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Offer tiered service options to customers

Automate dispatch of your engineers / field service operatives

Maximise number of appointments

Provide accurate time windows

Gain actionable insights from the field

Maximise use of resources

Increase customer satisfaction

Reduce planning time substantially

Take your customer experience to the next level with eLogii’s optimisation and routing solution for field service businesses

Customer expectations around wait times and service quality are increasing on a daily basis. The dispatch of field service engineers and technicians needs to occur at an unprecedented pace with expectations around visibility and transparency growing in parallel also. In order to meet and exceed these expectations, your organisation has to become much more agile across your entire operations (from dispatch teams, to in-field personnel etc.).

Using our powerful service dispatch platform, service businesses are easily able to exceed even the most onerous of customer expectations. Our technology substantially increases operational efficiency whilst at the same time allowing for crystal clear visibility and communications end-to-end throughout the entire lifecycle of the service delivery.

eLogii’s field service software suite enables you to take control of and optimise a broad array of service options and scale these up seamlessly.

Maximise efficiency in your field service operations today

Managing a team of field technicians, whether HVAC engineers, electricians, appliance repair people or plumbers is complicated – especially when it comes to maximising utilisation KPIs e.g. increasing visits per technician and keeping cost KPIs e.g. fuel cost and total miles driven in check. Customer experience is key but it is often something that is sacrificed in order to meet other KPIs (keeping costs down for example). This is particularly the case when planning takes place manually, on spreadsheets or worse still on pieces of paper and clipboards (with the addition of the occasional phone call!).

Varying visit times, specific required skills, timeslots etc. all need to be taken into account in order to provide a superior service vs. your competition. This is very difficult to do manually on spreadsheets and paper and presents a significant barrier to scaling up. In the event that members of your planning team are absent, the challenge increases exponentially as so much of the planning knowledge is unique to them.

With our powerful routing, scheduling and dispatch software, you can cover all bases, taking into account an almost infinite number of constrains and parameters, allowing you to improve engineer efficiency, cut mileage and fuel costs while at the same time delivering an even better customer experience.

Regardless of the type of field service organization you run, the flexibility and power of our platform will support your needs for scheduling visits, optimising routes and cutting costs in your service organization.

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Delivery types covered:

  • Appliance repair
  • HVAC engineers
  • Electricians
  • Roadside repair
  • Plumbers
  • Field sales
  • Waste collection and disposal