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3 Best RouteXL Alternatives to Switch to - Detailed Comparison

Looking to switch from Route XL, but not sure which tool is the best fit for your business? Here’s a detailed comparison of 3 RouteXL alternatives…

Looking to switch from Route XL, but not sure which tool would be the best fit for your business?

You’ve come to the right spot in that case, as in this blog we’ll:

  • Briefly review RouteXL so we could better compare it to its alternatives;
  • Analyse 3 best RouteXL alternatives and their advantages, pricing policy, and best use cases - that way, everyone can find the one platform that’s just right for their needs.


  • RouteXL is a cheap and very basic platform designed for small local businesses
  • eLogii is a powerful all-around solution with a massive number of functionalities, many customisation options and flexible pricing plans which makes it a perfect choice for businesses of various types and sizes
  • GetSwift is a feature-rich software whose pricing policy and lack of some critical functionality make it a good choice for small businesses that deal with last-mile delivery alone, as it cannot manage more complex logistics operations
  • Badger Maps is is a route planning software combined with CRM and lead generation features designed for on-field sales reps and sales managers

Are you ready to switch from RouteXL? Skip to the best RouteXL alternatives right now.

RouteXL - Overview

RouteXL UI

RouteXL is one of the most basic route planning software in the market.

The fact that it has only the most elementary functionality can be both an advantage and a shortcoming, depending on your needs.

What’s good about RouteXL?

RouteXL has several strong points worth considering:

  • It’s super easy to use - since RouteXl is only a route planning platform, that means it has no advanced and complex features that could be difficult to grasp. Its interface is simple, although its appearance is more than outdated

RouteXL Routing

  • It’s cheap - in fact, RouteXL has a free forever version that allows users to plan routes with up to 20 stops
  • There’s an option for downloading planned routes - which you can then easily export to a different routing software, Google Maps, or simply share it with other people

RouteXL Exporting Routes

What’s not so good about RouteXL?

  • No advanced routing functionality - if you need a platform that provides dynamic routing, incorporates live traffic data in its routing for maximum precision, or enables multi-day routing, then RouteXL is definitely not the tool for you. When we say it has only the most basic functionality, we mean it.
  • Accuracy is far from perfect - especially if you use the free plan since it uses free geocoding services which are low-quality compared to premium, native geocoding. Moreover, their maps are provided by third-party services such as Google Maps, HERE, or Mapbox, meaning that if there’s an issue with your web connection or a problem with the map itself, the software won’t work.
  • It has no options for all-around delivery management - you can forget about features that help with customer satisfaction, vehicle load optimization, vehicle maintenance, POD collection, etc. The most you can do is add notes to locations, set up the time at which the location may be visited earliest, the time at which the location must be visited latest or the expected service time

RouteXL Editing

How much does RouteXL cost?

As we’ve mentioned before, RouteXL’s price is one of its biggest advantages, as it’s one of the cheapest tools on the market.

Route XL Pricing

Not only is there a free-forever plan, but its paid plans aren’t expensive at all.

Moreover, you can choose to pay per day or per month, depending on your needs.

This kind of flexibility is an excellent option for small, seasonal businesses (e.g. holiday deliveries, businesses that work only during the summer, etc.) that have occasional spikes in their workload followed by total inactivity.

Who should use Route XL?

Given its utter simplicity, lack of any delivery management features, and pricing policy, RouteXL could be a good choice for small businesses or individuals that need only the most basic routing features.

Moreover, since its geocoding isn’t exactly first-class, RouteXL can get the job done just fine only if you’re working in an area you already know well, but need some help with finding the optimal route.

So, it’s the small local businesses that will find RouteXL to be a good fit. Users looking for a more comprehensive solution will be better off with one of the RouteXL alternatives from our list.

3 Best RouteXL Alternatives

  1. eLogii
  2. GetSwift
  3. Badger Maps

#1 eLogii: An all-around delivery management solution perfect for businesses of all types and sizes

eLogii is a dedicated last-mile delivery management platform with a wide range of cutting-edge features.

routexl-alternative-eLogii UI

eLogii’s rich functionality enables it to easily cover all the crucial aspects of last-mile delivery, including:

  • Route planning and optimization
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Overall operational efficiency

How does eLogii outperform RouteXL?

Whereas RouteXL is a routing software alone, eLogii is an all-around last-mile delivery management platform, meaning it outrides RouteXL by far in terms of functionality and capabilities.

