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Top 3 MyRouteOnline alternatives [Detailed comparison]

If you’re wondering whether MyRouteOnline is the best fit for you, or if you’d be better off with another software, you’ve come to the right spot.

If you’re wondering whether MyRouteOnline is the best fit for you, or if you’d be better off with another software, you’ve come to the right spot.

We’ve put MyRouteOnline up against the three best MyRouteOnline alternatives we could find. We’ve compared their functionality and pricing policies, in addition to highlighting their best use cases.

This is how we’ve ensured we’ll provide you with the first-grade info you’ll need to find your ideal delivery management software.

Let’s begin by briefly reviewing MyRouteOnline, so we can better compare it with the alternatives.


  • MyRouteOnline is a simple, easy-to-navigate, and pretty affordable platform that’s best suited for individuals and the smallest of businesses - clients who won’t need sophisticated delivery management functionality
  • eLogii is a powerful delivery management solution with a massive number of features, customisation options and flexible pricing plans which makes it a perfect choice for businesses of various types and sizes
  • Route4Me lets users choose the features they need, but its per-driver pricing and lack of advanced delivery management capabilities make it a good option or smaller businesses only
  • LogiNext Mile is an enterprise-oriented delivery management platform with a clunky UI that’s unaffordable for all but the biggest of operations

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MyRouteOnline - Overview

MyRouteOnline UI

MyRouteOnline is a very convenient route-planning tool for users who don’t want to bother with software installation and integration.

As its name implies, MyRouteOnline is an online route planning platform that doesn’t require any downloads or installations from your side - which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage, depending on your needs, as we’ll shortly see.

What’s good about MyRouteOnline?

Some of MyrouteOnline’s most noteworthy features include the following:

  • It has a free version - this is particularly important for individuals and micro businesses with tight budgets and very basic route planning needs. Of course, it goes without saying that the more advanced options (e.g., saving and exporting routes, getting step-by-step directions, etc.) are only available when you subscribe to one of its paid-for plans
  • It’s very easy to use - in addition to having a simple and robust interface, MyRouteOnline works entirely online. You just enter or import addresses on their route planner webpage, and you’ll get a planned route in a matter of seconds
  • There are some (although limited) route optimization options - you can choose to optimize your route by minimum distance, minimum time, or a combination of these two parameters

MyRouteOnline Optimization

  • There’s a mobile app for navigation - once you download the MyRoute app, you’ll be able to send planned and optimized routes directly to the app to get step-by-step navigation using your tool of choice
  • Has very basic multi-day route planning features - you can set up maximum working hours per day when planning routes and MyRouteOnline will then create several route options that fit in this time frame. All the routes will be connected so that each route starts where the previous route ends

MyRouteOnline Multi-day

What’s not so good about MyRouteOnline?

Although it’s a super easy to use and affordable tool, there are some serious drawbacks to MyRouteOnline that must be considered:

  • There are no advanced routing options - MyRouteOnline cannot automatically adjust to unexpected events on the road and change your route accordingly. When necessary, you have to enter changes manually
  • It has no features for providing customer satisfaction - there are no options for sending customer notifications, collecting POD, asking for feedback, or enabling live delivery tracking
  • It lacks precise ETA calculations and live driver-tracking - the most you’ll get is a table-view of all the stops a driver made, in the order in which they were visited, with the planned and actual time of arrival for each stop
  • There’s no native geocoding - you must find all the coordinates yourself on Google Maps and then enter them manually
  • It lacks advanced delivery optimization - you can only set up a vehicle’s maximum capacity (i.e., the number of units it can carry) and specify the size of each order. The software will then take those parameters into account when planning your routes (e.g. if your vehicle capacity is 10 and you have 5 orders consisting of 3 units each, it will plan 2 separate routes: one with 9 and the other with 6 units). However, it cannot automatically match an order with the vehicle most suited for accommodating its size or special requirements

MyRouteOnline Vehicle capacity

MyRouteOnline Order size

How much does MyRouteOnline cost?

At a first glance, MyRouteOnline seems like a very affordable option because it has a free-forever version.

However, opting for the free plan has some serious limitations:

  • You can enter up to approx. 20 stops in a route
  • You cannot export or email routes to drivers
  • You cannot save or reload routes

Moreover, its paid-for subscription plans aren’t exactly a bargain, given that you get a very limited number of “address credits” (i.e., stops you can have per route).

MyRouteOnline Pricing

On the bright side, MyRouteOnline won’t charge you on a per-vehicle basis, and it offers refunds within the first 7 days of use.

Who is MyRouteOnline for?

MyRouteOnline is a routing software first and foremost, as its functionality predominantly revolves around route planning.

This means that MyRouteOnline has no features that enable comprehensive delivery management, which is a significant issue for businesses dealing with deliveries and other complex logistics operations.

All this makes MyRouteOnline a less-than-ideal choice for businesses, but it can be a fit for individuals that need an extra hand with planning their trips or on-field sales reps that would like to find the most efficient routes.

