Just some of the benefits you get out of the box

Home delivery of DIY materials in timeslots

Ensure total visibility for customers

Take into account various transport requirements for different material types

Product weights and sizes taken into consideration seamlessly

Ensure your vehicles run at capacity

Take into account multiple cut-offs, time windows etc

Clear communications and tracking

Seamless integration with any telematics / GPS tracking solutions

Ensure entirely paperless operations while transforming the experience from ‘good’ to ‘great’ for your customers

Whether you sell direct to consumers or to the trade (wholesale), on-time delivery is particularly crucial in the Construction Materials industry and a major area of differentiation between you and your competition.

Your order mix will be diverse, with some orders requiring same day attention, some requiring fixed time windows at some point in the future and some even requiring same day with fixed time windows! Paper based planning or using a mix of legacy software systems means you are almost certainly leaving value on the table, both in terms of immediate and directly attributable costs, but also in terms of the lifetime value of your customer relationships.

Your drivers want to be focused on delivering fantastic experience to your customers, not worrying about pieces of paper, run sheets, switching between multiple software applications etc. The eLogiiTM driver app provides the most intuitive, powerful interface in the market for drivers while at the same time ensuring full visibility into location, performance against plan and customer expectations for your office-based teams.

Paper-based proof of delivery comes with a host of challenges i.e. can’t be read, gets lost etc. eLogii’s electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) and security module allows for the full suite of verification methods including signatures, codes and photographs (or a combination of all of the above!) to make sure your products are delivered to the right person, in the right place at the right time.

Maximise efficiency in your Construction Materials and DIY distribution operations today

With our powerful routing and planning technology, Construction Materials and DIY businesses are able to have scheduling, route planning, execution, proof of delivery, notification services and image capture all in one end-to-end platform that can digitise the entirety of their delivery operations.

Real-time visibility over deliveries as they are occurring leads to far less operational challenges, for example follow ups with drivers over phone calls, text messages etc. Delivery plans are, as a result of our powerful solution, much easier to hit (as a result of all constraints being taken into account automatically in the planning process) resulting in all-round improved customer satisfaction scores.

Due to improved capacity planning, construction materials companies are able to make a greater number of deliveries per day, push-out cut off times and increase general efficiency in terms of office-based operations teams.

As a result of the proprietary technology driving the eLogiiTM platform, the right product is always allocated to the right driver (based on schedule, skills, etc.) and vehicle (based on capabilities, capacity etc.)

  • Trial routes and modelling
  • Increase efficiency of distribution operations
  • Reduce number of required vehicles on the road
  • Optimise vehicle usage across all depots
  • Significantly reduce planning time
  • Optimise vehicle loads
  • Make paper-based operations a thing of the past

See for yourself just how much money and time eLogiiTM will save you and your team

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Delivery types covered:

  • DIY materials delivery to consumers
  • Wholesale delivery of construction materials (timber, bricks etc.)
  • Bulk product delivery
  • Timeslot delivery
  • Full-truck load delivery
  • Pallet delivery

Offer customers greater choice

Reduce number of failed deliveries

Continue to accept orders from your customers until your routes are fully-loaded

Streamline communications

Collect data in one place for reporting and process improvement