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Securing Next-Day Delivery on Amazon: With or Without Prime

Explore how to secure next-day delivery on Amazon, with or without Prime. Learn about eligibility, costs, and tips for efficient ordering.

We all use Amazon for everything from phones to toilet paper.

Amazon dominates the US online market, with 37.8% as of June 2022.

When you need something quickly, like toilet paper, you want next-day delivery on Amazon. Or maybe you need a gift for a birthday or anniversary or a get-well gesture.

Most people use Amazon Prime for fast delivery, so it has skyrocketed in popularity. It has over 176 million subscribers expected by 2025.

But if you can't afford Prime, here's how to get next-day delivery on Amazon without it.



Determining if an Item Qualifies for Next-Day Delivery on Amazon

To determine if you can get next-day delivery on Amazon, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Amazon and either search without signing in or log in to your account.
  2. Type "Next-day delivery eligible products" into the search bar at the top.
  3. You'll receive a page full of results that you can further refine:
  4. Narrow down your search by adding specific items, like "Next day delivery items toilet paper."
  5. Use the filters in the left-hand column to refine your search by brands, customer reviews, and prices.

If you have Prime, follow these steps:

  1. Repeat the above steps, but include "Prime" in your search. For example, type in "Next Day Delivery Items Prime" to find products eligible for next-day delivery with Prime benefits.
  2. Further refine your search by adding your desired item, such as "Next Day Delivery Items Prime toilet paper."
  3. Use the filters on the left-hand side to refine your search further by brands, customer reviews, and prices.

Distinguishing Prime Delivery from Standard Amazon Delivery

Amazon functions as an online marketplace where sellers have options for shipping. Some sellers use Amazon Logistics for handling orders, while others manage shipping independently.

In either scenario, some sellers opt for Amazon Prime for shipping, while others don't. So, there's no distinction between Amazon Prime and Amazon delivery. It merely indicates the seller's choice of using Amazon for shipping, with or without Prime.

Furthermore, possessing an Amazon Prime membership doesn't ensure that the seller will ship your items at no cost.

Amazon indicates products eligible for free Prime delivery on the product page and during checkout.

If any items in your order don't qualify for Amazon Prime, the seller will levy a delivery fee for each one.

Additionally, Prime delivery options vary based on your location. They may include two-hour delivery, same-day delivery, next-day delivery, and other choices.

Without Amazon Prime, you'll encounter comparable delivery choices at varying prices, contingent on your purchases, their dimensions, and quantity.

Each time you make an Amazon order, you'll need to verify the shipping fees.

Thus, the advantages of a Prime membership might justify the expense, particularly if you frequently shop on Amazon.

This holds particularly true if you live in an area where you're eligible for all Amazon Prime perks. That includes free same-day delivery and access to Prime Video.

Pricing for Amazon Next-Day Delivery

When pressed for time, you might question: Can I opt for Amazon's next-day delivery and what's the price?

The response varies. For non-Prime members, Amazon determines delivery charges by combining the "Per Shipment" and "Per Item" fees.

Furthermore, even Prime members may incur delivery charges.

Are Amazon Deliveries Free Without Prime?

There are strategies to avoid membership fees:

  1. Combine your purchases to meet Amazon's "minimum threshold" of items. By buying in bulk, you can bypass Amazon delivery fees.
  2. Use a free trial of Amazon Prime if you haven't been a member in the past 12 months. Sign up for the complimentary 30-day trial and order all your necessities at once to access the benefits of paid membership, such as free two-day delivery. Just ensure to cancel before the trial ends to avoid charges to your credit card.

Shipping Expenses Without Prime

Without Amazon Prime, figuring out shipping costs can be tricky. 

Costs depend on the seller, what you're buying, and how much you're getting. Amazon calculates shipping charges at checkout based on factors like item quantity, type, weight, and volume. 

With millions of third-party sellers on Amazon, each with their fees, it's tough to know the exact costs. 

Here are some tips to lower your shipping expenses when ordering on Amazon without Prime.

Buy Beyond the "Minimum Threshold"

You might be eligible for complimentary next-day delivery on Amazon by exceeding the "minimum threshold" of items.

