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Reduce delivery times and account for timeslots

Handle more orders due to maximised capacity

Take control of the customer experience

Integrate with all of your business systems

Create perfectly optimised routes every time

Increase customer satisfaction levels

Increase profitability

Clear communications and tracking

Turbo charge your food delivery business with our powerful routing, planning and optimisation solution

In the restaurant industry, customers are demanding endless choice, unprecedented speed and the ultimate in convenience. Food businesses (whether delivery-only, or restaurants with delivery) large and small need to focus on customer experience more than ever to differentiate from the competition. The question is how to show value to customers and drive their loyalty over the long term.

Agility, both inside and outside of the kitchen is more important than ever and paper-based processes or legacy systems simply do not have the flexibility in order to allow food businesses to thrive in one of the most fast moving and dynamic markets in existence.

Customer expectations are becoming more ‘on-demand’ in nature and servicing this demand is extremely expensive (with these increased costs often not being transferrable in full to the customer for fear of losing them) without powerful optimisation solutions i.e. the shorter the time window or more onerous the delivery demand the more difficult it is to bundle orders etc.

eLogii’s delivery execution platform provides operators (in operations large and small) with a powerful and intuitive interface that allows them to make the most out of optimisation opportunities as they occur (taking into account of course all of the relevant constraints and service promises made to the customer in question).

Maximise efficiency in your Food distribution operations today

Optimised delivery operations mean the time taken for orders to reach customers (often the difference between a great and a terrible food ordering experience) can be substantially reduced.

The ratings module of the eLogiiTM platform allows you to ask your customers to rate your delivery driver, ensuring that you are always providing the best service to your customers (and that you know when things have gone wrong!).

The eLogiiTM platform allows for substantial increases in operational efficiency and allows food businesses to take full control over the delivery process, matching incoming orders with their fleet of drivers in the most optimal, cost-effective way, while at the same time ensuring that your customers are delighted with their experience each and every time.

Communications via the eLogiiTM platform are completely automatic (and controllable) meaning that your staff in the kitchen and in the operations team alike can focus on what they do best without wasting time picking up the phone to delivery drivers to then in turn up date customers on their whereabouts etc. With full white labelling, you control the content of email and SMS text messages to your customers.

The eLogiiTM platform aggregates orders from multiple sources, regardless of the number of locations and fleets. Smart assignment takes place based on existing deliveries in a driver’s queue, their schedule, the capacity of their vehicle and the associated costs.

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Delivery types covered:

  • Hot food delivery
  • Alcohol delivery
  • Takeaway delivery
  • Restaurant delivery
  • Corporate catering delivery