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Mobile People Powered Logistics and eLogii: +100% Vehicle Utilization


faster planning


efficiency gain in routing


ROI within 6 months


increase in vehicle utilization


Mobile People Powered Logistics is an award-winning transport and Logistics company, headquartered  in Birmingham, England operating out of 4 UK distribution centers. Mobile People Powered Logistics focuses on high quality supply chain solutions for Palletized Freight Distribution, Haulage,  Warehousing and Fulfilment. 




With eLogii, Mobile People Powered Logistics gained an out of the box solution, which was easy-to integrate into any of their business systems via API, to all of the above challenges. We have explored a number of these below.

“We have seen our efficiency go up dramatically since starting with eLogii – our routes are not only  great but they’re also manageable and realistic as eLogii takes into account so many different  conditions (both set by us and externally known, for example vehicle types and traffic)”Lee Ellis,  Operations Director


The problem

Mobile People Powered Logistics had an existing solution in place which enabled manual planning  and drivers to see relevant jobs on their handhelds.  

The challenge was, without Optimization, the management team at Mobile People Powered Logistics  felt they were leaving a lot of value on the table.  

The team had evaluated a number of solutions, but the challenge was that these solutions lacked the  configurability and flexibility needed to take into account key business logic Mobile People Powered  Logistics needed to ensure the operations ran as they wanted and their customers needed. 

Ensuring the right vehicles went out for the right jobs (for example keeping large vehicles focused  purely on the largest work) was a challenge and efficiency was further suffering as a result.  

Mobile People Powered Logistics wanted a solution that would allow them to plan all different  distribution types centrally (general haulage, groupage, pallet distribution etc.) and in their search  (until eLogii) they had not come across a solution enabling this effectively.  

Due to the data-driven nature of the business, there were ready-made and measurable KPIs with  targets, so once the right system was found – results would be visible quickly.

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The solution

With eLogii, Mobile People Powered Logistics gained an out of the box solution which was easy-to integrate into any of their business systems via API to all of the above challenges. We have explored a  number of these below. 

Automated optimization

With eLogii, Mobile People Powered Logistics gained single click planning enabling hundreds of jobs  to be optimized in a matter of seconds. The number of configurable parameters are so extensive that Mobile People Powered Logistics were able to configure the optimization to run exactly as they  needed, also taking into account real-life conditions such as historical (and live on the day of route  execution) traffic information, particular vehicle skills, capabilities and equipment types (as well as a  lot more!). Not only did this save the time significant planning time, but the wide variety of  parameters taken into account ensured that routes were always realistic vs. just looking good ‘on screen’. 


Reporting and exports

As a data-centric organization, Mobile People Powered Logistics needed a solution that allowed them to track key operational metrics and KPIs, including the efficiency of routes so they could easily  measure the impact of customer requirements or manual changes made by the team.  

On time vs Late

With eLogii, Mobile People Powered Logistics were able to export all required data attributes via both CSV and API and run analytics within their external business systems. Additionally, eLogii has  built in analytics capabilities allowing for visualizations directly in the dashboard itself.  

i9 Realtimme Analytics

Centralised planning

Instead of having to plan different equipment (vehicle types etc.) separately or plan at a depot level,  with eLogii Mobile People Powered logistics were able to throw all jobs that needed to get done at  the solution. At the same time, all of their equipment types and vehicles (and their associated  drivers) were set up in the system with all of the appropriate parameters pre-set (vehicle types,  restrictions, driver schedules etc.). Optimization could be run in a single click enabling the right job to  be efficiently done by the right vehicle every time. This would include such rules as not allowing the  largest vehicles to enter dense urban areas for example

Drivers and vehicles

The results

  • 75% faster planning vs. manual planning (with less human error) 
  • 20% efficiency gain in routing  
  • 250% ROI within 6 months 
  • 100%+ increase in vehicle utilization 

“When we were manually planning, our articulated trucks were doing 1 run each of 22 pallet spaces  per day – they’d go out do a few deliveries have a few hours of dead time and then do collections – now we’ve gone from 22 average to 45 average. So more than doubling our utilization” – Karl  Roberts, System Distribution Manager



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