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7 Must-Read Books About Last-Mile Delivery

Here are seven must-read books about last-mile delivery that can help you find the answers about how to improve delivery management and logistics.

In this article, you’ll see seven must-read books about last-mile delivery.


Strictly speaking, the fragmentation and the complexity of modern last-mile logistics is confusing.

And with changing consumer behaviors, accelerated growth of retail, globalization, and focus on sustainability, interest in last-mile delivery logistics has never been higher.

That’s why you’re probably here in the first place.

But that also means the growth of the publication of books dealing with last-mile delivery has been HUGE in recent years.

So when you want to learn more about the topic, it’s difficult to find exactly the right book you need.

The one that can give you what you want to know. And give answers to all your questions.

We can help you with that.

We did a little bit of reading ourselves, and we’ve created this list of the best books about last-mile delivery logistics.

We hope you like it.

Let’s jump right in!

Best 7 Books About Last-Mile Delivery

  1. Last Mile: How Startups Solve the Challenge of Delivering to Your Door
  2. Retail’s Last Mile: Why Online Shopping Will Exceed Our Wildest Predictions
  3. eLogistics - Logistics for Ecommerce
  4. Leveraging NetSuite & Your Mobile Device to Make More $$$: Closing the Last Mile on Business Consumption with Customer Centricity
  5. Six Billion Shoppers: The Companies Winning the Global E-Commerce Boom
  6. Delivery in the Age of Amazon
  7. The Changing Postal Environment: Market and Policy Innovation

1. Last Mile: How Startups Solve the Challenge of Delivering to Your Door, Chris Jordan and Joe Weber


“For founders starting their first business in the carrier or retail industry, Last Mile provides anecdotal, academic, and empirical insights in a useful, easy-to-read format. Unlike other books for founders, this guide is firmly centered on delivery services.”

From the founders of startups in the UK parcel delivery space, the Last Mile explains the real world.

The one where anyone can start a business, but still no-one has entirely solved the problem of missed deliveries.

The book is based on interviews with customers, founders, retailers, and mail carriers.

It’s a combination of real-life experiences from raising businesses, e-commerce statistics, and academic theories.

Who should read this book?

Everyone who is about to start their first business, or those who decided to embrace changes.

A perfect book for all of you who want to start a business in the logistics, retail, or the carrier industry.

Why you should read it?

You should read this book to better understand last-mile delivery logistics.

Especially if you have no previous experience, and you want a no-nonsense take on the basics.

Chris Jordan and Joe Weber save you a lot of time on research.

2. Retail’s Last Mile: Why Online Shopping Will Exceed Our Wildest Predictions, Jonathan Reeve


" Online shopping is convenient but delivery may not be: current systems leave recipients at the mercy of carriers’ schedules"

Retail expert Jonathan Reeve writes about last-mile innovations that are changing online shopping. And how they will shape eCommerce in the future.

He talks about how online shopping is overtaking brick-and-mortar stores.

More importantly, he notes that only a handful of companies understood the extent to which their mindsets and business models need to change.

This is only the beginning of the disruption when it comes to retail.

He makes a point that people still shop in stores because they love to do it.

But also because there is often no convenient choice. And your customers want convenience.

The book speaks about all the challenges of “retail’s last mile”.

And the advice you receive will show you how to successfully sell and deliver products to customers’ doorstep.

Who should read this book?

Everyone who is in the retail business.

It’s crucial to understand all the changes that are happening in order to stay in business in the coming years.

Why you should read it?

Reading Retail’s Last Mile can help you stay in the loop with all these innovations, and prepare your last-mile delivery for the future of online shopping.

3. eLogistics - Logistics for Ecommerce, Ramon Abalo Costa


E-commerce has been reshaping our world for years now and it won’t stop in the future.

In the world of logistics, e-commerce has created a complete disruption of the landscape.

We have shifted to a more direct model, with lower margins and fewer intermediaries.

Also, adapting to a more demanding environment when it comes to the quality of services and its immediacy has made a huge impact in the industry.

Imagine doing all of that while maintaining minimum costs. Pretty difficult, right?

Nowadays customers expect to receive their orders ASAP. That’s why same-day delivery is flourishing.

The main question of this book is: How can anyone provide that level of service, while still reducing costs and staying competitive in the market?

So, the book gives you an overview of how logistics affect all the areas of eCommerce. And the methods that can help you enhance those mechanisms as well as the supply chain itself.

Ramon Abalo Costa tells us how to handle the high expectations of customers regarding last-mile delivery.

The book follows the typical process of purchasing any eCommerce service or product.

It starts with the logistics of selecting the right sales platform.

Then it moves on to the right infrastructure, like choosing an internal vs external fleet.

Finally, it explains the importance of packaging, the export of goods, and last-mile services.

Services that we’ve mentioned in our previous articles like upselling and cross-selling with delivery.

Basically e-Logistics covers every step of e-commerce.

Who should read this book?

This book is fundamentally meant for entrepreneurs, managers, and eCommerce business owners.

But it’s written with employees in mind, as well.

If you are a logistics professional or just someone interested in logistics and its effects, then this book is for you.

Why you should read it?

If you want to know everything more about eCommerce this is the right book for you.

You will also learn a lot about last-mile delivery, returns, and the most efficient methods to handle them, like reverse logistics.

4. Leveraging NetSuite & Your Mobile Device to Make More $$$: Closing the Last Mile on Business Consumption with Customer Centricity, Ken Grohe


" We are moving toward the social age, where technology augments and enhances how we live, work, and play. The younger generation is more mobile and, having grown up with technology is used to getting what they want when they want it. For companies being mobile allows you to be closer to your customers. It means you’re able to look customers in the eye and say: How can I be of service to you now?"

This book shows you the future of the workplace and how every business needs to adapt to keep up with the competition.

