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Delivery Logistics

How to Use Delivery Optimization to Boost Online Sales by 56%

This is a guide on how you can use software and delivery optimization to increase your sales by 56% with an exact step-by-step process.

If you want to increase online sales (FAST) there’s one thing you need to know:

Traditional marketing and sales tactics still work, but they don’t have nearly the same juice as they used to.


What CAN you offer to get people to buy more products on your online store?


But standard delivery doesn’t cut it anymore.

So what can you do to raise e-commerce sales on your web store?

Optimize your delivery.

It’s a simple strategy that instantly increased our partner’s online sales from 7.1% to 56.3%.

And in today’s article, we’re going to show you the exact step-by-step process that they used.

Let’s begin.

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No One Wants Standard Delivery (And What They Want Instead)

A while back we told you about top 10 delivery business ideas and how to get started.

A simple way you to add delivery in any industry and in some cases raise online sales by as much as 243%:


While there’s nothing wrong with a sales boost of 243%…

It’s often tied to a specific product.

And a single product - even one that raises sales by 243% - isn’t enough to build a thriving delivery business.

After all, if one product sells 243% more than others, that’s still only a 3-5% increase in total sales.

Which got us thinking:

“How do our software users surpass those numbers and get 10x more sales?”

That’s when we noticed the curious thing our clients were doing with our software.

Instead of offering customers a simple delivery option - like standard delivery - they were using our software to optimize their delivery.

To cut costs, on the one hand.

And offer unique options customers ACTUALLY want.

(And that none of their competitors were offering.)

Let us show you what we mean…

About a year ago, Ananas - an e-commerce sales platform in Serbia (a little like Amazon for the Western Balkans) - started using our software.


They started fulfilling orders with standard 2 to 5-day shipping.

But once you go to their website you’ll notice that they now offer Ananas+ (similar to Amazon Prime), which provides more delivery options to their customers.

Like next-day delivery. Or free delivery (up to a specific amount):


A few weeks after Ananas introduced these alternatives to standard delivery, they gained a serious spike in sales.

And afterwards they decided to start offering click and collect delivery with the Ananas Package Zones:


So they got an even bigger boost in sales.

That’s when we started thinking:

“It isn’t just about starting a delivery business. Or optimizing routes. eLogii can optimize the entire delivery process - end to end - and boost sales.”

What we found out next made our jaws practically hit the floor…

One Tool. Two Process Optimizations. 56% Boost in Sales.

We decided to see if our other users got the same results.

So we asked around…

Specifically, we asked eLogii users what they were using our software for.

100% of them said that they were using it for route planning and optimization:


All of them were also using it for delivery tracking and monitoring:


Collecting proof of delivery:


Driver and fleet dispatching:


And so on.

Pretty much standard reasons why people start using eLogii in the first place.

If you’d like to see how these features work on eLogii, BOOK A DEMO right now.

But here’s where it got interesting:

We asked our users what types of deliveries they were using eLogii with.

And what type of delivery they were offering to their customers before that.

The answers on the first question varied from same-day delivery to overnight shipping.

But on the second question all of our users said that they had either offered:

  • Local delivery, or;
  • Standard 3 to 5-day shipping.

When we asked nicely to look at their sales numbers before and after they started using eLogii, we found out that all of them had a spike in sales of at least 56%.

The result? A clear line between an extended delivery offer and a boost in sales.

Keep in mind that adding delivery options to your offer also means having a robust process that can support it.

Our users have been able to optimize their delivery to fulfill the extra delivery volumes, instead of immediately raising capital to expand their fleets and networks.

The sample size is more than enough to conclude that eLogii has helped them to boost delivery speed to squeeze in more orders (with the same capacity) and reduce unnecessary waste.

Which means costs were low, while profits went up.

Plus, we’ll show you just how they did all of this…

…and how you too can significantly boost sales in the same way they did.

Here’s the Craziest Part…

eLogii doesn’t just boost sales. It also cuts costs!

If you count all money you save on fuel (per vehicle) through route optimization:


Payroll you save by raising the efficiency of office personnel:


The time your customer service saves NOT talking to customers:


And the efficiency of your drivers:


Your total estimated monthly savings per vehicle come to:

And if you have a small fleet of just ten vehicles that’s:


One tool that you add to your stack has just added an extra $11,266.70 per month and raised sales by 56% all at the same time.

Think about that for a second.

That one tool brings in more ROI and more money than all your marketing and sales efforts put together.

Crazy, right?

How to Boost Sales Using eLogii

At this point you’re probably wondering:

“OK, I’m ready to try eLogii. How do I start?”


And we can show you exactly how easy it is to automate your delivery with eLogii.

All you have to do is follow this 5-step process:

Step 1: Optimize your delivery through automation

Step 2: Increase the speed of your delivery

Step 3: Add more delivery options to your offer

Step 4: Maintain quality, reliability, and precision

Step 5: Get more delivery orders

Now let’s dive into how you can add this sales boosting machine to your business.


