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Yojee Review: When to Choose Yojee for Delivery [Detailed Analysis]

Yojee is an delivery management platform. But, is Yojee the right delivery management software for your use case? We’re here to help you find out.

Yojee is an all-in-one delivery management platform focused on providing better control, visibility, and accountability for users in various industries.

But, is Yojee the right delivery management software for your particular use case?

We’re here to help you find out precisely that.

In this blog, we will review Yojee from top to bottom, including:

  • Its overall UX - ease of use, how intuitive and functional its dashboard is, etc.
  • Its core functionality
  • Which businesses will benefit the most from using Yojee
  • Its value for money
  • The best alternative for companies that need something different


  • Yojee is an all-in-one delivery management solution primarily aimed at enterprises and businesses that use 2- and 3PL service providers
  • Yojee’s most significant strengths are its cost calculator and invoice generator, as well as options for efficiently managing and having control over 2PL and 3PL providers
  • Yojee’s price and the omission of some vital functionality (e.g., advanced routing, including route optimization only in the most expensive plans, etc.) will keep it out of reach for all but the largest of businesses
  • eLogii is a comprehensive delivery optimization solution that’s easy to scale, highly customisable, and has a massive number of cutting-edge features, which makes it the perfect solution for businesses of various types and sizes

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Yojee Review - Research methodology

To get a clear picture of Yojee’s strong and weak points, as well as determine what kinds of companies find it to be most beneficial for their needs, we’ve done a couple of things:

  1. We’ve interviewed a number of past and current Yojee users to see what compelled them to start using it, what they liked and disliked most, as well as what propelled them to switch to a different platform
  2. We’ve checked customer reviews on all the reputable SaaS rating sites - G2, Capterra, and GetApp.

However, when it comes to customer reviews, we’ve encountered some issues since it turned out that Yojee has only one customer review on each of these sites.

Given that Yojee isn’t that new, as it’s been around for several years now, this struck us as odd.

Be it as it may, since we’ve been in the delivery management space for quite some time now, we know what makes a good delivery management software, so we paid particular attention to things like:

  • Yojee’s interface design and ease of use
  • Its essential features
  • Pricing plans
  • Best use cases

Now that we’ve gotten all the formalities out of the way let’s dive right into the juicy bit - the actual in-depth Yojee review.

Yojee Review - Ease of use

First things first - a platform may offer tons of nifty features, but all of that will go to waste if it’s unmanageable.

Fortunately, this is not the case with Yojee.

This software is fairly easy to use and navigate, despite having a relatively wide range of different functions.

It’s worth noting that its interface isn’t exactly sleek or elegant. Some updating could do it much good, as it can often seem crowded and dated.

Yojee Orders dashboard

However, looks aren’t everything when it comes to logistics software - it’s pivotal that it’s simple to manage, and Yojee won’t disappoint in that area.

The only thing that can be a problem, especially for new users without much (or any) previous experience with delivery management software, is that there’s no help center nor comprehensive video tutorials available on Yojee’s website or YouTube page.

The bottom line

Yojee is a fairly easy-to-use platform, so most users won’t have much trouble wrapping their heads around it.

However, first-time users with little to no experience with logistics management software might find Yojee somewhat challenging since there are no online tutorials or detailed articles available.

Yojee Review - Essential features

1. Rating and costs calculations

Yojee has options for automating rates and charges for each customer.

That enables users to apply standard rates for different customer segments, calculate charges and costs with varying quantities, time and distance and add any additional changes manually when needed.

Yojee can also calculate your costs for each order by considering many factors, such as quantity, weight, cubic, time, distance, etc.

Moreover, with Yojee, you can easily generate and send invoices immediately after a delivery has been made.

Yojee Invoice generator

2. Partner management

Yojee has features that enable easier outsourcing of logistics operations, which is an excellent option for businesses looking to use 2PL and 3PL providers’ services.

With Yojee, you’ll get a single dashboard for your 2PL and 3PL providers so they can easily assign tasks to their drivers, track delivery status in real time, and optimize routes.

Yojee Order tracking

At the same time, you’ll stay in control of the entire process, as you’ll also have access to a clear and simple overview of things such as:

  • The status of each delivery
  • Which driver is assigned what task
  • Your logistics service providers’ overall performance

3. Customer satisfaction

Another cool Yojee feature is a customer web portal that enables customers to create orders themselves.

Those orders will be processed and assigned to available drivers the same way as they’d be when you create or import orders.

Yojee Review - Drivers app tasks assignment

That gives your customers more control over their shipments and inevitably results in higher customer satisfaction.

Moreover, Yojee has an option for automated sending customer notifications from each critical delivery stage.

4. Easy task assignment

Yojee drivers’ app enables drivers to accept tasks by simply scanning a package’s barcode or QR code that will be automatically generated whenever a new order is created.

Yojee Barcode

That helps reduce the time couriers need to spend at pick-up locations and minimises the risk of shipment data-related errors and discrepancies.

Moreover, you can automatically assign orders to agents based on driver availability and vehicle types, and capacity.

Yojee Task parameters

5. Delivery optimization options

Yojee offers options for setting up parameters such as each vehicle’s maximum capacity, enabling you to match each load with the right vehicle automatically.

In addition, you can also incorporate estimated service times for different orders (e.g., when a package is heavy and bulky, the drivers will inevitably need more time for unloading and delivering it than when dealing with smaller objects) to get more precise ETAs and better-optimized routes.

Yojee Vehicle configuration

However, this option is only available with higher-tier pricing plans.

But, there’s another catch. If you go with the least expensive of the more advanced plans, you’ll get route optimization features for no more than 5 vehicles.

That way, Yojee basically forces users to automatically opt for one of the two priciest plans since they’re the only ones that make sense in this space.

