eLogii awarded a spot on the G-Cloud12 Framework in the UK

eLogii awarded a spot on the G-Cloud12 Framework in the UK

eLogii is now part of the G-Cloud 12 Framework which helps Public Sector Organizations find, evaluate, and buy cloud services from a selection of suppliers based in the United Kingdom.

On September 28, the Crown Commercial Services launched the new G-Cloud 12 Framework, and eLogii is one of the suppliers that has been added to the list.

In a brief statement, Andrew Mukerjee, founder and CEO of eLogii and Brisqq, was delighted to announce that:

We are excited to be able to support Public Sector Organisations with their delivery route optimisation and planning needs with the best solution on the market!

eLogii is a new solution on the market that is already helping companies in the Private Sector route, plan, dispatch, and optimise the delivery of products and services to customers.

Not to mention, raising the performance, efficiency, and productivity of their operations, while reducing costs at the same time.

Getting selected in the G-Cloud 12 Framework shows just how powerful eLogii really is. It is also a chance for eLogii to offer the same services to the Public Sector and adopting a cloud-first approach to delivery logistics that can enable these organisations to take their operations to the next level.

What is the G-Cloud 12 Framework?

G-Cloud12 framework is a Crown Commercial Service in the United Kingdom. The framework is an innovative initiative for Public Sector Organizations such as the local or central government, or public health and educational institutions that rely on cloud computing to find and buy cloud computing services.

The framework is also an agreement between the UK government and the suppliers of cloud services, which include many pay-as-you-go and off-the-shelf services. All G-Cloud 12 services are divided into three groups:

  • Cloud Hosting
  • Cloud Software
  • Cloud Support

The agreement between the UK government and the service provider lasts for 12 months, after which Crown Commercial Services can extend the contract for an extended period.

This years’ agreement will end on 15 September 2021.

Organizations and local and central governments can access the official information about eLogii and other service providers that have been awarded a place on the agreement through the Digital Marketplace catalogue.

There, you can find a detailed description of services, as well as the necessary documentation for purchasing any one of the 38,000 services provided by 5,224 suppliers.

Why is the G-Cloud 12 important for the Public Sector?

With the state of delivery in time of the Coronavirus outbreak, we believe that this is important now more than ever for everyone involved in distribution or delivery to up their game.

This is especially true for organizations in the Public Sector on which so many of us rely on and to which many of us look for safety and security.

As the UK holds in the wake of the second wave of COVID-19, using cloud-based solutions like eLogii will allow organizations and employees in the Public Sector to continue working in the normal.

For many workers, travelling to the office every day is no longer a viable option, and IT solutions can help them overcome the challenges and reality of working from home.

For organizations, using cloud technology and pay-as-you-go SaaS solutions is a chance to raise the efficiency and security of how they operate, as the COVID-19 pandemic accelerates the need for the digital transformation of the Public Sector.

What is eLogii? And why should you choose it?

eLogii is a leading cloud-based delivery management platform solution for route planning and optimisation.

Our proprietary technology supports businesses of all sizes and across various sectors such as; Retail & Distribution, Food Delivery, Logistics, Post & Courier, Field Service, and Healthcare & Pharmacy.

If you want to effortlessly raise the efficiency, performance, and output of your operations, eLogii can help you:

  • Keep records of all deliveries and customers in one place
  • Instant and full access to data relevant for delivery planning
  • Automatically assign tasks to the nearest driver or delivery agent
  • Reduce the learning curve and training time thanks to an intuitive interface
  • Organize, coordinate and communicate with drivers and field agents remotely
  • Track and monitor drivers and agents in the field in real-time
  • Provide delivery tracking links to customers
  • Collect feedback and service ratings from customers
  • Collect reports and electronic proof of delivery from drivers
  • Send SMS and email notifications to customers about the delivery status and ETAs
  • Analyze performance data to optimize operations and make data-driven decisions

All the while cutting costs by as much as 50%.

And we can help with that.

We have everything you need to start improving your delivery.

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eLogii is an end-to-end cloud-based delivery management platform. Our powerful solution solves the biggest challenges of modern distribution and field service businesses, including: route optimization, planning and execution.

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