Micro-businesses with very tight budgets could also benefit from MyRouteOnline, as using any kind of route planning software, even the most basic one, is still better than using none at all.

However, bigger businesses and companies that need an all-around delivery management solution, will be better off with one of the MyRouteOnline alternatives.

MyRouteOnline alternative #1 - eLogii: A comprehensive delivery management solution perfect for businesses of all types and sizes

eLogii is a dedicated last-mile delivery management & optimization platform with a wide range of cutting-edge features.

MyRouteOnline Alternativese - eLogii UI

eLogii’s rich functionality enables it to easily take care of all the crucial aspects of last-mile delivery, including:

  • Route planning and optimization
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Overall operational efficiency

Why choose eLogii over MyRouteOnline?

eLogii is a much more sophisticated platform than MyRouteOnline in virtually every aspect.

Whereas MyRouteOnline is primarily a route planning software that lacks advanced optimization functionality, eLogii is precisely an all-around delivery management solution.

As such, eLogii has numerous cutting-edge features, including:

  • Advanced routing options - such as dynamic routing (meaning that it automatically adjusts routes to various unforeseen events, such as traffic, accidents, weather conditions, road blocks, etc.), up-to-the-minute live vehicle tracking, multi-day and multi-depot routing for long-distance haulage and shared fleets, “return to depot” functionality for drivers to reload, etc.

MyRouteOnline Alternativese - eLogii dynamic routing

  • Options for providing unparalleled customer service - such as precise ETA notifications from every stage of the delivery and their instant live updates if anything changes on the road, enabling customers to track their orders in real-time, allowing them to easily leave feedback, etc.

MyRouteOnline Alternativese - Logii customer notifications

  • Widest range of POD collection methods, including barcode and QR code scanning, as well as cash-on-delivery confirmation
  • A massive number of configurable parameters that ensure maximum operational efficiency (e.g. matching tasks to particular driver skills, building tolerances for late/early deliveries into routing and timing, allowing customers to change their delivery addresses or opt for BOPIS)
  • Loads can be automatically matched to the most suitable vehicles based on volume, weight, pallet numbers - or the availability of specific features (e.g., refrigeration, tail lift, etc.)

MyRouteOnline Alternativese - eLogii vehicle configuration

  • Advanced geocoding functionality, so your drivers won’t accidentally end up in back alleys or one-way streets
  • A dedicated drivers app that enables live driver-dispatcher communication and seamless navigation, among other things

MyRouteOnline Alternativese - eLogii driver app

  • Best in class API and webhooks for easy integration with the wider supply chain

How do eLogii and MyRouteOnline compare in price?

Unlike MyRouteOnline and most other platforms, eLogii doesn’t have one-size-fits-all pricing packages, which makes it an ideal solution for small, medium, and large businesses alike.

eLogii comes with custom-tailored pricing plans based on your business’s particular configuration and needs, with the typical entry-level price starting at around $359 per month for 2500 tasks.

Each plan includes unlimited users, drivers, and vehicles, which is a great option for larger businesses or those aiming to scale.

MyRouteOnline Alternativese - elogii pricing

You can compare each plan’s features on our webpage for a detailed overview of what each eLogii’s package includes.

Who is eLogii for?

Its wide range of cutting-edge functionality and plenty of customisation options combined with its custom-tailored pricing plans make eLogii the perfect choice for businesses of all types and sizes.

eLogii’s overall flexibility allows it to deliver excellent results for verticals as diverse as medical and pharmaceutical, food and drink, 3PL, couriers - and everything in between.

The only businesses that wouldn’t benefit much from eLogii are micro businesses that have fewer than 2500 tasks per month and small companies that don’t need as many advanced features.


MyRouteOnline alternative #2 - Route4Me: Smaller businesses looking for a mix-and-match approach

Route4Me is one of the oldest route management platforms on the market today, having been founded in 2009.

MyRouteOnline Alternativese - Route4Me UI

Its vast range of native integrations and a marketplace of (rather pricey) add-ons allow lots of customisation for users who’d like to build a customized platform.

Why choose Route4Me over MyRouteOnline?

Route4Me has an entire ecosystem of add-ons that allow users to tailor the software to fit their particular needs. These include:

  • Curbside delivery
  • Avoidance zones
  • Ultra-high resolution map exports
  • Routing for large and heavy vehicles
  • Adapting routes for bad weather conditions

MyRouteOnline Alternativese - Route4Me Curbside delivery

However, while some of these extensions are free, most of them will cost you an arm and a leg. And it’s worth remembering that some platforms - like eLogii - already offer these features as part of their standard plans rather than charge you extra for using them.

Route4Me also offers perhaps the broadest range of third-party integrations, which enhances the customization enabled by the add-ons. However, it’s questionable just how useful some of these integrations really are (e.g., integration with Tumblr or Demio).

On the other hand, Route4Me suffers from a lack of advanced delivery management features. Since it was primarily designed with route planning in mind, Route4Me never actually became an all-around solution.

Moreover, the entry-level package omits automatic route optimisation altogether, forcing you to choose one of the pricier plans from the beginning.

