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Unimasters Dramatically Reduces Planning Time with eLogii

50% reduction

in route planning time

33% reduction

in planning headcount

76% increase 

in efficiency in terms of routes serviced and vehicle capacity maximization

49% reduction

in "Where's my package" calls


Unimasters specializes in providing a wide range of customer-focused, technologically and operationally advanced transportation, freight management, logistics, and e-commerce solutions.




Unimasters Logistics Plc is an innovative, advanced supply chain management company, headquartered in Bulgaria with fully owned subsidiaries in Romania and Hungary. 


The problem

Due to their rapid growth, Unimasters were looking for a solution to improve planning efficiency and bring their already strong customer service to the next level.

The team at Unimasters tried out a number of solutions including Bringg to move to a more dynamic way of planning delivery, but it was hard to find one that was both flexible and scalable. That was until they came across eLogii.

eLogii provided a comprehensive, modern cloud-based solution to Unimaster’s route planning and delivery management needs, including: 

  • A fully automated, but simple manually adjust if needed, planning interface 
  • Single button click (or API call) route optimization vs. hours of manual work
  • Clear visibility over field operations as orders were being executed


  • A fully customisable tracking experience for customers 
  • A powerful driver app enabling field tasks to be completed: navigating to orders, following specific instructions, taking proof of delivery (photos, signatures etc) and scanning barcodes to on-board and off-board packages

    i5 Captured PODs in Driver App

  • Detailed business analytics providing both live and historical feedback across a wide variety of performance metrics

    i9 Realtimme Analytics

The solution

With eLogii, Unimasters gained a powerful route optimization and planning solution, allowing them to gain full visibility and control over their pickup and delivery operations. 

With eLogii, they’re now able to: 

  • Track costs at a vehicle, route and package level
  • Successfully take proof of delivery any way they want (signatures, photos, barcodes or any combination)
  • Send notifications to customers via email, SMS or data message branded as Unimasters with delivery status

    email notification
  • Integrate with all their external business systems including WMS, ERP and CMS

Additionally, Unimasters achieved an even higher level of operational visibility through eLogii’s class-leading analytics suite. This enabled them to get a clear picture of today’s operations as well as historical operations (over an unlimited ‘look back’ period). 

Some of the analytics that Unimasters gained with eLogii are as follows: 

  • Time spent at delivery locations (planned vs. actual) 
  • Route distances
  • Utilization of both driver working hours and vehicle capacities

  • On time vs. late
  • Number and %age of tasks pending, in progress, completed and failed

Unimasters gained actionable insights enabling them to make critical business decisions informed by metrics that really matter.

The results

  • 50%+ reduction in planning time
  • Reduced planning headcount due to ability to centralize across cities
  • 76% more efficiency in terms of routes serviced and vehicle capacity maximization
  • Streamlined customer service operation with a 50%+ reduction in required calls 
  • Full API integration with Unimasters existing ERP solution

With eLogii Unimasters achieved unparalleled efficiency gains in a short space of time and at the same time drove customer experience to new levels.

Unimasters were able to take advantage of the real-time route-tracking and management, single and multi-day route planning, optimisation, and the ability to add and remove tasks from drivers' schedules while they are in transit that eLogii offers out of the box.

The system that we previously used was old and out of date. This is why we were looking for an improvement in terms of planning. The optimization time took quite long, the routing of the shipments as well. We lacked visibility that we now have in eLogii”.  - Georgi Dzhurov - Head of Interactive Delivery Management

One of the main focuses Unimasters had when switching to eLogii was to achieve automatic route optimisation of first and last mile and improve visibility for their team and customers. 

As a result, they have been able to reduce planning time by more than 50% and materially reduce required planning headcount. 

Not only has Unimasters seen financial savings and improved customer service, but they now have complete visibility into their operations, allowing them to make better decisions and identify areas of further potential efficiency improvement.



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