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4 Best Water Delivery Management Software To Use (in-depth comparison)

We tried four water delivery management software solutions only to find which can answer those challenges better. Here are the results...

Do you struggle to keep up with the ever-growing demand for bottled water or to find the right way to scale your water delivery businesses?

For those managing the business manually, from tracking records, to routing, it can result in loss of precious time, missed deliveries, and mistakes in keeping the records straight.

For the industry worth USD 283.01 billion in 2021 globally, doing water delivery management in an old-fashioned way without a proven system of tracking every step of the last-mile delivery means losing your place in the market.

Customers demand more deliveries, better experience, change of order, or point of delivery.

For water delivery businesses, this means more working force, more logistics, better processes, optimization, route planning, and so much more.

As always, the SaaS industry has something to offer, and it will help you better operate and scale your business.

We tried four water delivery management software solutions only to find which can answer those challenges better.

If its easier for you, here is a quick overview of our findings:


  • eLogii - highly customizable software with a wide range of options for routing planning and optimization, which makes it ideal for both small and large businesses
  • Waterjarwala - ideal for small businesses getting familiar with the delivery management software
  • WorkWave - lots of features to optimize operations and route planning, ideal for medium to an enterprise looking for free management options
  • Bringg - a good option for big businesses since it’s most cost-effective when you’re managing huge volumes and can make the most of its integrated supply chain management features as well

Best Water Delivery Management Software

  1. eLogii
  2. Waterjarwala
  3. WorkWave
  4. Bringg

1. eLogii

eLogii is a cloud-based, end-to-end delivery management software solution, enabling you to digitize your last-mile operations and better plan, route, and optimize your delivery and/or field operations.

Water Delivery management Software - eLogii

Advantages of eLogii

Advantage 1 - superior customization

Route planning features are the most important ones for every water delivery business. With eLogii, those features include automatic route planning with options for customization. This means that software will identify the best routes with a wide range of parameters.

Those parameters, constraints, and special requirements in optimizing routes and timings can be driver skills to ensure that the best drivers are allocated certain jobs or specific vehicle types, load optimization preferences, etc.

Water Delivery Management Software - eLogii customization options

Advantage 2 - clean and user-friendly interface design

eLogii stands out with its clean and easy-to-use design. It’s the result of UI experts creating interfaces with the latest SaaS best practices in mind. You will find eLgoii looks intuitive and logical to use without the need to have any previous experience in this type of software.

Water Delivery Management Software - eLoggi UI

Advantage 3 - easy to integrate into almost any tech stack

Also, via its best-in-class open API and webhooks, eLogii can be straightforwardly integrated into almost any tech stack. Being a relatively new product compared to the alternatives, eLogii’s API is clean and up-to-date, without the baggage that comes with multiple rewrites and evolutions over years.

Shortcomings of eLogii

Shortcoming 1 - less known water delivery management software than the competitors

Being a newer brand on the market, eLogii does not have as many recommendations and reviews as its competitors. But this doesn’t mean it lacks the quality and benefits it brings to its users.

Exactly the opposite. eLogii is focusing on building a product that considers the good and not-so-good features competitors are offering, bringing more customizable and adapted to specific market requirements.


As the website states, eLogii’s pricing model depends on a few factors specific to your operations, so you’ll need to get in touch for accurate pricing info. What is known is that the entry price is $359 per month for unlimited users and drivers - including all of the features discussed above.


2. Waterjarwala

Waterjarwala is a water delivery management software with a mobile application. Their main goal is to offer users a simplified way of managing daily tasks.

Water Delivery Managment Software - Waterjarwala

Advantages of Waterjarwala

Advantage 1 - easy to use

Both web-based software and mobile application are easy to use, with a simplified interface easy to deal with. Information is presented with a clear view, no excess design features, and an intuitive interface.

Water Delivery Management Software - Waterjarwala interface

Advantage 2 - invoice tracking

Waterjarwala will let you generate invoices for any customer at any time. You can modify them, add charges, or offer a discount without hassle.

Advantage 3 - inventory tracking

With Waterjarwala you get a intelligent inventory management app for the water delivery business. This will allow you to tie up Load-Unload inventory to a specific staff member or specific route. It will also calculate the number of returned items and alert you if there is any mismatch in quantity.

Shortcomings of Waterjarwala

Shortcoming 1 - basic routing options

Routing planning is one of the essential features of last-mile delivery management, especially water delivery. This is pretty basic in Waterjarwala and won’t tackle some of the problems water delivery management deals with, like missed deliveries. This way, Waterjarwala will not be much help when it comes to optimizing daily operations and scaling the business.

Shortcoming 2 - specialized in Indian marker

Waterjarwala does not have features necessary for water delivery management we can find in most water delivery management software. The reason for that is that they operate in India, and their software solution is intended to tackle the challenges water delivery businesses face.

Shortcoming 3 - more options for water manufacturers

A dashboard with an overall and detailed view of the total numbers of distributors, options for adding and removing distributors, and tracking billing-related work will be highly helpful for water manufacturers. These options are not crucial for water delivery management and won’t help optimize day-to-day operations.

Water Delivery Management Software - Waterjarwala distributor_s options

Shortcoming 4 - no integration with other software

Waterjarwala is intended to be used as an all-in-one solution. There are no options for integrating it with other software to help better track and develop water delivery management.


