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ATS Building Products: Route Efficiency Leads to Higher CX with eLogii


improvement in deliveries per route


reduction in “where’s my order?” calls


increase in customer satisfaction


customer service operations


ATS Building Products is a leading importer and distributor of construction timber, engineered wood LVL/I-Joist products, formwork material, flooring, steel fabrication, building materials, hardware & Tools in Australia.




The software has all the features a building materials operation like ours could need and also great customer support. Full package.” - Alex Sohler - Chief Operating Officer


They provide compliant building products for projects of all sizes and partner with individuals, private companies, government agencies and international organizations. ATS Building Products logistics and distribution is supported by their own growing fleet of trucks.

ATS has been a customer for several years and initially contacted eLogii looking for a solution that could help them optimize delivery routes, but also help the business more efficiently and smoothly, cutting out wasted effort and time both in the office and in the driving seat.


The problem

ATS Building Product had a telematics solution in place (Verizon) but they were lacking deep functionality when it came to Route Optimization, planning as well as execution support when it came to drivers out in the field. 

ATS were looking for a solution that not only would streamline route planning and cut significant time and manual effort out of the process but also would provide automated communications and live tracking to their customers.

One of the most major problems they were facing was the “Where is my order?” call which was something that was consuming a lot of phone time with their customer service team. It was also a major cost item that they wanted to improve. 

Additionally, solutions that they had looked at before lacked live traffic data as well as the ability to route for particular vehicle types (for example large trucks that could not enter certain urban areas). They were looking for a solution that would handle all of this out of the box.

Further, ATS were juggling with disconnected and disjointed systems, and they were looking for a way to integrate routing and planning with their ERP system via API. Systems in the market that they’d looked at prior to eLogii were able to provide API, but there were often system entities and components that were uncovered by API leading to some crucial data not being exchangeable between systems.

Finally, ATS wanted to gain insights into their operational data via clear and helpful analytics and dashboard that would allow them to make critical business decisions grounded in data.

The solution

With eLogii ATS gained a solution that solved all of their challenges out of the box.

  • Automatically route and plan their entire operations in one click


  • Influence routes manually and make changes based on knowledge, changing circumstances if required


  • Take into account and track costs across the entire fleet and operations


  • Take into account live data around traffic for their specific vehicle types
  • Ensure that certain customers were served at certain times of day and were provided with priority on certain routes
  • Successfully take proof of delivery any way they want (signatures, photos, barcodes or any combination)
  • Send notifications to customers via email, SMS or data message branded as ATS with delivery status
  • Integrate with all their external business systems via API

    i3 API docs screenshot

Additionally, as a result of eLogii’s analytics, ATS were able to gain further insight into their operations which illuminated opportunities for further efficiency gains on both a ‘today’ as well as a historical basis. 

Among the list of analytics that ATS gained with eLogii were the following: 

  • Time spent at delivery locations (planned vs. actual) 
  • Route distances

  • Utilization of both driver working hours and vehicle capacities
  • On time vs. late
  • Number and %age of tasks pending, in progress, completed and failed

Additionally to being able to track analytics, ATS were able to export all data from the system via API as well as via CSV/Excel files and work with the data within their own suite of BI tools. 

The results

“The user interface is very intuitive and easy to learn. The software is accurate and does a great job. The analytics are getting better and better, and the implementation was nice and simple.” - Alex Sohler, Chief Operating Officer

  • 98%+ improvement in deliveries per route
  • 43% reduction in “where’s my order?” calls
  • 23% increase in already very strong customer satisfaction due to transparent updates and tracking provided by eLogii
  • Streamlined customer service operations 
  • Full API integration with ATS’s existing ERP solution

ATS were able to bring automation to their already class-leading operation allowing them to start saving money almost from the first optimization through significantly improved route efficiency (deliveries carried and successfully delivered per vehicle).

Additionally, ATS were able to increase customer satisfaction to an industry-leading level through enabling transparent communication and live on-map tracking to their customers, substantially reducing “where’s my order?” calls. This number continues to fall. 

Visibility improved overnight with ATS being able to get a very clear view at both a depot and ‘global’ / centralized level over their operations (where drivers are, which orders are on time vs. late etc). 

The operations team were enabled with a powerful set of tools which allowed them to narrow down on those orders which were most likely to turn problematic (as opposed to them looking at all orders as ‘equal’). As a result they were able to be extremely proactive with customers to ensure that satisfaction remained high, however tough the day was in terms of execution. 

Drivers out in the field have been empowered with the simplest, most powerful driver app allowing them to take (multiple) photos at each stop, sign on glass (signatures) as well as handling exceptions (for example when the customer is not available to take the order).

Analytics have also been a major success for ATS allowing a single pane of glass view over the entire live operations for a particular day. Additionally, historical analytics enable management to spot patterns and trends that allow for actionable insights driving improved performance across key KPIs. 

All of this has translated into major cost savings as well as improved customer retention and lifetime value.



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