The bottom line

Yojee has many different functions that are supposed to cover all the necessary areas of delivery management - from routing to operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

However, Yojee is not without its faults. These shortcomings are a factor that can heavily affect a prospective user’s decision.

That’s why it’s worth listing some of the most significant ones, such as:

  • Route optimization is charged extra - that is, it’s only included in the higher-tier plans and is treated like a separate asset from route planning features
  • There are no advanced routing options available - things like multi-depot or multi-day routing or dynamic routing that adepts to changes that happen on the road are not something Yojee excels in
  • There are no options for entering detailed info on each driver that would enable matching each task with the drivers that possess the adequate skill set
  • There are no options for barcode scanning as a method of POD collection - the drivers’ app only allows barcode and QR code scanning as a way of accepting a task
  • Yojee doesn’t enable live voice communication between drivers and dispatchers - a significant downside in case a driver encounters a problem that needs to be addressed ASAP

All in all, users who can look past these shortcomings, especially those looking to outsource their transportation and deliveries, will find Yojee a good enough choice.

Provided, of course, that they can afford it since Yojee isn’t exactly a budget-friendly tool, as we’ll see in the next section.


Yojee Review - How much does Yojee cost?

Yojee packages

Yojee has 4 pricing plans. However, the prices are disclosed only for the first 3 plans.

Yojee pricing plans

It’s worth noting that prices that can be seen on Yojee’s website are only starting prices since the exact cost for your business will depend on the precise number of “bookings,” i.e., tasks you’ll have per month.

You can get an estimated price for your business by using Yojee’s rate calculator.

Yojee price calculator

Since each plan has a limited number of bookings included in the price, every task you have over that will be charged extra.

Moreover, route optimization (that includes routing + configurable operational parameters that ensure better efficiency) and rating and costs options are only available with the Dispatch plan and above.

Remember that if you opt for the Dispatch plan, you’ll get route optimization for only 5 vehicles. You’ll have to go with the Elite plan or higher if you manage a bigger fleet.

The bottom line

Yojee’s pricing makes it a pretty tricky sell.

Namely, its most affordable plan includes only 200 tasks in the starter price and offers no route optimization whatsoever.

On the other hand, all but its most expensive plans limit the number of vehicles you can optimize routes for.

That means that companies that actually need a comprehensive delivery management software that includes all the necessary features will have to opt for the Elite or Enterprise plan since no other would make no sense.

Yojee Review - Who is Yojee for?

Yojee’s set of features and pricing plans make it a good choice primarily for businesses that outsource their transportation and delivery processes and enterprises that need to overlook their entire supply chain.

Yojee’s price tag and the fact that they include their very best features only in the two priciest plans will keep it out of reach for many smaller companies and companies with in-house delivery teams.

Moreover, businesses of all types and sizes needing a more scalable and customizable solution should opt for an alternative delivery management platform.

Yojee Review - Best alternative

If you fall under the category of businesses that need a more configurable solution that can better adjust to your particular needs, then eLogii might just be the right platform for you.

eLogii is an all-around delivery management and optimization platform that helps users tackle all the challenges of modern-day delivery and transportation logistics.

eLogii has a wide range of highly-customisable features that make it a perfect choice for various types of businesses - from field service providers to retailers, pharmaceutical companies, restaurants, couriers, food & drink delivery services, etc.

Some of its features include:

  • Various advanced routing options, including dynamic, multi-day, multi-stop, and return to depot routing

Yojee Review - eLogii UI - Multi-Depot Route OptimizationSeveral methods of ensuring customer satisfaction, such as real-time SMS and/or email notifications from every stage of the delivery process, live ETA notifications (with updated recalculations if something changes on the road), live tracking of every delivery, enabling customers to leave feedback quickly and easily, etc.

Yojee Review - eLogii customer feedback

  • Numerous highly customisable operational parameters that enable things such as automated matching of each load with the right type of vehicle, assigning more challenging routes to most skilled agents, etc.

Yojee Review - eLogii drivers_ profiles

  • A designated mobile app that allows live communication both between drivers and dispatchers and drivers and customers
  • Widest range of POD methods on the market (including barcode and QR scanning, among others)

Yojee Review - eLogii POD

  • A well-documented API that allows seamless integration with all the other tools and technologies you use to manage the rest of your supply chain and operations.

Yojee Review - eLogii API

Moreover, eLogii doesn’t have one-size-fits-all pricing packages, which makes it an ideal solution for small, medium, and large businesses alike.

eLogii comes with custom-tailored pricing plans based on your business’s particular configuration and needs, with the typical entry-level price starting at around $359 per month for 2500 tasks.

Each plan includes unlimited users, drivers, and vehicles, which is an excellent option for larger businesses or those aiming to scale.

Yojee Review - elogii pricing

You can compare each plan’s features on our webpage for a detailed overview of what each eLogii package includes.

Yojee Review - The bottom line

Because of its set of functionality and pricing plans, Yojee is a good delivery management solution primarily for two types of companies:

  1. Enterprises that can afford it
  2. Businesses looking to outsource their logistics operations

Yojee’s invoice generator, charges calculator, and partner management and collaboration options make this software a great choice for businesses that need to manage the wider supply chain.

However, not everyone will find Yojee to be their cup of tea due to its lack of advanced routing options, limited POD collection methods, and priciness. All those shortcomings combined make Yojee a far from ideal solution for businesses looking to scale or needing more flexibility in adjusting their platform of choice to their particular needs.

eLogii, on the other hand, is an excellent choice precisely for businesses of all sizes and types that want a comprehensive last-mile delivery optimization and management platform that’s:

  1. Easy to scale
  2. Highly customisable
  3. Has a massive number of configurable parameters

Interested to find out what eLogii can do for you? Well, you could always…


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