Some of the features that give eLogii a sharp edge over RouteXL - and most other delivery management platforms - are:

  • Advanced routing options - such as dynamic routing, live vehicle tracking, multi-day and multi-depot routing for long-distance haulage and shared fleets, “return to depot” functionality for drivers to reload, pickup-only points, custom start and end points, etc.

routexl-alternative-eLogii dynamic routing

  • Customer notifications - including automated notifications from each critical stage of the delivery process, precise ETAs and their instant live updates in case something changes, an option for customers to live-track their orders via a web link, etc.

routexl-alternative-eLogii customer notifications

  • A dedicated drivers app that enables live driver-dispatcher communication and seamless navigation, among other things
  • Widest range of POD collection methods, including barcode and QR code scanning, as well as cash-on-delivery confirmation
  • Live vehicle tracking

routexl-alternative-eLogii live tracking

  • A massive number of configurable parameters that ensure maximum operational efficiency (e.g. matching tasks to particular driver skills, building tolerances for late/early deliveries into routing and timing, allowing customers to change their delivery addresses or opt for BOPIS)
  • Loads can be matched to the most suitable vehicles based on volume, weight, pallet numbers - or the availability of specific features (eg refrigeration, tail lift, etc.)

routexl-alternative-eLogii Configuration Parameters

  • A well-documented API and webhooks - this feature enables seamless integration with the wider supply chain. Since eLogii’s API and webhooks are up-to-date and comprehensive, you’ll have no trouble integrating with order management, warehouse operations, and others in no time

How do eLogii and RouteXL compare in price?

eLogii doesn’t have one-size-fits-all pricing packages, which makes it an ideal solution for small, medium, and large businesses alike.

eLogii comes with custom-tailored pricing plans based on your business’s particular configuration and needs, with the typical entry-level price starting at around $359 per month for 2500 tasks.

Each plan includes unlimited users, drivers, and vehicles, which is a great option for larger businesses or those aiming to scale.

routexl-alternative-elogii pricing

You can compare each plan’s features on our webpage for a detailed overview of what each eLogii’s package includes.

Who should use eLogii?

Its wide range of cutting-edge functionality and high customisation options combined with its custom-tailored pricing plans make eLogii the perfect choice for businesses of all types and sizes.

eLogii’s overall flexibility makes it more than fit to deliver unparalleled results for verticals as diverse as medical and pharmaceutical, food and drink, 3PL, couriers - and everything in between.

The only businesses that wouldn’t benefit much from eLogii are micro businesses that have much less than 2500 tasks per month.


#2 GetSwift: Best for small businesses looking to optimize their deliveries

routexl-alternative-GetSwift UI

GetSwift is a comprehensive delivery management solution with a significant number of features that aim to accommodate all the essential requirements of contemporary last-mile delivery logistics.

How does GetSwift outperform RouteXL?

Similarly to eLogii, GetSwift has many versatile features to help users with all-around delivery management.

For example, GetSwift has:

  • Automated route optimization - the algorithm considers factors such as drivers’ skills, vehicle capacity, and the overall distance when calculating the optimal route. However, it’s not as fit for quickly adjusting to unforeseen events that happen on the road as we’d like

routexl-alternative-GetSwift Route Optimization

  • A driver app - a dedicated mobile app makes driver management much easier, as it allows seamless communication between dispatcher and drivers and POD collection, as well as enables drivers to declare their availability, etc.
  • Integration options - these are vital for enabling you to manage your entire operational chain as effectively as you can. On top of having a well-documented API and webhooks, GetSwift also has many native integrations with various POS systems, ecommerce, and online ordering platforms

routexl-alternative-GetSwift Integrations

However, GetSwift isn’t as advanced as eLogii, due to things such as:

  • Lack of options for effective multi-day or multi-stop route management
  • No barcode or QR code scanning, as it has only the most basic POD collection methods
  • Whereas eLogii works seamlessly and RouteXL is easy to navigate, GetSwift is prone to bugs and glitches

How do GetSwift and RouteXL compare in price?

GetSwift has a pretty interesting pricing policy compared to similar software.

GetSwift functions on an entirely per-delivery pricing basis, and it has no upfront costs nor actual pricing packages to speak of.

It is billed at 0.29$ per task, i.e. per delivery.

routexl-alternative-GetSwift Pricing

This type of pricing makes it very attractive to smaller businesses.

