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Delivery Logistics

How to Find Your Delivery's Tracking Number

Discover how tracking numbers simplify your online shopping experience. Learn where to find them and how they help you follow your package's journey.

We're all familiar with the drill by now. 

When you get that email or text from your online store with a link to track your delivery, you quickly open it up and enter the required details. 

One of the things they ask for is the order tracking or reference number. But what exactly is this tracking number, and why is it important?

Let's simplify tracking numbers and explain how they help us keep tabs on our packages. And while we're at it, we'll share some tips on how to find tracking numbers for your next online purchase.



Understanding Tracking Numbers

A tracking number is a special code that helps customers and shipping companies keep track of packages. 

It serves as an ID that gets scanned at every stage of delivery. 

This number could be a basic serial number, a barcode, or a QR code scanned automatically at different points during shipping. 

Let's break it down further with an example.

Your parcel is on its way from San Francisco, California, to Salem, Massachusetts. After being picked up, it's tagged with a tracking number, along with other details like the delivery address. In this case, the tracking number is a scannable QR code.

Next, it heads to the central sorting facility in Oklahoma, where it's automatically scanned upon arrival. 

From there, it's sorted and forwarded to the sorting center in Massachusetts. Once again, it's scanned before being dispatched for the final leg of its journey to reach you.

Scanning the package at each checkpoint assists the delivery service in keeping you informed about your order. 

Whenever the tracking code is scanned at a facility, you may receive a push notification. It may say something like: "Package in transit: Released from sorting center."

These notifications are handy for keeping track of your delivery's progress. 

Additionally, you can visit the package tracker link and input the tracking number manually to track your delivery status.

The eLogii customer tracking link helps to track all deliveries in real-time. It gives the customer insight into the various stages their order (the task) is at. For instance, customers can easily find out if their order has been created, picked up, and more.

Where to Find Tracking Numbers

Usually, whenever you make an online purchase, you'll receive a distinct tracking number.

There are several ways to get your package's tracking details.

For instance, you might receive this number via a confirmation email (don't forget to check your spam folder).

Or, the seller might provide you with an on-page or text link. Typically, these tracking numbers are included in your order confirmation message.

Carefully review the message and make note of your order tracking number along with any other essential details.

Typically, the code consists of 8 to 40 characters, including a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

The actions required with the code vary depending on the particular delivery service and its tracking procedure.

Finding Your USPS Tracking Number

The format of a USPS tracking number can vary depending on the type of delivery service you've chosen.

For instance, Priority Mail, Certified Mail, Collect On Delivery and Hold For Pickup shipments typically have 22-character tracking numbers. On the other hand, special Global Express Guaranteed orders are identified by 10-digit codes.

These numbers indicate your chosen service, courier company (in this instance, USPS), and extra delivery details.

To locate your package, simply copy and paste your tracking code into the search box on the USPS tracking website and click "Track."

On the tracking results page, you'll also have the option to leave delivery instructions. This feature proves useful for individuals who may need their package delivered to a different address after placing the order.

In certain scenarios, this tool may not be effective.

For payment on receipt orders, you'll need to settle the payment with the delivery driver upon receiving your package.

If your shipping address doubles as your billing address, changing it might not be feasible.

Additionally, once your package has left the post office and is en route for its final delivery, altering the delivery address may no longer be possible.

To address these concerns, USPS offers the free Informed Delivery service. It provides package delivery updates at each checkpoint along the delivery route.

Finding Your FedEx Tracking Number

With the FedEx tracking tool, you can check where your package is by entering a tracking or reference number.

The process works similarly to other services. The unique thing about FedEx is that you can use a reference number to find your package if you don't have a tracking number.

If there are any delivery issues, this tool lets you get proof of delivery, including the recipient's signature.

FedEx offers a variety of tracking options. These include advanced tracking, email tracking, detailed tracking, and international shipment tracking.

Finding Your UPS Tracking Number

When it comes to UPS, you can access information about both incoming and outgoing shipments, even if you don't have a tracking number.

