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White Glove Delivery: Complete Guide

Here’s a complete guide to white glove delivery. This is the only guide you’ll need to learn how to offer white glove delivery services right away.

Here’s a complete guide to white glove delivery. This is the only guide you’ll need to learn how to offer white glove delivery services right away.

This is a complete guide to white glove delivery.

In this detailed guide, you will find out:

  • what is white glove delivery
  • how it works
  • how can your business benefit from it

If you want to learn how your business can profit from offering this type of service to your customers and gain a competitive advantage, then this guide is for you.

Let’s start.

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White Glove Delivery 101

In this part, we’re going to walk you through the basics of white glove delivery.

Specifically, you’ll find out:

  • what is white glove delivery
  • how it works
  • what it includes
  • why it’s different than inside delivery

What Is White Glove Delivery?

The term “white glove” is used to describe exceptional care, service, or attention. White glove delivery service is a method of shipping that ensures the utmost care, reducing the chance of damage during shipment and ensuring that your items arrive in prime condition.

How Does White Glove Delivery Work?

Businesses in many industries offer white glove services to customers who are ready to pay more in exchange for faster, more convenient services.

White glove delivery is a concept that applies premium customer service to last-mile delivery or courier services.

White-glove teams communicate with customers to determine any special delivery requirements.

Then they schedule deliveries at a time that is convenient for them. Ensuring that no packages are left unattended at their doorstep.

White glove delivery specialists are highly trained and equipped to install and assemble the product on-site, as well as use specialized equipment if needed.

What Does White Glove Delivery Include?

It depends on the company, but white glove delivery service usually includes:

Protective packaging - white glove delivery services use premium packing materials to comply with high standards that protect your product from damage.

Steps are also taken to protect your shipment from movement and moisture while it is being transported.

Delicate handling - throughout the packaging, shipping, delivery, and set-up processes, your shipment is handled with the utmost care.

Packagers and drivers are qualified to manage your product’s specific requirements and take into account all special concerns.

Attentive service - professionals who provide white glove delivery services are trained to deliver your shipment quickly and safely every time.

Typically, a white glove delivery provider will be available to answer any questions you may have throughout your shipment, as well as provide feedback afterward.

Safe and clean transportation - white glove delivery takes extra care to deliver your customers’ orders safely to them without the risk of damage to the product.

It also means that the vehicles that handle these types of services are regularly maintained and cleaned. And a vehicle in peak condition is the first step to achieving green logistics.

Product assembly or dismantle - If you choose product assembly or dismantling, delivery professionals will transport your shipment to the location where it will be unloaded and then set it up safely and on schedule.

They’ll also take apart and dispose of the old product you’re replacing.

White Glove Delivery vs. Inside Delivery

White glove delivery is different from inside delivery because it offers extra services, especially after the shipment arrives.

That makes white glove delivery a higher-tier delivery.

You would think that inside delivery offers to bring your shipment inside because of its name. However, that is not always the case.

Inside delivery is a service that usually leaves your shipment at the door of your residence or business.

White glove delivery service is good for people who don’t want valuable items left outside their door.

Many companies provide both inside and white glove delivery services.

Why Is White Glove Delivery Good for Business?

Now that you have a better understanding of white glove delivery, we’ll explain how it can have a positive impact on your business.

This will help you increase your business’s bottom line.

Customers Spend More Money

You can charge premium prices if you provide premium service.

Speed, convenience, and personal touch - all defining aspects of white glove services have been demonstrated to increase repeat sales according to research.

As a result, white glove services can help you increase the lifetime value of your customers.

According to a survey, more than 80% of customers will pay more for premium customer experience.

It Reduces Overall Costs

According to McKinsey&Company, white glove services offer a high return on investment because the benefits outweigh the cost of the investment that is required.

These services are cost-efficient because they help you to build trust with customers through delivery.

But also loyalty, since you speed up the resolution of contact center issues (or preventing them altogether).

Real-time customer notifications can reduce the amount of inbound customer service calls.

When your routing software automatically offers customers a link to track their package in real-time, you’ll have fewer customers calling in to ask about their deliveries.

Real-time notifications also help businesses reduce the number of failed delivery efforts. And that can significantly reduce your transportation costs.

When customers know exactly when their package will come, they are more likely to be home to accept it.

Less Chance of Damaged Goods

The ability to track shipments in real-time instills confidence in customers and helps to avoid any potential damage or delay during the shipment.

To keep the shipment safe during processing and delivery, white glove delivery uses packaging materials and temperature control technology.

White glove delivery ensures that the shipment is protected from damage or theft when it comes to expensive and valuable items.

That’s why white glove delivery is what customers value in last-mile delivery. And best of all, they’re ready to pay more for it.

Better Customer Satisfaction

The customer service experience can make or break the entire fulfillment experience.

White-glove carriers deliver impeccable customer service throughout the customer journey to give a pleasurable customer experience.

Dedicated teams that work effectively with clients, are aware of any particular delivery instructions and can arrange custom deliveries.

White-glove delivery personnel are prompt, polite, and well-dressed professionals who treat each customer with respect and provide only the highest level of service.

Who Should Offer White Glove Services?

Any sort of business can provide white glove services since white glove service is, at its core, any service that is delivered with the highest level of care and attention.

Here are some of the industries that should offer white glove services:

Furniture Delivery & Movers

Both retail and online furniture stores frequently offer the option of adding white glove furniture delivery after you’ve made your booking for an additional charge.

The white glove option relieves the consumer of the struggle of transporting their product from the store, as well as the difficulty of putting furniture together themselves.