However, once you increase the workload, the costs will keep growing, which makes GetSwift a less-than-desirable solution for medium to large businesses.

Who should use GetSwift?

GetSwift is best suited for small companies that deal with last-mile delivery optimization alone.

On the other hand, large and medium businesses won’t get the same benefits from GetSwift, as it’s far from the most affordable option when you have to manage several thousand deliveries per month.

Moreover, GetSwift isn’t a viable option for businesses that manage a wider supply chain or any other complex logistics operations.

GetSwift’s per-task pricing and lack of multi-day and multi-stop routing functionality make it an inadequate solution for these types of businesses.

#3 Badger Maps: For on-field sales reps and managers

routexl-alternative-Badger Maps UI

Badger Maps is a route planning tool designed first and foremost for on-field sales reps and their managers.

How does Badger Maps outperform RouteXL?

Since Badger Maps is a platform aimed at field salespeople and sales managers, it has a very unique set of features, such as:

  • It combines route planning features with calendar and CRM functionality - this enables users to plan routes ahead, set appointment notifications, sort appointments by priority when planning routes, import their customers’ data, etc.
  • It helps with finding new leads - Badger Maps’ “Places” feature allows finding leads pertaining to a certain industry or job position (e.g. dentists, florists, restaurants, etc.) on map

routexl-alternative-Badger Maps Places

  • Filtering and prioritising appointments on the map for a better overview
  • Team management options - a managerial dashboard enables sales team managers to have more control over their teams’ performance and helps them better coordinate their activity

Bear in mind, however, that Badger Maps is far from being among the more advanced platforms of its kind, as it has quite a few shortcomings:

  • It cannot handle more complex logistics operations, as its route planning feature is pretty basic
  • There is no live communication between base and on-field reps, nor communication with clients in case the rep’s late for a scheduled appointment
  • The ETA calculations are not too precise since they cannot consider advanced factors such as traffic, weather conditions, etc.
  • The mobile app is prone to glitches, which is a major shortcoming because it deprives sales reps of the possibility to change and adjust their schedules on the go
  • There are no customisation options whatsoever - what you see is what you get

How much does Badger Maps cost?

Badger Maps is charged on a per-user basis, and the initial fee doesn’t seem too high, especially regarding the starter plan.

routexl-alternative-Badger Maps Pricing

However, there’s more to Badger Maps’ pricing policy than meets the eye at first.

Once you look at the pricing page and the feature comparison between plans, you’ll notice that some features have a couple of asterisks next to them.

routexl-alternative-Badger Maps Plan Comparison

These asterisks are there for a couple of reasons - and you probably won’t like them:

  1. Self-service is limited to 2500 records, meaning that if you want more than that, you’ll have to pay up over the monthly fee;
  2. Features marked with ** are only available if you purchase at least 20 licences, and there’s room for additional expenses, depending on the custom implementation you need;
  3. CRM integrations are only available once you opt for an annual Business or Enterprise plan, and their price comes at a staggering $2940 for up to 5 licences.

routexl-alternative-Badger Maps Pricing Disclaimers

Who should use Badger Maps?

Badger Maps’ overall features and per-user pricing make it a good option for individual on-field salespeople and small sales teams.

However, the fact that they charge extra for most of the best functionality, or condition users to buy at least 20 accounts straight off, will keep this platform out of reach for many sales reps and teams.

Moreover, if you’d like a solution that offers actual customisation options and has more versatile use cases, Badger Maps simply won’t deliver.

RouteXL alternatives - The bottom line

So, while RouteXL can definitely get the job done for micro businesses that need help with route planning in a familiar area, other types of users will have to opt for some of the 3 RouteXL alternatives we’ve reviewed.

GetSwift is a pretty feature-rich solution, but its per-delivery pricing and lack of some critical functionality (e.g. multi-day routing, barcode scanning, etc.) make it a viable option for small businesses that don’t have to tackle complex logistics operations.

Badger Maps is a platform designed for field sales reps and their managers, and in that space, it has a lot to offer. However, other types of businesses, as well as large businesses with more advanced needs, will be better off with an all-around delivery management platform.

Finally, eLogii is a comprehensive last-mile delivery management platform whose wide range of cutting-edge functionality, scalable pricing plans and high customisation options make it a perfect solution for businesses of all kinds and sizes.


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