How do Route4Me and MyRouteOnline compare in price?

MyRouteOnline Alternativese - Route4Me Pricing

Unlike MyRouteOnline, Route4Me doesn’t have a free-forever plan, and its plans are significantly more expensive than MyRouteOnline’s.

Since Route4Me’s starter plan omits route optimization, you’ll have to go with the more expensive plan straight away, meaning you can expect to pay at least $249 per month for only 10 drivers.

If you have a fleet larger than 10, every additional team member will cost you another $69 per month.

Finally, many features included in other route planning software plans have to be paid for as add-ons, meaning that Route4Me isn’t exactly a budget-friendly option.

Who is Route4Me for?

Route4Me certainly offers more advanced options to its users compared to MyRouteOnline, especially once you consider all the extensions you can add to create your own bespoke solution.

However, due to its pricing model Route4Me is the best fit for businesses with smaller fleets.

Moreover, given its primary focus on routing and the omission of various delivery-related features, Route4Me could be better suited to businesses providing various on-field services (e.g. plumbers, electricians, etc.) rather than companies oriented toward last-mile delivery.

MyRouteOnline alternative #3 - LogiNext Mile: Enterprises with big budgets

MyRouteOnline Alternativese - LogiNext UI

LogiNext Mile is a dedicated last-mile delivery platform that’s part of LogiNext, a larger logistics management software with several solutions in its suite.

Why choose LogiNext Mile over MyRouteOnline?

Whereas MyRouteOnline has a pretty modest number of features, LogiNext Mile has a lot more to offer in this respect, such as:

  • Automated route optimisation (and manual override), rerouting, and dynamic ETAs

MyRouteOnline Alternativese - LogiNext Routing

  • Real-time customer notifications
  • Live vehicle tracking
  • Comprehensive POD collection options
  • Advanced analytics, as it generates reports on driver performance, payments, delays, and failed attempts (those options are only available on the Enterprise package, though)
  • Odometer reading

However, LogiNext has several significant downsides worth mentioning.

One of LogiNext’s biggest shortcomings is the lack of customisation options regarding various operational and optimization parameters.

For example, LogiNext doesn’t enable users to automatically optimize vehicle load, i.e., match a particular order with just the right vehicle for accommodating it or ensure that the vehicle is being used at its optimal potential.

You’ll have to do all this manually, which can get quite time-consuming when you deal with lots of different vehicles or large-capacity vehicles such as trucks.

Moreover, clients often complain that LogiNext Mile’s UI is very complicated to use, even for seasoned users, which can be a deal-breaker for some.

Finally, there’s the question of price, which we’ll delve into next.

How do LogiNext Mile and MyRouteOnline compare in price?

While MyRouteOnline is a pretty budget-friendly choice, LogiNext Mile is anything but.

The price is one of the biggest problems with LogiNext Mile - not only because it’s a pretty expensive solution but also because its pricing policy, as disclosed on their website, is quite confusing.

MyRouteOnline Alternativese - LogiNext Mile - Pricing

For starters, their pricing page says it comes at $49 per month per resource for the Advanced package - a resource being one vehicle or driver.

However, there’s a special catch. As shown above, the smallest paid-for plan is only available at a minimum of 25 resources per month, giving an entry price of $1,225 per month.

But it doesn’t end there.

If you pay attention to the tiny-lettered disclaimer underneath, you’ll see there is a “web license cost” that’s not included in that price.

This means the actual entry-level price is $1,225 per month, plus whatever the web license costs.

Then, further down on the pricing page, it says you can have as few as 5 resources on a plan.

And to make matters even more baffling, LogiNext has assigned completely different names to the three packages in the very next table (Basic, Premium, and Advanced; presumably corresponding to Free, Advanced, and Enterprise).

Who is LogiNext Mile for?

LogiNext Mile has many versatile features, with a few omissions (e.g. vehicle load optimization), making it one of the most powerful last-mile delivery software tools available on the market.

But it comes with a price tag to match, which puts it out of reach for most smaller businesses.

So, although its per-asset pricing would make it seem a good choice for small businesses, LogiNext Mile is an entirely unsustainable solution for all but enterprises with significant budgets and corresponding logistics demands.

MyRouteOnline alternatives - The bottom line

MyRouteOnline isn’t that good of a choice for companies, especially those looking for a delivery management solution, but can be a great fit for individuals that want to plan their routes more efficiently than they could manually.

Moreover, micro-businesses or couriers and on-field salespeople could also benefit from using MyRouteOnline because it has a free-forever version, and its paid-for plans are not too expensive.

However, businesses looking for a more advanced platform will have to opt for one of the MyRouteOnline alternatives.

Route4Me is best suited for smaller companies looking for a customisable solution, while LogiNext Mile is a good fit for enterprises with high demands and matching budgets.

Finally, eLogii is a versatile delivery management platform whose wide range of cutting-edge functionality, scalable pricing plans and high customisation options make it the perfect solution for all kinds of businesses regardless of size.


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