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Delivery Logistics

How Delivery Planning Grows Your Business (2024)

Learn how to plan deliveries in 2024. Discover what is delivery planning, its most effective elements, what tools to use, and the latest success stories.

Because of companies like Amazon, people want fast deliveries. A survey by Walker Sands says 54% of US buyers under 25 shop more because of same-day shipping.

It's tough to compete with Amazon, which has free 2-day shipping. Dealing with couriers like Postmates, who are always available, makes it more complicated. Successful businesses increased revenue and gained loyal customers by planning deliveries better.

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What is Delivery Planning?

Delivery planning means figuring out the best ways to deliver products. Companies delivering things like pizza, flowers, and water use delivery planning. It helps them ensure that their products efficiently reach customers.

Elements for Effective Delivery Planning

When evaluating your delivery operations, it's essential to consider four factors. A successful delivery plan will prove excellence in each of the following areas:

Customer Happiness Is Important

Getting products to your customers on time is super important. Your delivery plan needs to make sure of that. It's not only about delivering on time. It's also about keeping your customers satisfied. When you do that, they stick around, and you get great reviews.

Being Efficient Matters

A good delivery plan saves money on transportation but makes you earn more by sending your delivery team on efficient routes. If your gas costs are too high, it might show that your process isn't efficient. Drivers returning to reload or many undelivered orders due to customers not being home can be signs of this inefficiency. Later, we'll talk about how route-planning software can fix this.

Optimizing Delivery Capacity

Good delivery planning aims for maximum capacity without overloading drivers or making them work too much. Smart last-mile delivery plans consider each vehicle's size and weight limits. They also take into account the number of deliveries per driver in a shift. This even distribution ensures businesses get the most value. The best last-mile delivery software automatically adjusts for and optimizes these factors.

Happy Employees

A fantastic delivery plan means everyone in your team, including the route planner, has a balanced workload. No one should feel burned out. A top-notch delivery system even lets your manager or route planner focus more on strategy.

Delivery Planning vs. Route Planning

Delivery planning and route planning aren't the same. Even if people use them interchangeably or call it "delivery route planning." It can be confusing, but they have different goals.

Route planning is about mapping routes for deliveries, pickups, or service appointments. Delivery planning is just about getting products to customers.

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What Makes Delivery Planning Crucial?

To compete effectively, you must deliver – literally, especially as more purchases shift online. This year, the Online Food Delivery market is expected to hit US$1.22 trillion. It is expected to grow by 10.06% annually in the next four years. By 2023, worldwide e-commerce sales in the retail sector amounted to an approximately 5.8 trillion U.S. dollars. It is predicted to grow by 39%, surpassing eight trillion dollars by 2027.

Customers desire doorstep delivery for various items, willing to pay more for a swift service. In 2022, a consumer insights survey revealed that faster delivery is a significant concern for many buyers. Prioritizing an efficient delivery timeframe becomes crucial for customer satisfaction.

Customers expect fast deliveries, so you must deliver well. If orders don't arrive on the agreed date, 69% of consumers are less likely to shop with that retailer again.

Thus, lacking an effective delivery plan makes meeting or exceeding customer expectations challenging. That could lead to permanent customer losses.

Optimizing Deliveries: Faster Scheduling with Route-Management Software

The simplest way to support your fleet manager or operations director in optimizing delivery planning is by employing eLogii's route-optimization software. eLogii streamlines route and delivery planning and allows you to save 40%+ on expenses. With efficient route planning, it helps to serve 46% more orders. Here are several advantages of utilizing eLogii for delivery planning:

Automated Route Optimization


Once you upload orders from Excel to eLogii, the software can schedule deliveries and plan routes. Effortlessly map the best routes for your fleet with just a few clicks. Consider specific constraints for each vehicle, driver, and order using our user-friendly interface.


Advanced Planning


eLogii empowers business owners, fleet managers, and route planners. You can schedule deliveries as far as five weeks ahead. Easily change schedules as needed and identify areas where extra orders can fit.


Live Order Tracking


In the era of heightened customer expectations, effective communication is paramount. Whether through emails or SMS notifications, eLogii ensures your customers stay informed about the real-time whereabouts of their orders. It not only enhances their experience but also positively influences your revenue. It is no secret that online shoppers expect regular updates on their purchases. eLogii assists in ensuring customer satisfaction by providing Real-time Order Tracking. It also gives precise ETAs to keep your customers happy and informed.

Active Fleet Tracking


eLogii's dynamic replanning feature enables fleet managers to anticipate alterations and react accordingly. Deliver schedules, in addition to step-by-step navigation instructions, directly to drivers' mobile apps at the start of their shifts. Make real-time updates while drivers are in the field. To monitor your drivers' present locations and planned routes, consider using GPS fleet tracking.


Workload Balance with eLogii


eLogii makes it easy to balance workloads and prevent employee burnout. Our route optimization software lets you customize delivery plans for your company. You can ensure each driver has a similar workload or time in the field. It optimizes routes for cost efficiency and ensures breaks fit into delivery schedules.




As you continue using eLogii, the analytics tool provides increasing insights. This route optimization software aids in understanding the performance of drivers, routes, and strategies over time.


Transforming Deliveries with eLogii

eLogii has transformed delivery processes for many businesses worldwide. It helped enhance revenue and customer satisfaction. "We can gain valuable insights on effective delivery planning by studying the strategies of successful businesses."


Since adopting eLogii in late 2021, Crocus has seen impressive outcomes. It doubled revenue and sidestepped scaling challenges. The platform reduced planning time by 75%. It also increased driver productivity by over 60% and doubled customer service effectiveness. Even with rapid growth, Trustpilot satisfaction rose to 4.4/5*. The team loves eLogii's automated route optimization. The lead data analyst humorously compares it to "switching from a Renault Twingo to a Ferrari," highlighting the platform's scalability and ease of use.

Bristow & Sutor

eLogii significantly improved operational efficiency. It reduced planning time by over 35% and minimized errors. The platform ensured a fast and seamless user experience. It allowed for real-time changes to routes that are reflected instantly across systems. Integration with the case management system streamlines data flow. Field operations benefited from increased efficiency, resulting in more daily collections per agent. CEO Anthony O'Keeffe's satisfaction with eLogii is evident in the commitment to a multi-year agreement.


eLogii delivered significant results for the company, including a nearly 50% reduction in call center load. It also contributed to double-digit operational savings within a few months. The implementation led to unparalleled customer satisfaction through features like live information and tracking. The average 'internal calls per order' dropped by about 25%, thanks to clear visibility into each order. Felipe Alves, the COO, expressed satisfaction, stating that eLogii provided all the necessary functionalities for efficient last-mile operations. According to Felipe, the platform's real-time tracking and precise estimated arrival time enhanced the customer experience. It also reduced call center costs by eliminating inquiries about package whereabouts.

Experience it firsthand

In 2024, ensuring swift and effective deliveries is essential for staying competitive as a product company. Yet, it is possible to simplify delivery planning with the appropriate software. With eLogii, achieving seamless delivery and route planning becomes straightforward. At eLogii, we aim to help companies of all sizes maximize delivery and guarantee client happiness.


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