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Delivery Logistics

1Z Tracking Number: What It Is, How It Works and More

Track your UPS package from start to finish! Learn about UPS tracking numbers, My Choice, SurePost, Access Points, and TForce Freight services.

If your package starts with "1Z," chances are it's from UPS.

They give each package a tracking number, and most of them start with "1Z" (although some might be a bit different). 

This tracking number is like a secret code you type in to see where your package is, either on the UPS website or with a free tracking app.

Want to know more about how UPS tracking numbers work and how to keep tabs on your deliveries? Keep reading!



Understanding Tracking Numbers

A tracking number is a special code or barcode that consists of numbers or letters. Shipping companies like UPS assign it to each package or group of packages they handle. 

You usually find this number on the shipping label or in emails or receipts confirming your order. 

Tracking numbers are mainly used to follow where your packages are as they move through the shipping process.

Different delivery companies have their styles of tracking numbers. Couriers might use different formats to distinguish between the various services they offer.

When you look up a tracking number, you usually get different details like where the package is currently, where it has been, and when it's expected to be delivered.

Common Tracking Number Formats

Tracking numbers vary across the shipping industry.

Below are the basic formats for tracking numbers used by major delivery companies:


Which Shipping Company Uses Tracking Numbers Beginning with 1Z?

UPS is the main shipping company using tracking numbers that start with 1Z.

If you see another number starting with 1Z, it's likely a scam.

No other big delivery companies use tracking numbers starting with 1Z.

Examples of UPS 1Z Tracking Numbers

UPS tracking numbers come in different formats, including the 1Z format. Here are a few real examples of old, inactive UPS tracking numbers that start with 1Z:

  • 1Z-3RA349-20-0158956-5
  • 1Z-X62777-03-1002089-6
  • 1Z-0X6W74-12-9801050-9

In each of these examples, there's a two-digit service code in the middle of the tracking number. For instance, in the first tracking number listed, the code "20" means "UPS Canada Standard (Ground)."

Most UPS ground packages have 18-digit 1Z tracking numbers.

These numbers start with 1Z, followed by a six-digit alphanumeric carrier code. Then a two-digit code showing the specific UPS service level for the package, followed by a seven-digit package identifier, and finally, a one-character checksum variable.

Tracking a UPS Package Online

The easiest way to track a UPS shipment is to visit the UPS online tracker. Simply enter your UPS tracking number.

If you don't have the tracking number, you can also input an order number, package ID number, reference number, or the UPS Delivery Notice Number found on any delivery notice left by a UPS driver.

You can locate UPS tracking numbers in several places, including your order confirmation email or text, your UPS My Choice account, on the package label itself, or a physical receipt from a UPS location.

Alternative Methods to Check the Tracking Status of a UPS Package

  • Access UPS My Choice. By registering for a free or premium account, you can monitor all your UPS deliveries online without needing tracking numbers or reference codes. You can sign in via the online portal or the UPS app.
  • Text UPS. Send "TRACK [Your Tracking Number]" to 69877, and UPS will respond with your tracking details.
  • Enroll in Quantum View or UPS Flex Global View. These enterprise shipping services cater to larger businesses, aiding in the tracking and management of numerous shipments.

FAQs on UPS delivery services

We provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about UPS delivery services.

Understanding UPS InfoNotice

A UPS InfoNotice is the paper slip UPS drivers leave at your door if you miss a parcel delivery or pickup.

It informs you about the attempted delivery or pickup and provides instructions for the next steps. 

Each InfoNotice contains a unique UPS Delivery Notice Number, which you can use online to manage your package.

Understanding UPS My Choice

UPS My Choice provides access to UPS's online services, catering to both personal and business needs, each with tailored features.

  • For Personal Use: Your personal My Choice account allows you to oversee your home UPS deliveries via UPS.com or the UPS app. It offers two membership options: Basic (free) and Premium ($19.99 per year).
  • For Business: UPS My Choice for Business serves as the primary UPS solution for eCommerce enterprises seeking comprehensive shipping support. It offers an online dashboard to monitor delivery operations, along with user-friendly tools for managing deliveries, returns, and shipping claims.

Understanding UPS SurePost

UPS SurePost is an economical shipping choice that involves USPS mail carriers completing the final stages of delivery instead of UPS drivers.

The process begins with a UPS store managing and transporting your SurePost package until it reaches the designated USPS facility closest to the recipient's address. Subsequently, the recipient's regular USPS mail carrier takes charge of the last leg of the delivery journey.

Understanding the UPS Access Point

UPS Access Points are nearby businesses serving as pickup and dropoff locations for UPS customers. They also serve as alternative mailing addresses.

When traveling, you can send packages to a UPS Access Point for safekeeping until your return. Or, if you're a busy professional needing to collect a UPS delivery, you can schedule a pickup at a nearby Access Point, saving you a trip across town.

What Happened with UPS Freight?

UPS Freight is now known as TForce Freight.

UPS sold its less-than-truckload (LTL) division, UPS Freight, to TFI International Inc. for $800 million.

Following the acquisition, TFI rebranded the division as TForce Freight.

Despite the change in ownership and branding, UPS and TFI still collaborate. TForce provides limited LTL services to UPS, while UPS offers last-mile delivery services for TForce.

The UPS website provides a form for shippers to schedule freight pickups, which are then directed to TForce.

Additionally, TForce offers UPS Ground with Freight Pricing, a comprehensive solution merging their freight service with UPS's last-mile delivery service.

For tracking information on freight shipments sent through UPS/TFI, you can enter your tracking number into the TForce Tracking page or the free Circuit Package Tracker.

Stay Informed About Your UPS Package During Its Delivery Journey

Shipping companies strive to assist us in tracking our packages and staying updated on deliveries. Yet, package tracking can occasionally become intricate.

While package tracking might encounter complexities, using available resources and remaining patient can help ensure a smoother delivery experience.

Ultimately, staying engaged with tracking updates and maintaining open communication with the shipping company can contribute to a more seamless package delivery experience.


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