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How Custom Packaging Boosts Delivery Experience?

In this article, we’ll show you how you can customize packages and parcels to boost the delivery experience of your customers.

This is a guide on custom packaging.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can customize packages and parcels to boost the delivery experience of your customers.

So if you’re looking to attract and delight customers and generate more sales from delivery, you’ll enjoy this article.

Let’s get started.

What Is Custom Packaging?

Custom packaging is parcel or goods packaging tailored around the precise needs of a company (instead of using a stock packaging).

The custom packaging process means adjusting the size, shape, material, colors, and other attributes of the package to the product, its specific shipping requirements, brand identity, or customer demands.

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Custom Packaging vs. Stock Packaging

There are a few differences between custom and stock packaging:

Stock packaging (also known as standard packaging) is a generic type of packaging that you can pick up or order online in bulk.

When it comes to e-commerce and last-mile delivery, it is typically a simple unmarked brown or white cardboard box that is easy to manufacture.

While stock packaging is affordable and easy to source, it doesn’t do much for you if you want to build a brand.

This comes down to customer expectations.

Today, customers expect more stylish, custom-made packaging when they order goods online.

But custom packaging is also tailored to product specifications.

So, for example, if you have a food delivery business, then, custom packaging helps you to comply with various food health and safety regulations.

As a result, custom packaging has an unlimited potential when it comes to functionality and aesthetics.

And thanks to design techniques, printing, and 3D printing technology, you can even add details such as custom packaging tape or create custom shapes unavailable to standard package manufacturing.

Why Should You Consider Custom Packaging?

It may not seem like it, but packaging has a big impact on customer decision-making.

In fact, 72% of US consumers say package design influences their purchasing decisions.

That means it can help you to build brand awareness through delivery. And also help you attract more new customers, while making it easier to retain old ones.


Custom packaging makes a good first impression.

But that’s not all.

Here are five other reasons and custom packaging benefits you should consider:

#1 Custom Packaging Protects Your Product

The main purpose of quality product and parcel packaging is to protect your goods during delivery.

This is true for both standard and custom packaging.

But while standard packages protect products only to a certain extent, custom packaging boxes and other containers go beyond this. How?

Custom packaging is made to size. So the product can’t move during transport. Which means there’s less damage on route to drop-off.

But custom packages are also made to order. So you can pick and pack items that need specific transportation requirements.

For example, restaurant deliveries can keep meals fresh and warm for longer without worrying the food will spoil or lose its tastiness.

Pharmacy deliveries can safely carry drugs and medicines without risking contamination during transport.

But it also means companies can use more recyclable materials for product packaging.

For example, there’s less of a chance glass or other reusable packaging will break on route to the customer. Which makes green logistics initiatives more viable for business.

#2 Custom Packaging Promotes Consumer Satisfaction

Customers love custom packaging.

So much in fact that 60% to 80% of consumers don’t use the same company or delivery service if the packaging isn’t up to their standards, according to Forbes.

On the other hand, 44% of shoppers say that products in premium packaging strengthen their confidence in a brand and the amount they spend per order.

It also means that consumers don’t worry about products getting damaged during delivery.

And that promotes a frictionless delivery and elevates the customer experience.

#3 Custom Packaging builds Brand Awareness

The package that holds your products is the easiest way to generate brand recognition and show off your brand to customers.

Think Coca-Cola’s signature red and white cans. Or the sleek and minimal iPhone Box. Or McDonald’s Happy Meal box.

Not only can you present important information regarding your product but it also conveys information about your brand:

  • Brand name and message
  • Logo and colors
  • Culture and values
  • Special materials or ingredients
  • Product properties and benefits

#4 Custom Packaging Grabs Customer Attention

From a marketing point of view, custom packaging is an amazing opportunity to capture customers’ attention. (Especially when a customer sees your products for the first time).

After all, it’s the first thing a potential customer is exposed to.

So using your packaging to make a good first impression is essential to gaining new customers.

It also influences shoppers’ purchase decisions, making it more likely to choose your products over your competitors’.

In fact, a study by the Paper and Packaging Board found that 7 out of 10 consumers agree that packaging design influences their buying decision.

#5 Custom Packaging Combines Practicality and Functionality

Practicality and functionality are also key reasons to use custom packaging, especially in food delivery and retail.

In the food industry, resealable packaging is a new way to maintain freshness and flavor.

Customers are far more likely to repurchase items with this kind of packaging because it’s easier for them to use foodstuff and ingredients per need, rather than all at once.

And depending on the material, they can reuse a custom container once they’ve used the initial product.

In retail, getting products in custom packages makes it easier for buyers to use items as soon as they receive them.

For example, if clothes come with a coat hanger, customers can immediately store them in their wardrobes.