Nowadays, the key element of any organizational success is customer-centricity.

Everyone needs to deliver their services or products in an efficient and customer-friendly way.

And the focus always has to be on the customers. Because let’s face it, they are the ones that drive sales and bring in profit.

Technology is the answer. At least according to Ken Grohe.

He talks about SignNow, a famous SaaS (software-as-a-service) company, that he depicts as a game-changer.

Service agents shouldn’t have to go back and forth between customers and the office only to enter information into the system. Those days are long gone.

SignNow allows customers and company employees to make changes on the spot.

Not only does that save the customer’s time but it also makes them feel important.

All of that leads to a better customer experience which is crucial.

And we completely agree. That’s why we’ve talked in-depth about the importance of the automation of delivery, for example through electronic proof of delivery.

Who should read this book?

Leveraging NetSuite & Your Mobile Device to Make More $$$ is a book for everyone who wants to get closer to their customers, and is willing to understand the impact of technology.

For every industry looking to be more customer-centric and mobile. Or if you want to build agile delivery operations.

Nowadays, you need to delight customers in the last-mile, and without technology like last-mile delivery software that wouldn’t be possible.

Why you should read this book?

This is a book about business. But at the same time, it’s a book about life.

On the one hand, you will learn how to improve customer experience and how to disrupt the industry.

On the other hand, you will learn how to build, nurture and maintain relationships inside and outside of your company, especially with customers.

In a way, this book is an intuitive tool for all those who want to stay relevant in the business even after the change of generations.

Before, a simple handshake was enough to close a deal. But those days are long gone.

So, this book gives you a fresh perspective on how to “shake hands” with customers using data.

After all, without the processing and gathering of data, establishing relationships in the digital world would otherwise take days, weeks, or even months.

And Ken Grohe wrote this exactly because of that. To impact the future of your operations.

5. Six Billion Shoppers: The Companies Winning the Global E-Commerce Boom, Porter Erisman


Written by Porter Erisman, this is an insightful and useful guide to e-commerce and the developing markets, and how you can make a profit from their explosive growth.

E-commerce has officially entered the golden era in emerging markets.

China, India, Nigeria, are just some of the countries that are experiencing a gold rush.

Porter explains that the reason for that is a rising middle class, internet adoption, and most importantly new business models.

Six Billion Shoppers brings readers on an inspiring and eventful journey around the world in order to visit the next e-commerce mega markets.

Actually, those new mega markets give opportunities for entrepreneurs around the world.

Who should read this book?

This is a perfect book for entrepreneurs and e-commerce professionals.

Why you should read this book?

In order to understand delivery logistics and the future of work, you need to understand eCommerce.

This perfect guide that will tell you everything you should know about different markets.

E-commerce is an emerging and changing landscape.

And it’s important that you keep up with it.

6. Delivery in the Age of Amazon, Lior Sion

“Companies that align themselves with this new reality will remain relevant to their customers, while those that don’t will quickly become obsolete"

Delivery is the satisfaction of the complete customer experience.

It’s a journey that starts with brand awareness, proceeds with the on- or offline purchases, and finishes with the crucial moment when customers wait to receive their order.

Over the last few years, customers’ expectations regarding the delivery experience have absolutely changed.

This kind of change leads to different challenges in the way that businesses operate in order to relate to their customers.

This change in the supply chain’s last mile is inspired by something consumers always needed, but which only recently became a reality.

Getting what you want when you want it was once a privilege accessible only to the wealthy. But now it’s open to everyone.

Lior Sion, an entrepreneur with years of experience in logistics, definitely knows how to disrupt the delivery industry.

Delivery in the age of Amazon is a book that is meant to help companies to handle their offline and online operations, and explain what delivery requires nowadays.

Each chapter of the book discusses a different industry (grocery, retail, restaurant, etc.) and a different delivery model.

Who should read this book?

It’s a book meant for all the companies who have difficulties to adapt to new business models.

All of those who are experiencing trouble with last-mile delivery logistics and aren’t sure how to close the gap between their offline and online services.

Why you should read this book?

It’s a must-read, especially if you are looking to learn how to compete with Amazon delivery.

This book will teach you everything about the revolution in logistics. And it will also help you optimize your business the right way.

7. The Changing Postal Environment: Market and Policy Innovation, Piere Luigi Parcu, Timothy J. Brennan, and Victor Glass


The last 50 years have witnessed different responses to the changes demanded by the users of postal services and policymakers and the emergences of competing services, particularly those driven by electronic communication. No longer is the scope of postal service providers’ activities homogenous

_The Changing Postal Environmen_t discusses the biggest issue facing delivery and postal services across the world.

Currently, there is a large amount of interest in both delivery and postal economics. The whole industry is implementing drastic changes in order to adapt.

How to approach digital competition?

How to maintain USO (Universal Service Obligation)?

These are just a couple of issues this book tackles.

Technological development, digitalization, and online platforms are heavily affecting the way delivery and postal operators manage their services.

The authors (Piere Luigi Parcu, Timothy J. Brennan, Victor Glass) talk about this issue in three volumes:

  • The Changing Postal and Delivery Sector,
  • The Contribution of the Postal and Delivery Sector, and;
  • New Business and Regulatory Strategies in the Postal Sector.

Who should read this book?

This book will be interesting to regulatory commissions, postal operators, consulting firms, logistics experts in the postal and delivery economies, but business and law professionals, as well.

It’s also a good book for those who are in charge of implementing and designing postal sector policies.

Researchers in transportation technology, regulatory economics will also find this book very useful.

Why you should read this book?

All the misunderstandings you had about the postal and delivery industry will be cleared away.

After reading it, you will have a better understanding of the changing environment we are all witnessing.boost-efficiency-wih-route-optimization-software-desktop

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