Not only does our best-in-class monitoring and dispatch technology allow you to take care of assignments and changes, real-time visibility also allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of your operations and answer any customer questions live as they come in. You can see all your drivers, across vehicle types, categories, territories etc. in real time on a map overlay with our solution allowing for simple ‘click in’ to an individual route or driver to communicate with them, get closer visibility into the execution of the route (i.e. current ETAs etc.) and make required changes.

Your brand is one of your biggest assets and as a result we put you in control by enabling white labelling across our entire product suite. Customise the experience within the suite of solutions (dashboards, driver app etc.) used by your internal teams and also customise the experience shown to your customers (tracking etc.).

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Should you want to use eLogii’s technology as a platform (i.e. integrate our capabilities into your existing offerings) or build our capabilities into software products that you want to sell to your customers on either a one-off or recurring revenue basis, we have you covered on that front too. For example, a Pharmacy Software business (managing repeat prescriptions) which has relationships with 1,000s of pharmacy branches wishes to build a delivery management solution allowing for those branches to individually manage their logistics – a number of modules of the eLogiiTM suite could be put together to enable this with the Pharmacy Software vendor being eLogii’s customer.