Just some of the benefits you get out of the box

Ensure your vehicles run at capacity

Take into account multiple cut-offs, time windows etc.

Clear communications and tracking

Seamless integration with any telematics / GPS tracking solutions

Amazon has changed views in the market when it comes to control and convenience

Pickups and deliveries today need to happen more quickly and precisely than ever and meeting these demands using manual planning or legacy software systems is very difficult and is certainly not standardisable, or scalable.

Competition in both the B2B and B2C Food and Drink markets is becoming increasingly intense with Amazon leading the charge of demonstrating to customers that timeslots, clear communications / tracking etc. are the standard when it comes to delivery.

Being able to provide your customers a high-quality, transparent, standardised delivery experience is swiftly becoming essential in order to drive lifetime value.

To drive loyalty within increasingly complex and demanding customer bases, food and drink businesses need to focus on ensuring maximum operational efficiency and transparency across the entire chain: from production, through fulfilment all the way to the customers’ hands.

Being able to react to changing conditions in the field is something we hear as being extremely important from our customers, but this is challenging to execute with legacy software systems and even more so with predominantly manual planning and routing.

Maximise efficiency in your food and drink distribution operation today

Our cloud-based software platform supports end-to-end delivery planning, routing and execution, empowering your teams (dispatch, general operations, customer service etc.) to provide your customers with a truly unparalleled experience.

Empower your drivers proactively with all the required information about a particular delivery, including handling issues, exceptions etc. and allow for them to provide high-quality, standardised service to each customer (as if your process had been designed just for them).

Whether you are a food or drink wholesaler (supplying restaurants, hotels etc.) or whether you are a grocery / delicatessen business delivering products consumers, the eLogiiTM platform ensures that you are able to deliver a transparent, seamless and high quality service regardless of whether you deliver 50 or 100,000 orders per day.

From flexibility of routes including multiple collections and multiple drop-offs across disparate depots, customer locations or any other location to customised electronic proof of delivery actions (barcodes, asymmetric unique codes, signatures etc.) our platform connects everything into one seamless experience – allowing you to focus on your customers.

Our best-in-class algorithms and optimisation methods allow for the perfect balance between automation and control. Planning can occur centrally (with depot level adjustments being possible) or at a depot-by-depot level, taking into account of operational knowhow around specific processes.

  • Integrate into any external systems (CRM, ERP, Order Management, Warehouse management etc.)
  • Seamlessly handle a variety of vehicle types (ambient, chilled, frozen etc.)
  • Total visibility and ability to plan across all of your depots at a single glance
  • Actionable insights coming from the field allowing you to react to changing circumstances before your customer knows
  • Keep your customers in the loop every step of the way
  • Use less vehicles and driver hours to deliver a superior service
  • Optimise vehicle loads
  • Delivery on shorter delivery times and timeslots of any width with ease
  • Increase profits and drive ROI

See for yourself just how much money and time eLogiiTM will save you and your team

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Delivery types covered:

  • Timeslot delivery
  • Mixed product delivery (ambient, frozen, hot etc.)
  • Internal delivery between production sites and distribution centres for example and external delivery to your customers
  • Grocery delivery
  • Food service delivery
  • Wholesale food delivery
  • Wholesale alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink delivery
  • Delivery with owned fleet and employed drivers as well as ability to support a fully crowdsourced model (with self employed contractors driving their own vehicles etc.)

Expand capacity

Substantially cut planning time (up to 50% is typical)

Planners now able to focus on higher value-add tasks

Provide superior customer service

Deliver quickly and precisely and handle timeslots with ease

Provide clear visibility to your stakeholders every step of the delivery lifecycle

Handle different product mixes

Reduce carbon footprint