly when they need to get done.

Optimizing Routes for Flexibility and Efficiency

Imagine you've already planned out your routes for the day with five drivers scheduled. Suddenly, just before the packages are set to leave HQ, two last-minute changes pop up:

  1. One driver can only work until noon, needing to return by then. 
  2. A customer calls, asking for their package to be delivered by 10 a.m.

With eLogii, adjusting these routing changes is swift and effortless.

To address the first request, simply impose a time limit on that driver's route to ensure they return to the warehouse by noon.

Next, locate the customer's address on the day's route who needs their delivery by 10 a.m. Apply a time constraint to ensure timely delivery.

After making these adjustments, click the optimize button to reorganize the route. Now, your drivers can begin or start deliveries.

Customer Notifications: Empower Customers to Track Their Packages


We talked earlier about a problem for delivery teams: when the driver has to keep going back to a house because the customer isn’t there when they arrive.

The solution? Keep the customer in the loop about when the driver will show up. Most people can’t wait at home all day for a package. But if they know when it’s coming, they can plan to be there when it arrives.

eLogii's recipient notifications streamline delivery logistics to ensure efficient and timely deliveries. Here's how it works::

  1. Upon the package's departure, customers receive an email or SMS detailing the estimated delivery time and a link to a tracking dashboard for real-time updates. 
  2. As the driver approaches the destination, customers receive updated delivery time frames, allowing for direct communication with the driver for any specific instructions. 

This system ensures customers remain informed throughout the delivery process. That minimizes the need for return trips or delayed deliveries.

Plus, eLogii also uses a driver telemetry panel to provide accurate information about the driver. That includes their latest location and when they were last active in the app. If this information is not accurate, it may show that the permissions on the driver's phone have been incorrectly set up. To ensure accurate driver tracking, the location permission should be set to "Always" rather than just when the app is in use. For more details, please refer to this article.

Proof of Delivery

We've covered the preparation for packages leaving the warehouse and how eLogii keeps customers updated during the delivery process. Now, let's explore how eLogii supports delivery teams in successfully fulfilling their deliveries.

We offer the following proof of delivery features:

  • Signature
  • Photo
  • Numeric Code input
  • Barcode Scan
  • Comment
  • Confirmation
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Custom PODs

If the customer isn't available to receive their delivery, eLogii has solutions. The driver may leave the package at a safe location or with a neighbor, as instructed. Customers can also reschedule delivery for a more convenient time using eLogii's scheduling system. If a delivery is missed, customers receive instructions on how to proceed. In some cases, undelivered packages may return to the depot for further action. It's all about making sure things run smoothly for everyone!


If a business were to transition to a new delivery management system, its drivers might begin using the proof of delivery feature to photograph where they left customers' orders. In the event of a customer complaint about a missing delivery, the owner could then reference the system's records. They would also be able to handle any disputes without requiring the drivers to make another trip.

Final Thoughts: Key Components of Effective Package Delivery Software

Navigating delivery logistics is a complex aspect of managing a delivery team. Efficient route optimization is crucial, ensuring drivers are dispatched on the most optimal paths. Yet, route optimization goes beyond mere map navigation. It also involves considerations like traffic patterns, available drivers, time constraints, and prioritized stops.

Moreover, time saved through route optimization can be negated. That happens in cases where customers aren't available to receive their packages or if delivery verification is cumbersome for drivers.

In discussions with our clientele, we've gleaned that the optimal delivery solution seamlessly transports packages to their destinations. This is possible without impeding driver or dispatcher efficiency.


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