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Fleet Complete Reviews - Features, Use Cases & Best Alternatives

Fleet Complete is a fleet management system that’s supposed to ensure that your delivery works efficiently. But does it? Find out in this review.

Fleet Complete is a fleet management system that’s supposed to ensure that a business’s delivery vehicles work as efficiently, quickly, and safely as possible.

But, can Fleet Complete’s features live up to today’s standards for fleet management and other matters that go hand in hand with it - such as routing and customer satisfaction?

Read on to find out, as in this blog, we have:

  • Analysed Fleet Complete’s numerous features;
  • Determined which businesses and services could benefit from using it;
  • Offered an alternative for those companies who find that Fleet Complete leaves much to be desired regarding their particular needs.


  • Fleet Complete is a fleet management system that offers an all-in-one solution for safety and legislation compliance, ELD management and fleet tracking
  • Fleet Complete has more downsides than advantages, as most of its features are faulty to a certain extent, while some vital functionality is omitted altogether
  • Instead of providing you with a comprehensive overview of all the areas of fleet management in one place, Fleet Complete has half a dozen different apps that have to be used separately
  • Fleet Complete has no options for providing an outstanding customer experience or advanced routing capabilities
  • Businesses of all kinds and sizes who’re looking for a solution that can seamlessly take care of all the challenges of contemporary field services and delivery will be much better off with eLogii
  • eLogii offers a wide range of highly customisable features that make it a comprehensive solution for fleet management, route optimization and customer satisfaction alike

Fleet Complete reviews - Our research methodology

We’ve given our best to get a good grip on what Fleet Complete offers prospective users.

That’s why we’ve made sure to personally interview at least a dozen former and present users to get invaluable insight into:

  1. Fleet Complete’s core functionalities
  2. The issues users are most commonly faced with.

In addition, we’ve combed through customer ratings and reviews on reputable SaaS reviewing sites, such as G2, Capterra and GetApp, to get an even clearer picture.

And given that we’ve been in the delivery management and optimization space for quite some time now, we’re well positioned to evaluate Fleet Complete’s potential for delivering the results you want.

The factors we’re going to consider in our Fleet Complete review are:

  • Ease of use;
  • Core functionality;
  • Value for money.

Let’s begin!

Fleet Complete reviews - Ease of use

When it comes to Fleet Complete’s UI in general, one thing stands out from the start - it is quite outdated.

The interface looks almost like a relic from the 90s, as you cannot help thinking about the early versions of Windows when you first see Fleet Complete’s dashboard.

Fleet Complete’s Dispatching Dashboard

Of course, looks can be deceiving, and besides, some platforms provide a perfect UX despite not being particularly easy on the eye. But is this the case with Fleet Complete?

Sadly, Fleet Complete’s interface is just as challenging to use as it looks.

It’s fairly cluttered, with things overlapping and crowding on your entire screen, and it’s pretty clunky overall.

That means you should prepare to invest some serious time and effort into wrapping your head around this software.

To make matters worse, their help centre is nowhere near as extensive as it should be since it offers a meagre number of articles and has only a few video tutorials.

They do provide training sessions for clients that are supposed to help with the onboarding process.

However, as far as their customer support goes, that’s pretty much all you’ll ever get from them, judging by the multitude of clients’ bad ratings.

One of the many unsatisfied clients’ reviews on Capterra

(Source: Capterra)

The verdict

There’re not many favourable things we could say about Fleet Complete’s overall UX/UI.

On top of being more than outdated, it’s unintuitive, cluttered and quite difficult to navigate in general.

In addition, their customer support is nowhere to be found when you need them, as they’re notorious for not answering their phone, replying to emails, or doing anything to help you resolve any issue with the software.

So, if we were to give an actual rating, we’d have to go with a resounding 0.

Fleet Complete reviews - Core functionality

Fleet Complete seems to offer quite an enviable number of different features that are supposed to help clients easily take care of every single bit of the complex fleet management process.

Namely, the platform has solutions covering it all, from safety and regulation compliance to vehicle maintenance and asset protection from theft and damage, as well as dispatching, delivery and field service management.

However, more isn’t necessarily better, as we’ll see once we break all the vital features down.

1. Dual-facing dashcam and video telematics

Having a dual-faced camera sure can be of great assistance in fleet management as it enables you to:

  • Record accidents, crashes and other unfortunate or unexpected events so you can tell whose fault it was from the start and avoid wrongful claims;

Fleet Complete Trip replay option

  • Monitor drivers in real-time so you can be alerted in case they start dozing off or are unwell;
  • Gain insight into drivers’ behaviour patterns, assess their skills and propensity to risky or aggressive driving, etc.