Moving companies can also provide white glove service for an additional price.

With the basic service, in which they may just assist in moving large objects from the car to inside the place, customers are frequently left to transport it back to the specific position they like.

With white glove service, all they have to do is point the white glove mover in the right direction and they’ll take care of the rest.

Special Event Deliveries

White glove delivery services will not only transfer perishable supplies from a caterer or other business to the required location but will also assist customers in setting up the special event.

This can entail delivering and assisting with:

  • decorations
  • food and drink
  • musical equipment
  • tables and chair

A white glove delivery service can handle any aspect of the delivery of goods, as well as the setup and cleanup of the event.

Online Retail & E-Commerce

For an additional price, online retailers can also provide a white glove installation or assembly service.

They frequently attract customers by advertising free delivery.

However, this usually amounts to little more than inside delivery and is dependent on your location.

If you’ve ever purchased big-ticket items during sales like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you may have noticed this.

And most white glove deliveries are scheduled ahead of time.

This can help you overcome the challenges of the delivery logistics behind Black Friday and other holiday and big sales events.

Luxury Goods Sellers

For luxury brands, their main strategy is usually in-store clienteling.

However, with the continued growth of the e-commerce luxury goods market, some brands are already searching for new methods to use new technology to improve their online clienteling services.

They can now use innovative technologies, like route optimization software, so that they can provide white glove services online.

As their customers are probably ready to pay a lot for a product, they would most likely want to pay extra for a better and unique customer experience.

Grocery Delivery

Customers’ expectations are continuing to rise as a result of companies like Amazon and Instacart setting the bar high for convenient delivery methods.

In response to consumer expectations, as well as the impact of COVID-19 on last-mile delivery, brands are looking to extend their offers.

White glove delivery improves customer experience by bringing groceries and goods into their homes.

But also delivering orders with first-rate customer service and the utmost care.

With white glove delivery and grocery delivery software, supermarkets, grocery stores, and any other type of food delivery have room to grow.

And that only translates into a competitive advantage that can help companies remain in business well beyond the pandemic.

Medical and Pharmacy Delivery

You are well aware of the significance of clean medical equipment.

In addition to being 100% sanitary, the equipment must function properly upon delivery, as someone’s life may depend on it.

And with white glove delivery, customers know medical equipment will be handled with the utmost care.

The same is true when talking about the delivery of medicine.

With uninterrupted pharmacy delivery, customers don’t have to go to the pharmacy to get their prescription medication anymore.

They can simply call a white glove delivery service, and have everything taken care of by their personnel.


How to Offer White Glove Delivery?

If you want to bring your business to another level, you should offer white glove delivery to your customers.

By using software, you can streamline white glove operation.

That’s how you can assign technicians with the right skill set to the right task.

Here are just some of the things that you will be able to do:

Schedule and Route Deliveries Ahead of Time

Let’s say that you’ve planned the route and schedules for all your deliveries.

Your customers are notified about the estimated time of arrival of their orders.

And your staff is now working at peak efficiency.

But what if something unexpected happens?

You’ll need to make quick changes after your drivers have left for their routes.

That’s why you need dynamic route and schedule replanning besides planning deliveries ahead of time.

This feature helps you to adjust routes and plan better delivery schedules at a moment’s notice.

All of the information automatically updates to your field teams’ phones.

So even if something does occur, you can react to the situation. And ensure that all orders arrive on time and without lowering your order accuracy.

Raise the Efficiency of Your Field Operations

Showing up on time is crucial in white glove services, especially when customers are paying extra.

In a couple of seconds, the software can determine the most efficient routes for thousands of deliveries or service appointments.

That will help your business in cutting down on planning and execution time.

Increase Visibility and Agility of the Fleet

Your business operations need to stay on track no matter what obstacles arise.

You can do that by using live tracking and automatic route-planning capabilities.

With software, you get visibility over the entire fleet which lowers reaction times.

This lets you respond quickly and effectively when changes to your plans occur.

And it helps you build an agile delivery fleet.

Take Measures to Provide a Personal Touch

Most delivery management software has easily accessible customer notes.

Drivers can access this information to find out more about the customer.

But also additional preferences about where and how to deliver their orders.

As a result, this raises the quality of their work to a higher standard.

At the same time, dispatchers and delivery managers can set up custom notifications.

But also keep track of what’s going on at the customer’s door.

For example, dispatchers can use the software to receive proof of delivery, which tells them if the delivery was successful.

But also ratings and feedback to see how a package was delivered and if the driver did a good job.

This guarantees that the drivers access the notes before each delivery.

And ensures they address the customer by name, talk to the customer, and remain friendly throughout the interaction.

Little gestures like this go a long way toward making your client feel important.

In turn, this helps them feel more comfortable with doing business with your company.

Which can ultimately lead to more repeat business. And that’s just one of the ways you can win over customers with delivery management software.

Here’s more:

Provide Real-Time Updates to Customers

As we already mentioned, real-time customer notifications can reduce incoming customer service calls drastically.

Real-time tracking has also been demonstrated to encourage repeat purchases.

According to a survey, 85% of e-commerce customers will buy from a store again if it offers real-time tracking “through the delivery process.”

Take Extra Care of Customer’s Needs

If you are offering white glove services, you should always make sure to take extra care of your customers.

Make sure you follow up with your customers after you’ve provided exceptional service.

You can do this by sending customer feedback forms using tools like Formspree and be sure you ask your customers to post positive evaluations.

Are you ready to start offering white glove delivery?

We can help you with that.


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