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We Tried 3 Best Nextraq Competitors - Here's Our In-Depth Feedback

Considering Nextraq as a vehicle and asset tracking solution for your business? It can be a perfect match, but have you thought of other options?

Considering Nextraq as a vehicle and asset tracking solution for your business? It can be a perfect match, but before your final decision, have you thought of other options?

Do you know what else there is on the market?

Luckily, you arrived just in time to find out what you are getting with Nextraq and learn about other possibilities that might better suit your needs.

So stay tuned because we are giving you the results of our in/depth research and all the necessary information to help you decide.

Our assessment of Nextraq and their competitor’s offers are based on three main criteria:

  • Standout features – What are they, and who are they best for?
  • Pricing – Does the software justify its price?
  • Customer support – How is the company’s customer support?
  1. Quick overview of Nextraq
  2. What does Nextraq offer?
  3. What kind of customer support can you expect?
  4. How much does Nextraq cost?
  5. Nextraq competitors #1 - eLogii
  6. Nextraq competitors #2 - Onfleet
  7. Nextraq competitors #3 - Tookan


  • Nextraq is a comprehensive platform best suited for businesses looking to improve driver’s safety and manage fleet and fuel costs, with a budget for instaling hardware in vehicles
  • eLogii is the best all-round Nextraq alternative in terms of functionality, customization and integration options, which makes it an ideal choice for small and large businesses alike
  • Onfleet is suitable for small businesses with moderate delivery volumes
  • Tookan is ideal for those looking for a custom solution for their business

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Quick overview of Nextraq

Nextraq competitors - Nextraq

NexTraq is a Michelin Group company offering cloud-based fleet management solutions. Its been on the market since 2000, and since then, it has become a leading provider of GPS management fleet solutions for small fleets ranging from 2 to 50 vehicles.

Today, Nextraq primarily focuses on safety features and maintenance of ELD and IFTA compliance and offers road-facing and driver-facing cameras.

With these features, Nextraq helps businesses acquire a 360-degree view of their fleet performance.

Additionally, it offers flexible pricing, one- to three-year contracts, and free device installation. The company provides both plug-and-play and advanced hardware, and it doesn’t require any minimum number of vehicles.

What does Nextraq offer?

Although it’s a comprehensive fleet tracking service, Nextraq stands out as a solution helping businesses improve driver safety.

Features like NexTraq® Driver Awareness™ will detect any harsh acceleration, hard braking or aggressive cornering and notify the driver to be more cautious. Furthermore, all these events will be registered in Driver Safety Scorecard. This way, it will be easier to hold drivers accountable and reduce additional costs and accidents by providing training for drivers.

Nextraq app will ensure drives phone or tablet screens are locked during driving. Safety features include smartphone-based distractions while driving, like texting, gaming, and emailing. Combined with cameras and the ability to check on your divers in real time, Nextraq will help you increase your driver’s safety and efficiency and better protect your business.

Fleet visibility and productivity features

Ensuring driver’s safety is just one part of sound fleet management. With Nextraq, you will be able to make informed decisions with features like:

  • Asset Tracking: with Nextraq, you can track vehicles with cellular and satellite-based devices to monitor authorised equipment usage and optimise fleet operations.
  • Fuel Management: track and monitor fuel consumption, create detailed reports, simplify IFTA tax return operations, identify idling and after-work use
  • Geofencing and Mapping: build geofencing around specific locations, receive real-time notifications for employee check-ins and outs and unauthorised equipment and vehicle usage

Nextraq competitors - Nextraq funtionalities

What kind of customer support can you expect?

With all the functionality Nextraq is offering and a good user experience, it is sad to notice that most users are complaining about customer support.

Most of them are about slow reactions. Sometimes when users connect with the support team, help is not adequate.

No matter the platform we check - Capterra, G2 and others - pure customer service is the reason for lower rates.

The good thing, though, is that Nextraq created a rich library on their website where you can find valuable resources, like case studies, news and events, whitepapers, FAQs, blogs, and a savings calculator. What does Nextraq cost?

How much does Nextraq cost?

Nextraq doesn’t list its pricing information on its website. You have to speak with the sales rep for a quote.

It is known that NexTraq requires a one- to a three-year contract for its services. Also, hardware installation comes free with any purchase, which is something that many competitors will charge for.

According to Business News Daily, for a standard GPS tracking plan for a fleet of 20 vehicles, they were quoted prices of $80 per unit, plus $16.96 per vehicle per month for a one-year plan, or $17.95 per vehicle per month (with no upfront costs) for a three-year plan.

