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Route Optimization

Introducing: The ROI Calculator [Free Tool]

We’re super excited to launch the eLogii ROI Calculator. This tool enables you to calculate monthly savings when using route optimization.

We’re super excited to announce the launch of the eLogii ROI Calculator.

This new tool enables you to calculate your estimated monthly savings for your entire delivery, courier, field service, or logistics operations all in one place… including fuel efficiency, office productivity, customer service workflows, and driver performance.

You can check out the new ROI Calculator right here:


This new tool is completely FREE for you to use, and contains 4 different calculators that allow you to estimate savings in each key area of your business:

  • Fuel consumption
  • Office personnel
  • Customer communication
  • Driver performance

But more importantly, your total return on investment (ROI) when you subscribe to eLogii.

Best of all:

All you have to do is let us know how many vehicles you use.

We’re super happy with how the ROI Calculator turned out.

And we hope you get a ton of value from it.

Check out the eLogii ROI Calculator.


Here’s what’s included

The ROI Calculator is broken down into 6 main categories:

  • Number of vehicles: Here’s where you’ll enter the number of vehicles that you have in your driver fleet. This will help the ROI Calculator estimate your total monthly savings based on the size of your fleet.

  • Fuel Efficiency: Here’s where you’ll determine (or get a reliable estimate) how much money you can save each month on fuel through route optimization. All you have to do is add the average fuel consumption per vehicle, current fuel price, and the average distance traveled per vehicle. This gives you a clear picture of your monthly fuel savings per vehicle.

  • Office Personnel Efficiency: Determine how much money you’ll save by reducing the time it takes you to plan pick-ups and deliveries through automated routing and scheduling. All you have to do is insert the hourly rate for your route planners and the time saved per vehicle with route optimization software. This gives you a monthly estimate of your savings on office payroll.

  • Customer Communication Efficiency: Here’s where you’ll be able to calculate your savings for customer services. When you automate through delivery management software, you streamline communication with customers and save time by: 

    • Letting customers book the time of arrival of their delivery with self-scheduling or delivery slots;

    • Sending delivery notifications to customers so they know when their deliveries will arrive;

    • Providing order tracking links to customers that let them check delivery status on their own (instead of calling your customer service team).

  • Driver Efficiency: Hours saved through route optimization. Hours saved through real-time updates & communication via the driver app. They’re all important parts of greater delivery efficiency. You’ll see how much money you can save on driver payroll per vehicle by improving driver performance through route optimization software.

  • Your Estimated Monthly Savings: This is what it’s all about. Here’s where you’ll see exactly what your estimated monthly savings will be with a software solution like eLogii.


What do you think?

We’d love to hear what you think about the new ROI Calculator.

Specifically, we’d like to know:

What’s the #1 area of operations that’s gutting your budget and you want to optimize?

Let us know what you want to automate and we’ll tell you how eLogii can help you.

Or better yet…


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