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How Deanta Used eLogii to Automate Delivery (While Saving 6 Figures!)

79% Reduction

in planning time



72% increase

in customer satisfaction

50% Reduction

 in customer service calls


Deanta is leading UK-based distributor of interior doors


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Deanta is a UK-based company that has been distributing high-quality interior doors for over 20 years.

As such, it distributes its products across the country and takes much pride in being as quick and efficient as possible.

Deanta is one of the UK’s leading distributors of premium internal doors.

The problem

Deanta’s experienced significant growth of over 50% in their overall business over the last 12 months, which also meant an increase in the number of distributions nationwide.

As Deanta serves businesses and individuals across the UK and has both single-day and multi-day routing requirements, continuing to take care of their delivery route planning manually was simply out of the question.

Since manual routing and simpler, more obsolete route planning systems weren’t doing the trick anymore, the need for more effective distribution management became imperative for Deanta’s team.

“We were planning manually previously despite having Maxoptra implemented in the business. Maxoptra, while a decent tool for much simpler businesses, was not able to handle the complexity and nuances of Deanta’s growing operations” – Colin Tate, Transport Operations Manager UK

Rapid scaling of their business called for a solution altogether different from their previous processes and systems that would help them:

  • Achieve optimal efficiency
  • Provide a cutting-edge customer experience at the same time.

That’s when Deanta’s team turned to eLogii as their route planning and optimisation software of choice.

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The results

Deanta started using eLogii in the spring of 2021, following a significant period of sustained growth.

The main aim was to achieve improved visibility for their team and customers and substantially automate the routing and planning operations to save more time and money.

With eLogii, Deanta has achieved genuinely amazing results in an extremely short space of time in a number of areas, including:

  • 79% reduction in planning time;
  • Six-figure savings;
  • 72% increase in customer satisfaction;
  • 50% reduction in customer service calls.

“eLogii has had a material impact on customer experience. Trustpilot scores are up! Customers love the transparency of getting an up-to-date ETA and being able to track their orders. The amount of time saved on the phones is certainly hours every day, and that really adds up when you look at this over the longer term” – Marie Hession, Operations Manager

Moreover, since Deanta is forecasted to grow at least another 50% in the coming 12 months, it’s made sure to stay well-positioned with eLogii.

That way, Deanta will continue to gain maximum efficiency as it scales versus the situation before, which would have involved a linear scaling cost structure, meaning that the overall costs would increase just as quickly as the business grew.

“Before eLogii, as we scaled up, so would our fleet 1:1 – as we have been using the system more, the efficiencies we get back means that we are able to expand our fleet more strategically and that the relationship is no longer linear” – Transport Operations Manager UK

In addition, eLogii enabled 2-way integration with Deanta’s other business tools and systems, allowing a smooth workflow and much easier management of the entire delivery chain.

“One of the most powerful parts of eLogii is how easy it is to integrate with our ecosystem of business tools. You can integrate either fully via API or alternatively create workflows with CSV and Excel files (both importing and exporting) which is very seamless and is the quickest thing to get started with”. - John Mulreany – Business Analyst


The solution

Deanta needed a delivery route planning system that could keep up with its rapid growth, meaning it could provide more than simple route optimisation functionalities.

Furthermore, customer satisfaction and overall cost-efficiency were just as important to Deanta’s team.

And eLogii proved to be more than fit for the task set out before it.

Firstly, overall customer satisfaction went through the roof, thanks to a number of eLogii’s features, including allowing customers to:

  • Track their orders,
  • Rate the service;
  • Edit delivery timeslots;
  • Receive notifications on ETA and other updates.

Deanta Success Story - eLogii Notifications

Secondly, eLogii has features whose use resulted in a significant cut in costs since they allow setting up various parameters related to:

  • Vehicle capacity and capabilities;
  • Driver skills;
  • Driver and vehicle cost-analysis.

Deanta Success Story - eLogii vehicle parameters

That way, Deanta easily matches every load and route with the right kind of driver and vehicle to ensure optimal efficiency.

Finally, some of eLogii’s functionalities that enabled Deanta’s team to stop wasting time and money on manual planning include:

  • Real-time route-tracking and management;
  • Single and multi-day route planning and optimisation;
  • Allowing tasks to be added and removed from drivers’ schedules while in transit (and recalculating the optimal routes and ETAs).

Deanta Success Story - Route optimization

That, in a nutshell, is how eLogii helped Deanta stay top-game in the distribution department, leaving Deanta’s team with more time to do what they excel at - distribute first-rate doors and delight their customers with unparalleled quality.


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