So it makes it convenient for them to purchase goods from a brand that offers this kind of packaging, as it raises the value of the product itself.

How Does Custom Packaging Affect Consumers?

One thing is certain:

Using traditional brown boxes for shipping purposes almost definitely causes businesses to miss out on marketing opportunities and win over customers.

It’s no surprise then that consumers often develop an emotional attachment to particular brands.

And that bond is what can help you to build trust with customers through delivery.

But to do this effectively, you need to know how product packaging affects consumer decisions:

#1 Attention to Package Coloring

Humans are visual creatures.

So much, in fact, that color plays influences consumer behavior, what we purchase, and how we make decisions.

That’s why companies test the colors of things like banner ads and call-to-action (CTA) buttons.

The game is the same for packaging. And the name of the game is capturing consumers’ attention.

If a package isn’t visually different from all of the others, people will make their decisions based on other factors, such as price.

And that’s where most small businesses will lose out to big brands that can afford to lower prices due to the lower cost of production, delivery, or supply.

But if you use custom brand packaging, you appeal to people’s emotions.

So if you make your packaging stand out, you can have an impact on consumer psychology. And persuade them to make irrational decisions based on the appearance of your package.

Custom packaging boxes with a logo especially if the logo is effective will help customers recall memories and feelings on sight.

In this case, they can have positive associations with the brand logo, which can help businesses build long-term relationships with consumers.

#3 Eye-Catching Typography

Color is typically used to draw consumers in while the text lets your customers know the benefits of a particular product are.

The words should be easy to read and the text should be streamlined for quick scanning.

If this is not the case customers can easily be frustrated and just move on to a different product.

On average, customers take 7 seconds to judge whether or not they want to purchase a product.

That’s why making the packaging easily readable is crucial.

#4 Unique Design

Everyone likes good and attractive design.

In fact, 52% of online consumers would return to a business for another purchase if they received merchandise in premium packaging.

Consumers are also expected to reuse unique, well-designed packaging.

#5 Shape and size of the package

This might sound weird to you but actually, research shows that larger packs attract the customer quicker.

That’s because of the general perception that the larger the size, the greater the value.

Also, the shape of the package affects consumer response.

Elongated packages have been found to draw attention faster than conventional shapes.

Eye-catching shapes that attract the target category, such as dainty custom packaging bags or animal-shaped boxes for children always capture the customers’ attention.

What Kind of Company Can Use Custom Packaging?

The answer is simple - every company. Why?

If you own a big company, you’re probably already using custom packaging.

On the other hand, if you own a small- or medium-sized business it can be very challenging to stand out amongst the crazy competition in the e-commerce world.

Small and medium-sized companies are already dealing with things such as website function, marketing, product sourcing so the details of packaging can fall by the wayside.

But as a business owner, you should do everything that is in your power to take your business to greater heights.

Custom packaging boxes with logos can be a great move to attract customers to your small business and to stand out.

Getting custom packaging solutions is not something difficult.

You can even find numerous custom packaging suppliers who can provide for your needs.

Is Custom Packaging Affordable for Small Businesses?

Investing in custom packaging is a smart investment for your small business.

We’re not going to lie, custom packaging for small businesses can be quite expensive if you’re working on cutting costs.

Still, cheap custom packaging exists, especially when you take into account that as quantity goes up the price goes down.

The prices typically range from $0.10 – $10.00 per box.

So you can always go for affordable custom packaging.

Not only can it be quite affordable but you can also save money.

With custom packaging, you can choose the precise dimensions for your perfect packaging product fit.

This is how you can easily save money simply by not choosing boxes that are too large. This kind of packaging customization can also reduce shipping fees that would be otherwise spent on large -dimensions.

Also, by utilizing eco-friendly packaging materials (such as kraft) and reducing waste and excess materials, you can offer an eco-conscious package that stands out.

Finally. with all the benefits you get, custom packaging costs shouldn’t be something that should worry you, increased sales are guaranteed.

If you are about to start your own business check out this blog about delivery business ideas.

Custom Packaging Boosts the Delivery Experience

In today’s world, you know how important delivery experience is, and one of the ways to boost it is with custom packaging.

Shipping speed and packaging are two factors that can initiate a physical and emotional connection between customers and your brand.

You’re probably aware that your branding and marketing efforts are as important as all the other areas that keep your business running smoothly.

This involves considering investments that will help benefit your business and your delivery experience.

From helping you save money on shipping costs to enhancing your consumer’s experience, custom packaging is an ultimate investment that can considerably benefit your small business.

Especially if you own a small business, custom shipping packaging is what you need, it’s a win-win situation for both your business and your customers.

If you want to further improve your customer’s delivery experience, we can help you.


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