For NexTraq’s Driver Safety package, including features like driver’s vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs), in-cab buzzers and dashcams, a three-year plan would cost roughly $39.95 for outward-facing cameras or $42.95 for dual-facing cameras,

These numbers are just estimates, and contacting Nextraq representatives will provide quotes specific to your need.

Nextraq competitors #1 - eLogii

Nextraq competitors - eLogii

Unlike Nextraq and other competitors, eLogii is pretty new on the market. But with the features it offers, eLogii can stand tall next to Nextraq.

Judging as objectively as possible, we believe eLogii can suit businesses’ needs much better than any of the competitors we mention in this blog.

What does eLogii offer?

eLogii is a cloud-based, end-to-end delivery management software solution. It’s primarily for last-mile operations helping you better plan, route, and optimise your delivery and/or field operations.

If there is one word to summarise the whole eLogii as software with its functionalities and possibilities it offers, it would be “optimisation”.

With a wide range of parameters and configurations, it allows an equally wide range of native integrations, along with API and webhook access for all users; eLogii will provide great flexibility for users to customise and optimise their software environment.

And then comes the actual optimisation.

Nextraq competitors - eLogii’s customisation

Automatic route planning for all users will identify the best routes in an average of 15 seconds. It will only take a few clicks to manage parameters and special requirements to optimise routes.

This, for example, may include:

  • Specifying driver skills to ensure that the best drivers are allocated specific jobs
  • Specifying vehicle types, load optimisation preferences
  • The defining point of delivery actions and associated timings, and workflows for when things don’t go according to plan
  • Setting tolerances for early/late deliveries and responses to traffic conditions

But, even more importantly, with eLogii, you will be able to update and re-optimise routes live while drivers are in transit. By reordering the list by drag-and-drop, the software will define the new optimal routes and delivery times.


Additional eLogii functionalities

Opting for eLogii, it will make your delivery operations more efficient, and it will save you time and money. Automatically and dynamically optimising all your routes is just the tip of the iceberg of features helping you develop your business.

eLogii also provides features like:

  • Live operations: enabling your dispatch teams to make sure drivers are in the right place, at the right time, with the right products
  • Digital Proof of Delivery: Collect multiple different forms of proof at the point of collection and/or delivery using eLogii’s Driver App – including signatures, photographs, scanned barcodes or QR codes, unique alphanumeric codes
  • Vehicle Management: add vehicles manually, via bulk upload (CSV) or via a direct API connection to your existing business systems with a simple setup
  • Communications and Alerts: automated and real-time updates across each point of the delivery lifecycle for customers, with the transparency and visibility they want
  • Driver App: intuitive and user-friendly Delivery App will provide all the information drivers may need at their fingertips to work effectively and efficiently.

Nextraq competitors - eLogii in action

What kind of customer support can you expect?

The best way to rate eLogii customer support is by looking at what customers say.

On Capterra and GetApp, eLogii has almost the highest rating possible with comments like:

  • “eLogii has extensive training and support for the software. Anything that we came across that we needed help adapting to our needs as possible with the understanding and help of the Tech team.”
  • “Every question we’ve had got an immediate and comprehensive response, and we could not be more grateful for the support we’ve had and how this software has allowed us to succeed in providing in-house, home delivery this year.”
  • “The customer support goes above and beyond to make sure our needs get catered.”
  • “Excellent customer support on demand”

We’ll leave you to conclude how good eLogii customer support is.

How much does eLogii cost?

eLogii offers different pricing packages that reflect individual users’ needs.

Pricing options start at $359 per month for unlimited users and drivers - including all of the features discussed above.

The exact pricing is given on a company-by-company basis after a consultation with a product expert, meaning that the price will be made to fit a company’s particular needs and its size.

Book a demo now, and one of our product specialists will show you eLogii in action and, with answers to a few questions, be able to give you a price tailored to your business. Then, you’ll get a pilot period with eLogii configured to your requirements - letting you get straight in to experience the value without the hassle of setting it up yourself.

Nextraq competitors #2 - Onfleet

Nextraq competitors - Onfleet

Just like the previous Nextraq competitor is ideal primarily for last-mile delivery businesses, Onfleet is best for small ones. Especially with the pricing models, we will get to this a bit later.

Onfleet is another last-mile delivery solution for small to medium companies with moderate delivery volumes. It has a clean, attractive user interface for admins and drivers, and it’s simple for all the users needing to get familiar with most of its functionality quickly.

What does Onfleet offer?

Onfleet software is created to help delivery businesses work more efficiently, providing a great customer experience.

These two goals can be achieved with route optimisation, now available in all three pricing packages. This feature is connected with the dispatcher’s ability to track drivers in real-time and reroute if necessary.

