Just some of the benefits you get out of the box

Take into account specific security requirements and regulations

Ensure total visibility for patients

Take into account various transport requirements for different medicine types (cold, ambient etc.)

Ensure your vehicles run at capacity

Take into account multiple cut-offs, time windows etc.

Clear communications and tracking

Ensure total control over even the most complicated Pharmaceutical distribution operations

Increase margins

Continuously improve the quality of patient care with routing and scheduling tools so flexible and powerful, they allow you to ensure every patient gets a special service

TM empowers healthcare and pharmaceutical businesses to take charge of their highly complex operations ensuring that essential medicine and care arrive in perfect condition, on time, every time.

Interconnectedness and centralisation are core to efficient operations and our powerful cloud-based software allows for this to happen seamlessly, across both internal and external resources and stakeholders. Patient confidentiality combined with superior levels of visibility and control are key to ensuring the best possible experience.

Our platform enables healthcare and pharmaceuticals businesses, whether they are operating B2B or B2C delivery models, to offer an unrivalled end-to-end delivery experience setting them apart from their competition.

Exceeding patient and customer expectations in the high-stakes, time-critical Pharmaceutical and Healthcare markets relies on technology that can handle real-time changes and take into account a broad variety of constraints. Manual planning in these circumstances presents a significant barrier to scaling and legacy planning and routing software systems lack the required flexibility and dynamism.

Maximise efficiency in your Pharmaceutical and Healthcare distribution operations today

Leverage our modular SaaS solutions to provide complete visibility and control across your entire operations, allowing you to substantially streamline costs while at the same time ensuring the fastest, most flexible, always-on-time deliveries for your customers regardless of the fulfilment method you use.

Deliveries and collections are streamlined in one place with flexible communications between all parties in the transaction (your drivers, your operations teams and your customers). Our best-in-class dispatch interface allows for almost training-free operations, even in mission-critical environments.

Our proprietary optimisation and allocation engines ensure that the right vehicle and driver is always assigned making sure the service to your customers is always seamless.

Our asset tracking module allows for complete security and maintenance of chain of custody while at the same time making sure that your customers enjoy bullet proof privacy and data security.

The flexibility of our solutions allows for compliance with even the most complicated regulations through the addition of constraints, filters, as well as integration with any required databases and other required external systems.

  • Fully automated operations
  • Meet any required time windows for critical care / treatment
  • Complete transparency across the entire lifecycle of a delivery
  • Ability to integrate into any existing business systems
  • Actionable insights based on data

See for yourself just how much money and time eLogiiTM will save you and your team

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Delivery types covered:

  • Medical products and devices
  • Prescriptions
  • Blood samples
  • At-home healthcare
  • Hospice care
  • Dialysis and other critical care
  • Organ transplants
  • Wholesale pharmaceutical delivery
  • Field service for medical professionals

Bullet-proof security

Hit time windows required in emergency situations

Handle regulation in different markets seamlessly

Chain of custody compliance for the entire life cycle