In essence, Amazon provides free shipping to certain destinations. That is true if you purchase enough qualifying products in a single order.

To explore this option, inspect the product page for "FREE Shipping." If Amazon handles fulfillment, the item is likely to contribute to meeting your free shipping order requirement.

Here's the process for utilizing the Amazon minimum quantity threshold:

  1. Add the required minimum number of items to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.
  2. Ensure your address is eligible for this option.
  3. Opt for "Free shipping" and expect your order's arrival within five to eight days.

Yet, note that this strategy may not always secure free delivery. Some sellers occasionally use alternate delivery methods. 

Additionally, international shipping rates may vary based on your choice of standard, expedited, or priority courier delivery.

Here's an extra tip for you.

If you've recently made a purchase on Amazon and met the minimum threshold for free delivery 🎉, you're in luck!

For the next 24 hours, you can continue to enjoy free shipping. That can be incredibly useful if you've overlooked anything!

This feature is known as "Extended Free Shipping" by Amazon. Simply add qualifying products to your cart and select FREE Shipping at checkout to take advantage of it.

Use Amazon Subscribe and Save for Regular Orders

If you frequently order essential items from Amazon, consider subscribing to "Subscribe and Save" as an alternative to Prime.

You can choose the quantity and delivery schedule that suits you best. Then, Amazon will send you regular shipments of those items according to your preferences.

By subscribing to Subscribe and Save, you can enjoy up to 15% savings on recurring deliveries of five or more products to a single address. Additionally, managing your subscriptions is convenient, allowing you to effortlessly skip or cancel them as needed.

Is Amazon Prime's Shipping Benefit Alone Worth the Investment?

If you're an avid Amazon shopper but prefer not to concern yourself with meeting a specific product count, you might question whether Amazon Prime is a worthwhile investment.

For frequent Amazon shoppers, the answer is yes.

In addition to expedited shipping, Prime members enjoy a variety of other perks, which Amazon describes as:

"sending shopping, streaming, reading, and other benefits."

For instance, one such benefit is Amazon Day delivery.

Understanding Amazon Day Delivery

Amazon Day Delivery is a complimentary benefit for Prime subscribers. It enables you to choose a preferred day of the week for receiving eligible items.

Orders for eligible items can typically be placed for Amazon Day Delivery up to two days before your chosen delivery day. Amazon merges many orders into a single shipment whenever possible.

To find out whether Amazon Day Delivery is available for your desired item, add it to your cart and proceed to checkout.

During checkout, upon entering your delivery address and payment details, you'll discover if the Free Amazon Day Delivery option is accessible. From there, you can choose your preferred day of the week for receiving your items.

It's crucial to recognize that Amazon Day Delivery doesn't apply to all orders, including:

  • Prime orders fulfilled by third-party sellers
  • Orders containing items ineligible for One-Day or Two-Day Shipping
  • Deliveries to post office boxes
  • Addresses outside of the contiguous 48 United States, among other exceptions.

Additionally, you can choose Amazon Day as your preferred delivery method. Subsequently, Amazon will automatically pre-select it for any future orders dispatched by them. Yet, your standard Prime delivery choices will remain available.

Here are extra Prime benefits:

  • Prime Video: Enjoy unlimited streaming of movies and TV episodes. You can also opt for Amazon Channels (an additional membership) for access to shows and movies from HBO, SHOWTIME, and STARZ channels for an extra fee.
  • Amazon Music Prime: Get unlimited, ad-free access to hundreds of Prime Playlists and over two million songs.
  • Prime Gaming: Access free games, and in-game content, and receive a free channel subscription on Twitch. tv every month.
  • Exclusive Savings at Whole Foods Market: Enjoy special discounts and benefits, including two-hour delivery in select cities.
  • Prime Reading: Borrow books, magazines, and more for reading on your Fire tablet, Kindle e-reader, or Kindle reading apps for iOS and Android.
  • Grubhub Option: Opt for a supplemental membership, Grubhub+, which offers a free one-year membership. Grubhub+ includes unlimited $0 delivery fees on orders over $12, along with exclusive perks and rewards such as free food and order discounts.