Waterjarwala has three paying plans, including a free plan with basic features.

Water Delivery Management Software - Waterjarwala pricing

These plans fall into a fairly reasonable price range, making them ideal for small businesses just getting into the water delivery business. Two other plans offer more features, but without route planning, load optimization, and other features, Waterjarwala may not be the perfect match.

3. Workwave

WorkWave is a cloud-based route planning software that allows users to optimize and manage last-mile deliveries quickly and seamlessly. With the potential to increase operational efficiency by at least 30%, reduce insurance and fuel costs by 10-15%, and increase revenue by 20% more deliveries, WorkWave is software worth considering for water delivery businesses.

Water Delivery Management Software - WorkWave

Advantages of WorkWave

Advantage 1 - route planning

Workwave lets you enter your specific guidelines and rules and will generate the most effective and efficient routes to best accommodate orders and customer requests.

Advantage 2 - live route updates

Workwave allows you to send live updates that drivers can see and track in their mobile application. Also, the application lets drivers easily explore their routes turn-by-turn and stop-by-stop.

Advantage 3 - vehicle and fleet management options

Track driver’s behavior with options to view bread-crumb trails or pull a historical report without an extra hustle. You can obtain this information with just a few clicks.

Water Delivery Management Software - WorkWave fleet management

Shortcomings of WorkWave

Shortcoming 1 - too many features for water delivery management software

With pressure to deliver as much as possible during working hours, many features will remain untouched and unused. This may not be that bad, but considering the pricing can be a significant setback for businesses.

Shortcoming 2 - real-time planning on the higher pricing option

One of the most outstanding features of WorkWave - real-time planning - is not available in the basic pricing tail. This can prove too much for small and medium businesses since this feature can help them optimize their water delivery operations.

Shortcoming 3 - not ideal for SMB’s

Considering both pricing range and fleet management features Workwave is offering, it can prove too much and too expensive for small and medium businesses.


The only publicly available price is $49 per month/vehicle.

Water Delivery Management Software - WorkWave pricing

This price is for the basic package, and for other options, you’ll need to get in touch with their team.

4. Bringg

Water Delivery Management Software - Bringg

Bringg is one of the biggest names in the delivery industry, aimed to serve retailers to streamline their supply chain and delivery operations.

Although Bringg offers end-to-end cloud-based delivery solution software, businesses in the last-mile delivery sector will gain the most from its features.

Bringg’s customer list includes Wal-Mart, the Co-Op, KFC and Coca-Cola, proving their software solution is ideal for a large enterprise in retail, grocery and water delivery.

Advantages of Bringg

Advantage 1 - all-in-one delivery solution

Bringg’s platform integrates the entire last-mile delivery ecosystem, from logistics to inventory management. It offers the usual set of features, like driver management, route optimisation, real-time visibility, a mobile app, analytics, POD collection, etc.

It can easily be integrated into eCommerce and other platforms to automate the entire water delivery business.

Advantage 2 - third-party delivery

Bringg helps water delivery businesses to select, manage, and optimise a variety of third-party delivery service providers, only to support an abrupt increase in demand and help water delivery businesses to keep operating and scale up.

Businesses can manage the delivery process for you, manage delivery orders between multiple providers and track payments with billing services.

Advantage 3 - helping increase On-time delivery rates

You can customise and automate fleet selection by assigning vehicles based on each order’s requirements and your business priorities – lower costs, faster delivery, etc. Bringg helps create dynamic delivery flows and chain of custody management to ensure driver efficiency.

Also, there are advanced safety features like hands-free mode, the ability to measure driver tasks, tips and performance for driver payments, ratings and internal optimisation.

Water Delivery Management Software - Bringg_s mobile app

Shortcomings of Bringg

Shortcoming 1 - no Geofencing

Unlike most water delivery management software, Bringg doesn’t offer Geofencing. On the one hand, it can be a genuine flaw since it can help prevent malpractice and misuse. Also, geofencing can improve drivers’ and fleets’ safety, and most importantly, with a full view over water delivery resources, it will be possible to increase fleets’ cost-efficiency.

Shortcoming 2 - tired-looking interface

Bringg needs a better interface. Tired-looking interface may not be a deal breaker for some users, but would anyone choose this interface when there is better-looking, clean, cleverly-designed software.

Water Delivery Management Software - Bringg’s UI


There isn’t much to tell about Bringg costs since they only offer bespoke pricing after a call with a rep. There is no free trial, so it’s all up to you to estimate if Bringg is worth considering in the first place.

Water Delivery Management Software - Bringg_s pricing

The Bottom Line

Like any other list-mile delivery business, water delivery management is getting more demanding and challenging. The Pandemic also did its work, and everyone in this industry will testify.

On the one hand, this means more work and more profit, but on the other hand, it means change, finding new ways to get things done, and more efficiency.

That is why we tested some of the water delivery management software only to give you recommendations and help you find what will be best for you.

So to recap, our recommendations for the water delivery management software are:

  • eLogii - highly customizable software with a wide range of options for routing planning and optimization, ideal for both businesses large and small
  • Waterjarwala - ideal for small businesses getting familiar with the delivery management software
  • WorkWave - lots of features to optimize operations and route planning, ideal for medium to an enterprise looking for free management options
  • Bringg - an enterprise-focused online platform for route optimisation solution


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