Simply go to the UPS website, sign up for a "My Choice" account, and use the dashboard tools to find your package.

If you've made your purchase as a guest, you can track your package using the reference number provided with your order.

UPS offers a free plan with essential features such as delivery alerts and estimated delivery dates and times.

With the premium plan, you gain access to advanced features. These include the ability to select delivery days, confirmed delivery time windows, and the option to change your delivery address.

Finding Your Amazon Tracking Number

Amazon's tracking process resembles that of UPS.

Customers who make purchases through a registered Amazon account, whether it's a free account or a Prime subscription, can track their recent orders in the "My Orders" section.

Amazon requires users to have a free account to place orders; they don't allow orders without registration.

Finding Your DHL Tracking Number

DHL has a simple order tracking system. Customers can enter their tracking number on the search page.

DHL allows you to track up to 10 orders at once with just one click.


How to Spot a Tracking Number by Carrier

A tracking or reference number is typically a unique, lengthy code found on your order confirmation receipt.

Although tracking numbers may vary in format across different services, they usually consist of 8 to 40 characters with small groups of characters separated by hyphens or spaces.

Each group represents a particular detail about the order, such as the delivery service and location.

USPS Tracking Number Structure

USPS's Publication 199 provides details about its typical tracking number format.

Most USPS-generated tracking numbers consist of five groups of four numbers each. These are followed by a final group of two numbers, all separated by spaces.

The first four numbers represent your chosen USPS service.

For example, Priority Mail uses 9205 5000 0000 0000 0000 00 as a standard format, while Registered Mail follows the format 9208 8000 0000 0000 0000 00.

FedEx Tracking Number Structure

FedEx Ground and Express tracking numbers typically range from 12 to 14 characters in length.

Occasionally, for special services, less common tracking numbers maybe 20 to 22 characters long.

These numbers often consist of three sets of four random digits, followed by a special character or letters for special delivery orders.

UPS Tracking Number Structure

UPS tracking numbers typically consist of 18 to 22 characters. For domestic deliveries, the first two characters are usually "1Z."

The four most common UPS tracking number formats are:

  1. 1Z9999999999999999
  2. 999999999999
  3. T9999999999
  4. 999999999

DHL Tracking Number Structure

DHL employs a straightforward 10-digit tracking number format. It is used for both standard and express parcel deliveries.

Standard parcel tracking numbers typically begin with 3S, JVGL, or JJD, while express service numbers start with 000, JJD01, JJD00, JVGL, or a similar variation.


How to Trace a Package Without a Tracking Number

Yes, you can track packages even without a tracking number. 

Major delivery companies such as UPS, FedEx, and Amazon offer this service. You typically need to sign up for a free account. 

Programs like UPS's My Choice, USPS's Informed Delivery, and FedEx's Delivery Manager are examples. 

They provide benefits like customizable alerts on your smartphone.

Can You Decipher What the Order is from the Tracking Number?

No, tracking numbers don’t provide information about the contents of a package. 

Each package has multiple identification numbers for tracking. The order number associated with the package indicates its contents. 

Tracking numbers are randomly generated to accurately track the package's location.

Ways to Get Comprehensive Tracking Information for Your Package

In the realm of logistics management, staying informed about the whereabouts of your delivery is crucial. 

Getting Detailed Tracking Information on Your Package

With eLogii, tracking your package as a customer is made easy and efficient. Through a dedicated tracking link or portal provided by the delivery company or courier service partnered with eLogii, customers gain access to real-time updates regarding the status and location of their delivery. 

This means you're never left in the dark about when your package will arrive. 

Moreover, eLogii goes the extra mile by offering automated notifications and updates sent directly to customers via email or SMS. 

This proactive approach ensures that you're kept in the loop throughout the entire delivery process, providing peace of mind and convenience.

With eLogii, tracking your package becomes a seamless and transparent experience, allowing you to focus on what matters most while your delivery is safely on its way.


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