Just some of the benefits you get out of the box

Take into account multiple cut-offs, time windows etc.

Full service and brand integrity

Automatically take into account vehicle capacity constraints

Enable fully centralised planning

Clear communications and tracking

Allow for fitting / assembly requirements to be effortlessly taken into account when planning / optimising

Differentiate your customer experience driven by convenience, precision and speed

Shoppers expect personalised and effortless experiences with control over the ‘when’, ‘where’ and ‘how’. In the quest to create value for your customers daily, agility in the delivery process and efficiency across the entire value chain is more important than ever.

Whether you are a pure play online retailer or have a brick-and-mortar footprint, Amazon has had significant influence on your customers in terms of their expectations. Our powerful end-to-end delivery management solution (taking into account an almost infinite level of operational requirements and constraints) allows you not only to match these expectations but to go the extra mile also! The eLogiiTM platform allows for you to create a seemingly bespoke / curated but at the same time highly scalable and effortless experience to be provided to all stakeholders. Granular control is possible in your various operations combined with 30,000ft visibility for supervisors, management and financial stakeholders. Share visibility with your customers by providing live tracking and the ability to rate your drivers to ensure the best customer experience is always maintained!

As a result of our specialised retail logistics software solutions, optimisation and management of even the most complicated, multi-faceted retail operations becomes simple and intuitive. The eLogiiTM platform is able to handle first and last mile delivery, same/next day delivery, returns, delivery from store and warehouse alike, internal owned fleet, third party logistics businesses, courier companies, crowdsourced / owner-driver fleets and pretty much anything your business can throw at it.

Empower your planners and routing teams to take into account different priorities attached to different customers, handle issues live before they impact the customer experience and allow for drivers to have an experience more enjoyable and effortless than they thought was possible.

Provide the best customer experience in the market while saving money and time

eLogii’s routing and optimisation engine can connect seamlessly to any of your in-vehicle tracking units, allowing for powerful reporting and analytics and the ability to work out how you are performing vs plan. If you are not using vehicle tracking units and in-cab PDA units, no problem – our solution also works seamlessly with any iOS or Android devices.

Be more strategic when it comes to planning and reviewing routes that previously “had to be fixed” and run various scenarios to see how they impact your bottom line. Allow your planning teams to take control where changes have to be made for business-specific reasons (and trace changes back to the operator who made the change).

Keep your customers in the loop every step of the way with live ETAs based on what is happening in real-time on the road. Share white-labelled (with any text you want) notifications can be sent out automatically via SMS and email at any step of the delivery lifecyle.

Allocate time windows to customers that are cost effective to your business and can always be achieved. Regardless of the level of constraints faced by your business from capacity, road restrictions, travel times, availability, different product mixes, special delivery instructions etc. eLogiiTM empowers you to deliver each and every time.

Our flexible electronic proof of delivery and security module (allowing for signatures, codes, barcodes and photos to be collected) ensures that you and your customers always have peace of mind.

  • Fully dynamic route optimisation (including on-the-fly changes)
  • Fully flexible and intuitive dispatching
  • Integrate into any external systems (CRM, ERP, Order Management, Warehouse management etc.)
  • Route optimisation
  • Total visibility and ability to plan across all of your depots at a single glance
  • Actionable insights coming from the field allowing you to react to changing circumstances before your customer knows
  • Keep your customers in the loop every step of the way
  • Use less vehicles and driver hours to deliver a superior service
  • Optimise vehicle loads
  • Asset tracking and chain of custody
  • Easy returns handling
  • Delivery on shorter delivery times and timeslots of any width with ease
  • Increase profits and drive ROI

See for yourself just how much money and time eLogiiTM will save you and your team

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Delivery types covered:

  • Timeslot delivery
  • Assembly and removal
  • Furniture delivery
  • Two-man delivery
  • Delivery with owned fleet and employed drivers as well as ability to support a fully crowdsourced model (with self employed contractors driving their own vehicles etc.)
  • Returns

Increase customer service

Manage routes easily

Maximise vehicle usage

Substantially cut planning time (up to 50% is typical)

Planners now able to focus on higher value-add tasks

Provide superior customer service

Deliver quickly and precisely and handle timeslots with ease

Provide clear visibility to your stakeholders every step of the delivery lifecycle

Handle different product mixes

Reduce carbon footprint