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Schedule Planning

3 Best Driver Schedule Excel Templates for Last Mile Delivery

Manually planning routes for your drivers is a time exhausting - so here are 3 of the best driver schedule excel templates for your last mile delivery.

Manually planning routes for your drivers is a time exhausting process - we all know that. You’ve got a list of drop-off locations, a list of items, and a list of drivers, and now you need to map out everything and create routes and driver schedules.

Fortunately, some of the driver schedule Excel templates we have to show you might help speed up things.

Also, if you read till the end, we’ll show you an even better way to optimise your entire last-mile delivery, create fully optimised routes, and assign drivers in minutes.

But now, let’s start with driver schedule Excel (and Google Sheet) templates. We divided templates into three groups - one-person, basic, and advanced - depending on your needs and the complexity of your operations.

Driver Schedule Excel Templates

  1. One-person driver schedule excel template
    (For companies with few drivers)
  2. Basic Driver schedule excel template
    (For logistic companies with a small number of drivers, orders, and locations)
  3. Advanced driver schedule template
    (For a little bit more advanced companies)

One-person driver schedule excel template - for companies with few drivers

As its name says - this template is perfect for companies with 1-5 drivers with less than 10-20 daily tasks each.


This driver schedule template has everything you need - from the fundamental driver to the primary delivery information.

Once you fill in this template for a particular day or week, you can even print this and give it directly to your driver.

Download the one-person driver schedule excel template

Basic Driver schedule excel template - for logistic companies with a small number of drivers, orders, and locations

Basic Driver Schedule Excel Template

As you can see, this one provides similar information to the one above, but it’s designed for more people and vehicles.

If you’re a small last-mile delivery company doing less than 50-100 orders a day with no more than 5-10 drivers, this template is the right one for you since it’s basic and easy to use.

What are the key features of this template?

  • Basic driver information - since you don’t have a lot of drivers, you can easily identify drivers only by their full names and phone number.
  • Basic vehicle and pick-up location information - Each driver has an assigned vehicle (through Vehicle registration number), and the pick-up (start) location
  • Basic end location information - When it comes to the delivery itself, you have a couple of info points here:
    • The ID of the delivery item - feel free to use whatever ID “template” you want.
    • Drop-off location address - address where your drivers need to drop the items.
    • Recipient’s phone numbers - So your drivers can call them when they’re nearby.
    • Time and Proof of delivery - so you can easily track the drivers’ performance and the POD.

As you can see, it’s super simple and frictionless.

Upon downloading the template, read comments inside the column names to understand how to use this driver schedule template.

Download the basic driver schedule template for 5-10 drivers

Advanced driver schedule template - for a little bit more advanced companies

If you’re doing more than 50+ orders a day with 7-10+ drivers, this driver schedule template is the best fit for you.


As you can see, it comes with four main views:

  • Delivery Management (Breakdown of everything going on) - see the image above.
  • Basic Fleet Management (Basic info on your fleet).
  • Driver information (All the information you might need for each driver in your fleet).
  • Order information (List of all orders for specific days in the month)

Let’s break them down.

Let’s start with the driver information sheet.

Driver Information Sheet


For easier usage across the entire excel template, each driver has his own unique ID. You can use whatever formula you want for the ID. We like to keep it simple -> Initials and a number in case multiple people have the same initials.

Then we have the basic information, such as the Address of living, phone number, salary, and assigned vehicle.

On the right side, you’ll see the shifts for each driver in a specific month.

Basic Fleet Management


Here we have basic information for each vehicle in our fleet.

We’re personally using registration plates as the ID for each vehicle. Then we have the brand name, vehicle type, and production year.

An interesting data point here is load size. It tells you the capacity of each vehicle, so you can better plan and coordinate the onboarding and overall route optimisation.

In the end, we have an assigned driver to know who is driving a particular vehicle.

Orders Information

Here comes a vital part of the entire driver schedule template—your orders.

This sheet lists all orders (and their information) you have on specific days of the month.

In this sheet, we have:

  • Order ID - feel free to choose whatever formula you want
  • Order date
  • Order time
  • Order Items - what items people purchased
  • Package size - what’s the size of the package (so you can better plan your loadout)
  • Quantity
  • Price per item
  • Total price (Quantity x Price per item) - this one is automatically calculated.

We also have recipients’ information:

  • Shipping address
  • City
  • Country
  • Name of the recipient
  • Phone Number

At the bottom of each day, we have statistics for:

  • The total number of orders
  • Total number of items sold
  • Total sales

Delivery Management


Here comes the alpha and omega of your driver schedule template - the delivery management sheet, or as I also like to call it, the dashboard.

Here you have the most critical information for each delivery you have to make, such as the following:

  • Assigned driver ID
  • Vehicle ID
  • Order ID
  • Shipping information (address, recipients’ name, phone number)

On the right side, you also have some information your drivers need to fill out:

  • Time of the delivery
  • Check mark whether he got the proof of delivery (POD) or not.

Love this driver schedule Excel template?

Download it for free today.

A better alternative to driver schedule templates

Are you tired of manual work? Mapping out different locations, searching for the best and most cost-effective routes, and then filling all the information in the driver schedule templates?

What if there’s a better way to plan your routes and deliveries?

A little bit of shameless self-promotion, but meet Elogii - a route optimisation and delivery management platform for SMBs and enterprise last mile delivery companies.

In just a couple of clicks, Elogii will:

  • Plan out your entire fleet loading schedule
  • Plan out entire (and most cost-effective) routes for all of your vehicles
  • Digitalise your proof of delivery (POD)
  • And many other things.

You read it right - in a couple of clicks.


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