In addition to those benefits, Fleet Complete comes with a dedicated app called Vision that allows you to:

  • Verbally alert drivers in real-time in case they’re speeding, tailgating, harsh breaking, or engaging in other kinds of potentially dangerous behaviour;
  • Provide drivers with live in-cab coaching and training so they can learn from their mistakes and the tasks they excelled at alike;
  • Gamify safe driving as drivers will get scorecards and according rewards when they do well, motivating them to further improve their skillset and be more careful;

Fleet Complete Driver’s scorecard and performance review

  • Enable drivers to leave reviews and feedback after completing a route.

However, although video recording is supposed to be automatically triggered in case of a crash or a detected traffic violation, many clients report this feature to be buggy, lagging and being too little too late to activate when you need it the most.

2. They have an ELD device and a dedicated app

One of the interesting things about Fleet Complete is that they seem to have a separate app for almost every functionality.

Whereas most other providers tend to encompass all the features in one comprehensive solution to provide a more convenient and overall better UX, Fleet Complete’s team has a slightly different idea of what clients need.

Be it as it may, they do offer an option for installing their ELD devices that come with a dedicated mobile app called ELD BigRoad.

ELD BigRoad mobile app

The app is supposed to help you with:

  • Seamlessly managing your duty logbooks in just a few clicks as the app automatically records your vehicle’s ECM data and captures engine power, vehicle motion status, miles driven and engine hours;
  • It helps prevent drivers’ fatigue as it makes sure that they rest according to relevant legislation;
  • Effortlessly creating driver vehicle inspection reports since all drivers need to is check the necessary fields in the app;
  • Sharing logbooks with managers and showing clean and comprehensive reports to roadside inspectors.

As great as it all sounds, since taking care of safety and legislation compliance is one of the more cumbersome tasks of fleet management, there is another big but incoming.

The app doesn’t work anywhere near as seamlessly as Fleet Complete would like you to believe.

In fact, it often takes wrong records, doesn’t track the drivers’ rest as required by law, and experiences lagging in delivering reports.

ELD BigRoad app review on Capterra

3. Vehicle inspection options

Vehicle inspection reports are something drivers must create before, after, and sometimes even during their rides.

This is a very time-consuming process, especially for drivers on multi-day routes or who are generally on the road every day.

Fleet Complete has yet another (!) separate under the very creative name of Inspection app.

This app is supposed to enable effortless driver inspections, as they can check all the necessary boxes and add comments where needed.

Fleet Complete’s Inspect app driver’s report

They can also easily share their reports on the mechanic portal so that you’ll have insight into what vehicles require immediate attention and what type of repairs will be needed so that you can create a service schedule.

Fleet Complete Vehicle maintenance schedule

4. Fleet tracking

Any semi-decent fleet management system has to include options for fleet tracking, and Fleet Complete is no different.

It offers options for:

  • Zoning and geofencing to ensure your vehicles are within a designated area;

Fleet Complete Geofencing

  • Location tracking, so you’ll know where each vehicle is at any given moment;

Fleet Complete Tracking

  • Reports on overall performance.

Fleet Complete Reports

There are also some, albeit limited, routing options and possibilities for entering drivers’ skill levels and certificates to help you match the best drivers with the most challenging tasks, but here’s the catch.

Strangely enough, Fleet Complete treats fleet tracking and dispatching as two separate solutions. That means that routing and driver management options are only available as a part of a different solution - the one that takes care of fleet dispatching.

5. Delivery & field service management

Fleet Complete has two more apps for this - real shocking, isn’t it?

There’s a Courier Complete app for deliveries and a Task Tracker app for assigning and managing field service.

With a Courier Complete app, you get:

  • An ETA board for monitoring all the vehicles that are on the road;
  • Customer email notifications that are sent only when the delivery has arrived;
  • Several POD methods.

The Task tracker, on the other hand, enables you to:

  • Track your staff’s location and availability in real-time and assign tasks accordingly;
  • Alerts when a task’s been rejected so that you can transfer them to another employee at once;
  • Allow your crew to self-assign tasks while onsite.

Fleet Complete Task Tracker app

So, while there are solutions that can help you take care of both deliveries and field service simultaneously - as they include all the necessary features that make them adept at tackling versatile requirements - Fleet Complete deprives you of such a possibility.

Yet again, if you want to combine solutions and make the most of all these features, you’ll have to install several different apps, and they just keep stacking up.

The verdict

As we’ve seen, Fleet Complete has a staggering number of features, yet they are far from enough for optimal all-around fleet management.

There’s more than one issue with almost every feature we’ve mentioned so far, and the sheer number of apps you’ll have to use is enough to make your head spin.

And another fun fact is that we haven’t even mentioned all the apps Fleet Complete has in store for prospective clients, as there are a few more.

All the different apps force you and your drivers to be all over the place, which is hardly better than doing it manually.

All in all, Fleet Complete is a far cry from being the optimal solution for fleet management, especially if you have slightly more advanced needs.

