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Maximise capacity utilisation and efficiency

Take into account time windows

Provide your customers clear insight and tracking

Near-perfect scoresheet of on-time deliveries

Customer expectations have shifted over the last decade – how will you keep customer satisfaction levels high, now and for the next decade?

The rules of the game have changed almost entirely, expectations around speed, flexibility, communications and visibility are a million miles away from what they once were. Patience and tolerance levels have fallen in customer bases and loyalties are shifting faster than ever when service providers are not able to meet the mark.

The software systems and operational processes that enabled stellar service delivery (as measured with the old rules) over the past decade are now becoming obsolete and are becoming expensive to maintain. Even with bolt-ons, add-ons and new modules, these systems can never really provide the dynamic flexibility required to meet the expectations of today’s customer.

Technology investments made today need to show ROI quickly and need to be flexible (Opex vs. Capex) in terms of payment structures. The technology infrastructure put in place today needs to be agile and update automatically, allowing you not only to thrive ‘today’ but also be ready for the challenges which will come with future growth and market developments.

Power and flexibility, all in one place

The eLogiiTM platform is fully modular, enabling you and your customers to benefit from exactly the components you need (all the way from the start of the lifecycle to the package being placed into the customer’s hands), exactly when you need them from routing to dispatch, from tracking to proof of delivery.

Our proprietary scheduling algorithms and optimisation techniques allow for the ideal blend of automation and granular control. Planning can occur at a depot level, taking into account of operational knowhow, allowing for automatically calculated routes to be adjusted or planning can occur in an entirely centralised manner, across multiple depots and your entire operations.

Whether you are a third party logistics (3PL), distribution business or transport business, our solutions ensure that you are able to execute at the highest level of quality, repeatably and at any level of scale.

Our solution digitises every key component of your operations across the lifecycle of shipments and deliveries which you handle on a daily basis providing actionable, executable insight at every step of the way.

  • Integrate into any external systems (CRM, ERP, Order Management, Warehouse management etc.)
  • Total visibility across your entire field operations (even if spanning 10s of depots) at a single glance
  • Actionable insights coming from the field allowing you to react to changing circumstances before your customer knows
  • Keep your customers in the loop every step of the way
  • Use less vehicles and driver hours to deliver a superior service
  • Optimise vehicle loads
  • Seamlessly handle shorter delivery times and timeslots of any width
  • Increase profits and drive ROI

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Delivery types covered:

  • Inner city courier delivery
  • Time critical delivery
  • Same day / next day delivery
  • Specialist service / white glove service
  • Internal fleet + contractor delivery
  • Specialist (temperature controlled) delivery
  • Crowdsourced delivery

Expand capacity

Provide superior customer service

Deliver quickly and precisely