Step 1: Optimize Your Delivery through Automation

Automation is key for delivery these days.

In fact, 51% of companies that have a delivery are investing heavily in automation. (According to Delivery Statistics)

And manually planning deliveries isn’t just a thing of the past.

It’s also REALLY bad for business.

And you’re here because you want to boost sales.

Not lose out on potential customers.

So you need to automate delivery operations.

And to do that you’ll need delivery management software.

So which one do you choose?

This may sound extremely biased, but here us out.

You should seriously consider eLogii.


Well, we did the math.

We compared our offer, software performance and services to every other player on the market.

Here’s a list of our reviews for:

And honestly, eLogii outperformed all of them.

That’s because we offer more for functionality. In fact, we offer close to 100 individual features.

Which means you can automate pretty much any step of the delivery process with just one tool.

And what you can’t automate with eLogii directly, you can plug our software into any other tool that you use thanks to API integration.

And doesn’t just mean your delivery will run with 0 to no waste.

It will also run at peak performance with each drop off.

So if you’re ready to start boosting sales, it’s time for step #2…

Step #2: Increase the Speed of Your Delivery

This may not be easy to hear, but:

No one wants to wait 3 to 5 days to receive their purchase.

At least not anymore.

Well, maybe that’s not entirely true.

If your standard delivery offer is free or extremely cheap, there’s always SOMEONE who won’t mind waiting to get their delivery a week after purchasing it.

But A LOT of people will mind.


Because why should someone order from you if they can get the same product at a similar price from someone else in less time.

It’s probably easier for them to order it from Amazon in the first place.

Read our full guide on how to compete with Amazon delivery on THIS LINK.

The bottom line?

When you raise delivery speed you can add faster delivery options to your offer, so they’re MUCH more likely to purchase a product from you.

But it also benefits your business.

Quicker delivery times = More orders fulfilled.

So you’re able to squeeze as MANY orders as possible into your delivery schedule.

Which makes you more efficient.

And since eLogii optimizes your delivery routes, and provides you with precise estimated times of arrival, you can analyze performance to order fulfillment volumes without raising the capacity of your operations.

Which in turn enables you to…

Step #3: Add More Delivery Options to Your Offer

Here’s the deal:

When someone is looking to purchase something on your web store they’re actively looking for reasons not to buy your product…

…and if you give them one, they’ll take it.

On the other hand, if you wow shoppers with CONVENIENCE, they’ll jump at the chance to buy a product from you.

And what’s the most powerful drive for convenience?


But there’s a catch:

Online shoppers are picky consumers.

In fact, all consumers desire choice according to this study.

So you need to take things a step further.

And provide your customers with a range of delivery options at checkout.

Some of them don’t want to spend money on delivery.

So you give them a chance to qualify for free delivery.

Some of them want to receive orders extra fast.

So you provide them same-day delivery.

And in the wake of COVID-19, some shoppers want to stay safe.

So you give them options like click & collect.

Whatever your offer, you need to give customers a diverse choice of delivery options at checkout because they’re looking forward to it.

And having a fast delivery that’s low on cost and runs on a well-tuned supply chain enables you to do just that.

That’s what eLogii enables you to do…

…still it’s not nearly as important as the next step.

Step #4: Maintain Quality, Reliability, and Precision

Like anything in delivery optimization, HOW your customers view your delivery is key.


  • Provide quantity when generating quantity.
  • Provide reliability when pushing your capacity.
  • Provide precision when exceeding expectations.

Here’s how eLogii helps you achieve all three…

As we’re sure you know, offering same-day or next-day delivery and not doing it within that time window is a BIG NO NO.

It simply isn’t effective.

To put it another way, you really need to deliver on your promise if you don’t want to keep your customers and generate new ones.

That’s why eLogii enables you to monitor the performance of your delivery:

You can see whether there are late deliveries:


Whether or not your drivers have a failed delivery attempt:


And you can use our software to manage returns and reverse logistics:


Keep in mind that these things can happen.

But it pays off staying on top of those things if (or when) they happen.

And being transparent about them with your customers.

It’s also easier to manage them and provide a reliable service.

Even if you’re pushing your delivery beyond its capacity.

Which means you can continue to deliver large order volumes.

Without necessarily increasing the physical capacity of your delivery fleet.

In addition to this, eLogii also enables you to keep your customers in the loop.

With notifications and status updates about their deliveries:


And tracking links so that they know exactly where their order is:


That makes customers more understanding towards your business.

And far less likely to take their business anywhere else.

Or ruin your reputation with new potential customers.

Step #5: Get More Delivery Orders

Now that you have eLogii set up, you should notice a significant increase in order volumes coming in from all your channels.

And you should be generating 56% more sales.

But don’t stop there.

Our users have since then used routing APIs to integrate eLogii with other software solutions. Like order management systems such as WooCommerce, Shopify, or Magento. To automate their delivery through the roof.

Because it works so well, eLogii is going to be the focus of their logistics and delivery management operations from now on.

That’s why we recommend repeating this process on your business and delivery.



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