Amazon Discount Codes are another way to save without Prime. Use discount codes to save money without needing a Prime membership.

Securing Next-Day Delivery on Amazon Without Prime

If you prefer not to subscribe to Prime, here's how you can still access next-day delivery on Amazon:

  1. Apart from meeting the minimum quantity needed for eligible items, you can specifically search for next-day delivery options on Amazon.
  2. After adding an item to your cart, proceed to checkout. Then select your delivery address to determine the cost of Amazon's next-day delivery.
  3. Choose your preferred shipping speed and payment method.
  4. Under your "Order Summary," you'll see the total shipping and handling costs along with the estimated delivery date.
  5. Some products on Amazon offer a guaranteed delivery option. To avail of this, select "Guaranteed shipping" at checkout, and Amazon will display your guaranteed delivery date on the final page before confirming your order.

If you choose not to go with Amazon's guaranteed shipping, here are alternative options for sending your items.


Amazon One-Day Delivery for Non-Prime Members

Prime members enjoy complimentary same-day delivery in select areas. Non-Prime members incur a charge of up to $12.99 per order.

If Amazon cannot deliver on the same day, you can expect it the following day, known as one-day delivery.

Amazon Next-Day Delivery for Non-Prime Members

Without Amazon Prime, next-day delivery might be impacted by overnight shipping limitations.

Depending on the destination, Amazon's inability to deliver on weekends could extend the next-day delivery timeline by up to two days, excluding Saturdays and Sundays.

To facilitate next-day delivery on Amazon for a specific product without Prime, you can use a filtering option. Simply search for your item, then narrow down the delivery day on the left side of the page by clicking "Get it by tomorrow." This will display a list of products eligible for one-day delivery by Amazon.

Prime Now: Amazon 2-Hour Delivery

Prime Now is an Amazon service that provides grocery delivery within two hours. The option is exclusively accessible in certain areas and with a Prime membership.

Amazon Next-Day Delivery Cut-off Times

In select metropolitan regions throughout the United States, Amazon Prime members are eligible for next-day delivery.

To be eligible for Prime Free Same-Day Delivery, members must complete orders before the Same-Day Delivery order cutoff time.

Use the "order within" countdown timer available on Amazon. It indicates the timeframe for placing orders to ensure delivery by the displayed date.

If the delivery date becomes unavailable, it's due to inventory or delivery capacity adjustments that may occur before you complete your order.

Your confirmed delivery date will always be provided in the order confirmation email from Amazon Prime.

To ensure eligibility for Prime-free same-day delivery, opt for Same-Day delivery at checkout and ensure your residential address has a qualifying ZIP Code.

If you meet these criteria, your order should qualify for Prime-free same-day delivery.

For non-Prime members, monitoring the ordering and checkout process is necessary to find out available delivery options for your order.

Frequently Asked Questions about Amazon Next-Day Delivery

How Fast is Amazon Same-Day Delivery?

For addresses eligible for Amazon same-day delivery, determine the delivery window when placing your order.

Keep an eye out for the "order within" countdown timer, indicating the timeframe available for placing your order to ensure delivery by the specified date.

Orders placed between midnight and 5 am typically arrive the same morning. Orders placed in the morning usually arrive in the afternoon. If you miss the window, the order will arrive the following day.

Can I Pay for Next-Day Delivery on Amazon?

Yes, you can. If your address qualifies, non-Prime members can opt for next-day delivery at a cost of up to $12.99 per order.

How Can I Adjust My Delivery Speed on Amazon?

You select your delivery speed on Amazon during the order placement, checkout, and payment process. Yet, you have the option to change your scheduled delivery date and time for orders that Amazon has not dispatched yet.

To do so, navigate to "Your Orders" within your Amazon account and use the "Change Shipping Speed" option.

Then, select an alternative date and time. Please note that you cannot alter your scheduled delivery date once Amazon has dispatched your order.

TLDR: Next-Day Delivery on Amazon

Ordering from Amazon offers convenience to millions. When urgency strikes, you can choose next-day delivery, whether you have Prime or not.

Whether you've subscribed to Prime or utilized our tips for next-day delivery, tracking your package's whereabouts and arrival time is essential.


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