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Route Optimization

10 Key Strategies to Streamline Your Next Delivery Route

Learn how to streamline your delivery routes with our 10 key strategies. Simplify drop-offs and boost earnings efficiently with these practical tips.

Have you ever considered the most efficient way to plan delivery routes and simplify drop-offs?

As a delivery driver or courier, you want to map out the quickest routes with multiple pickups/stops to boost your earnings and finish your day sooner.

Here are three essential tips to consider before planning the delivery routes that will save you time while you're out making your drops!

Take the time

Use a reliable app

Cut idle time

Route Tip #1: Take the time

time-clockTake it easy and avoid rushing. Hurrying will backfire when you reach your drop-off points, so take your time and ensure you load the correct items.

To be certain you're delivering the right parcels to the correct locations, spend a few extra moments at each stop—around 10 to 20 seconds—to double-check that everything is in order. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

If you rush, you'll make errors that cost you time and money, and you know what they say: time is money! Trust us, following this advice will save you at least half an hour each day.

Route Tip #2: Use a reliable app


You absolutely need the right tools to do this job effectively.

That's why the eLogii app is a must-have for drivers and couriers. It helps locate packages in your vehicle and optimizes the most efficient delivery route. Plus, it saves you valuable time during your day!

Route Tip #3: Cut idle time

We've all experienced it: you arrive at a delivery location, knock on the door, and no one answers. You might check with neighbors or look for a safe spot to leave the package.

Don't wait too long—return the delivery to the depot. Another driver will handle it the next day. If the recipient isn't available during their scheduled time, remember it's not your responsibility.


Now that you've learned these three essential time-saving tips, let's discuss some habits to adopt as a delivery driver on your first route.

Building good habits may be challenging, but luckily, we'll share some straightforward steps that will improve your driving, reduce stress, and boost your confidence in your daily route. The key? Slow down and focus on efficiency!

Take note of these habits:

✔ Load your vehicle correctly

✔ Ensure you have all items listed in your manifest

✔ Keep track of where your vehicles are

✔ Review your route before heading out

✔ Deliver to the correct addresses

✔ Avoid carrying more than one package at a time

✔ Cut waiting time at each stop

Delivery Routes Habit #1: Load your vehicle correctly

Upon reaching the depot, confirm that you have the correct load onboard. Visit the transport office, provide your details, notes, and postal or zip codes, and specify your route.

Just five minutes to verify your load ensures you have everything needed for your route.

Delivery Routes Habit #2: Ensure you have all items listed in your manifest

If you have a scanning gun, it helps ensure you have the right load by scanning items as you go. Yet, this process doesn't always go smoothly.

Remember, slow down and take a few minutes at the start of your day to double-check everything on board. This simple step will save you time later on.

Delivery Routes Habit #3: Keep track of where your vehicles are


The eLogii app gives you the ability to filter and search for specific vehicles to locate packages. You can access the vehicle filtering option by going to the Vehicles section and clicking on "Show Filters."

You can use various parameters to filter out specific sets of your drivers, including:

  • Vehicle UID
  • Capacity dimensions (e.g., number of boxes they can carry)
  • Capabilities
  • Import UID

Delivery Routes Habit #4: Review your route before heading out

With eLogii, each delivery comes with a list of destinations, and you can encounter unreliable route finders.

Luckily, eLogii helps manage this issue. The platform offers timed delivery features. That allows you to schedule deliveries to meet specific time requirements or avoid closed locations, optimizing your delivery process effectively.

Delivery Routes Habit #5: Deliver to the correct addresses

You might be thinking, "Isn't that obvious?" Yet, even though it's crucial, we're all prone to errors.

To ensure accurate deliveries, it's important to verify postcode addresses every time. Taking less than 5 minutes to do this upfront can save significant time in the future.

Delivery Routes Habit #6: Avoid carrying more than one package at a time

No matter what, you always start feeling uneasy as you near the end of your task and realize there might be more items left than expected.

Take a moment to ensure you've delivered everything required before moving on to the next task at your drop-off point.

Delivery Routes Habit #7: Avoid lingering too long

It's satisfying when you've completed all your deliveries, but sometimes things are out of your hands and you can't finish.

It happens. Just do your best.

Knock on the door, ring the doorbell, ask neighbors, or call the phone number. If no one answers and there's a contact number, bring it back to the base. Someone will deliver it tomorrow.

That's all there is to it.

Wrap up your delivery routes efficiently: Conclusion

Building the perfect route can be challenging, but these practical tips will help you take control of your day with a smarter plan, making life easier and saving you money in the long run. With these tips, you can create a more efficient route that meets all your needs.

For extra practical ideas on speeding up and enhancing your deliveries, here's some helpful advice on achieving fast deliveries.


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