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Fleet Complete reviews - Pricing

When it comes to Fleet Complete’s pricing, there’s nothing we can say for sure, as they haven’t disclosed their price on-site.

That isn’t strange in itself, as many similar services don’t have an off-the-shelf price, but Fleet Complete’s different from others since it doesn’t provide a single hint on its pricing policy.

So, we can’t say whether they charge per asset and if there’s a minimal number of assets your fleet has to have, if each solution (i.e. app) is charged separately and if there are discounts if you opt for several of them.

To get a quote, you’d have to contact them directly.

Some reviews, however, do mention that clients have paid thousands of dollars for a fleet of 25 trucks, so it’s safe to assume that Fleet Complete isn’t exactly a bargain.

Which businesses should use Fleet Complete?

Judging from all we’ve seen so far, and especially when you consider customer reviews, it would seem that Fleet Complete isn’t that good of an option for any business.

Their horrible customer service, the UI that looks like it’s from the 90s at best, and the omission of some essential features make Fleet Complete an obsolete platform that won’t do you any good.

The fact that you have to download and install several different apps to get all their features is another major downside, as it only complicates your life and work instead of simplifying them by relieving you of tedious, menial tasks.

Finally, Fleet Complete suffers from the same shortcomings most fleet management systems do:

  1. It has no features that ensure customer satisfaction, e.g. automated notifications from each critical stage of the route with ETAs, failed delivery workflows, live communication between drivers and customers, customer feedback options, etc.;
  2. There are no advanced routing options available;
  3. With Fleet Complete, automated load optimization and customisation of other critical operational parameters are simply impossible.

Fleet Complete reviews - Alternative solution

So, what are you to do if you want to take care of fleet management but want more than an outdated fleet management system?

Well, you could give eLogii a go.

eLogii is a delivery management & optimization platform that has everything you’ll ever need from a last-mile delivery solution and more.


eLogii takes care of all the areas in which Fleet Complete falls short, as it offers:

  • Various advanced routing options, including dynamic, multi-day, multi-stop and return to depot routing;

Fleet Complete - eLogii UI Dynamic routing

  • Several methods of ensuring customer satisfaction, such as real-time SMS and/or email notifications from every critical stage of the delivery process, live ETA notifications, live-tracking of every delivery, enabling customers to leave feedback easily, etc.;

Fleet Complete - eLogii UI - Customer notifications

  • Numerous highly customisable operational parameters that enable things such as vehicle load optimization, among others;

Fleet Complete - eLogii UI - Vehicle configuration

  • A designated mobile app (and that’s the only app you’ll need, we promise) and drivers’ profiles dashboard for seamless management and communication;
  • Flexible tasks that allow dispatchers to easily set and change their order and priority and notify drivers straight away via the mobile app;

Fleet Complete - eLogii UI - Tasks

  • Setting up failed delivery workflows for drivers to follow in case a delivery fails (e.g. by rearranging the route to allow further attempts, enabling them to leave deliveries in a safe, alternative location, etc.);

Fleet Complete - eLogii UI - Failed delivery workflow

Moreover, eLogii’s pricing policy is much more straightforward and leaves no room for nasty surprises, although no fixed prices are disclosed on-site.

Namely, eLogii doesn’t have one-size-fits-all pricing packages. That is one of the things that make it an ideal solution for small, medium and large businesses alike, especially once you consider that you won’t be charged on a per-vehicle basis as its pricing is task-based.

eLogii comes with custom-tailored pricing plans that depend on your business’s particular configuration and needs, with the typical entry-level price starting at around $359 per month for 2500 tasks.

Fleet Complete - eLogii Pricing plans

You can compare each plan’s features for yourself.

Finally, with an average customer rating of 4.8, it’s clear that eLogii has quite an edge over Fleet Complete in all the essential areas, given that Fleet Complete has an average of just 3.9.

Fleet Complete reviews - The bottom line

Fleet Complete is one of those solutions that sound way better in theory than they are in practice.

Although it tries to be an all-in-one solution that can have versatile use cases and be made to fit different businesses, the truth is that you’ll be much better off if you steer clear of Fleet Complete altogether.

Fleet Complete not only omits many vital features - particularly those related to customer satisfaction and routing - but the features it does have fail to deliver more often than not.

And once you consider the number of apps you’d have to download, install and use (and probably pay for each separately), it’s clear that Fleet Complete will surely give you and your drivers a headache.

So, if you’d like a solution that can help with field service and delivery management by taking care of every vital area of it - including fleet management, route planning and optimization, and customer satisfaction - then eLogii is the right choice for you.

Moreover, given its flexible pricing and a wide variety of customisation options, eLogii will get the job done for businesses big and small alike.

But why just read about what eLogii can do for you when you could just as well…boost-efficiency-wih-route-optimization-software-desktop

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