No matter the pricing plan, with Onfleet, you can access unlimited users and team management.

Depending on the pricing package, Onfleet also offers features like:

  • Driver tracking and analytics, displayed in real-time
  • Triggered customer notifications and anonymous driver/customer communications
  • Proof of delivery capture via photo, signature and barcode
  • Enterprise SSO
  • API access, enabling integrations with other platforms

Nextraq competitors - Onfleet’s UI

What kind of customer support can you expect?

Although Onfleet scores well on both Capterra (4.7 out of 5) and G2 (4.5) in the user satisfaction domain, comments about customer support are not so high and praising.

Most users note that the support team is not the quickest and unable to resolve problems as soon as expected.

How much does Onfleet cost?

Onfleet’s packages are priced according to the number of “tasks” included per month (one task being one pickup or delivery). As mentioned before, within one plan, you can have as many drivers, vehicles, and admin users as you want. Only if you go above the limit you will be extra charged per task.

Nextraq competitors - Onfleet pricing

The Launch package (2,000 tasks) is suitable for small firms, but it omits barcode scanning and age verification in POD - which can be limiting for certain types of businesses. For $1,150 per month, these POD are available together with 1-year historical analytics and for 5,000 tasks.

The Enterprise package includes all those functionalities for more than 5,000 tasks with additional SSO. You have to contact sales to get the quote for your business.

Nextraq competitors #3 - Tookan

Nextraq competitors - Tookan

Tookan from Jungleworks is a delivery operations platform. You can choose from a variety of features according to your business needs. All of the features, add-ons and other products come from the Jungleworks suite.

What does Tookan offer?

Speaking in simpler terms, Tookan enables you to create your specific set of functionalities, a perfect solution for your business. This will help you create a working environment customised for your industry, like beauty, car washes, laundries, restaurants, waste management, furniture delivery, and more.

Tookan is easily integrated with tools like Quickbooks, Shopify, Stripe, and Zapier. Also, developers can create their Tookan add-ons, and there is also a well-documented API and webhooks for those cases where there isn’t a ready-made extension.

In a basic set of functionalities, Tookan offers:

  • Delivery and despatch management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • SMS and email customer alerts

Nextraq competitors - Tookan Add-Ons

Additional Tookan functionalities

Unfortunately, route optimisation is not included in the basic packages. If needed, it will be extra charged on a per-task basis. This will significantly impact the monthly pricing, eventually making Tookan unsuitable for small businesses.

Some of the additional features and costs are:

  • Barcode generation for POD - $11.99 per month
  • Create custom reports from performance data - from $30 per month
  • Customer number masking for privacy - 12 cents per task

Taking all of this into account, Tookan prices can quickly skyrocket in a matter of a few additional features.

What kind of customer support can you expect?

When searching to find out about Tookan’s customer support, you will mostly come across comments like “24/7 support”, “support is very responsive”, “customer support has been great which helps a lot in times of need, and “We are having a good experience so far with the commercial support team, very helpful and fast to answer our queries” and “Best Customer support.

Some comments point out not-so-great and fast support team’s reactions, but those are just a few.

On the other hand, Tookan’s user satisfaction is a bit lower than the other Nextraq Routific competitors and is around 4.3 on average.

How much does Tookan cost?

If you choose Tookan, you will be charged on tasks per month (pickups and deliveries), not vehicles or drivers.

Nextraq competitors - Tookan pricing

The “Early Stage” plan is ideal for the smallest of businesses, and this plan is extremely cheap, with prices starting at $29 per month for 200 tasks.

However, this is just the basic package without some features you will need to pay at these prices:

  • Route optimisation - 12 cents per task
  • ETAs for tasks - $49 per month
  • In-app messaging between dispatchers and drivers - $11.99 per month

Not so cheap after all, but depending on the budget, you may find the Tookan pricing plan suitable.


Choosing the right software for your delivery business can impact how it will develop in the future. It can determine how fast it will grow and how much of the ROI it will bring in the process.

With the information about Nextraq and its competitor, you can build a clearer picture of what’s best for your business and decide which of the software will best suit your need.

  • Nextraq is a comprehensive platform best suited for businesses looking to improve driver’s safety and manage fleet and fuel costs, with a budget for instaling hardware in vehicles
  • eLogii is a powerful, scalable and highly customizable offering that gives users the widest range of options and the power to integrate simply into any tech stack. It’s perfect for businesses of all sizes, large and small alike
  • Onfleet is suitable for small businesses with moderate delivery volumes
  • Tookan is ideal for those looking for a custom solution for their business


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