Cloud-based planning, routing, dispatch and execution software for single depot operations

Plan in seconds while saving up to 50% of total costs.

  • Reduce overall driving distance
  • Substantially cut planning time allowing for planners to focus on more strategic, higher value-add tasks
  • Significantly increase utilisation
  • Reduce fleet size by up to 33%
  • Cut overall distribution / transport related operational costs by up to 50%
  • Very short ‘implementation’ period in most cases – some smaller businesses can be live within the hour

If your business operates anywhere between 5 and 100s of vehicles from a single depot, the eLogiiTM Single Depot solution can help you maximise utilisation of your fleet of vehicles, design more accurate (while at the same time more dynamic and flexible) plans and substantially reduce your overall distribution and transportation costs.

Our powerful and configurable SaaS solution takes into account every conceivable operational parameter from time windows to driver schedules / shifts to product sizes and vehicle capacities to driver skills to particular capabilities of certain vehicles (for example lifting equipment etc.) to ensure the best, most optimal plans are produced each and every time. Our solution also allows you to handle different product categories (ambient, frozen, fragile etc.) and security requirements (signature, barcode, asymmetric code, photo – or a combination of some or all).

If you previously planned manually (using maps, spreadsheets and a planning team of routing experts), it is likely you will cut your planning time by 90%+, freeing up your planning team to focus on more strategic, higher value-add tasks.

You can add tasks to the system either via API connection, bulk CSV upload or individually. You can also add key operational setup items such as vehicles, drivers, schedules etc. in the same way.

Communications, both between the field and your operating team, and between the field and your customers is streamlined ensuring that all parties receive the most accurate and relevant information (full customisable ETA messages, status notifications / updates etc.)

Regardless of the size of your fleet of vehicles (or the mix of vehicle types), we’ve got you covered with the power to take into account all of your available resources (vehicles, drivers) and all required operational parameters and constraints. You will be serving your customers even better while saving substantial money in no time!

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How does it work?

You add all relevant operational data (tasks/deliveries, drivers/schedules, vehicles, specific operational constraints etc.) to the eLogiiTM platform via API, bulk upload or individually. Our proprietary algorithms take into account of all attributes and constraints to produce the most optimal sequence of collections and drop-offs and present this to your operations and driver teams in a way that is most useful for their particular role.

Groups of deliveries / tasks are allocated to the most appropriate drivers (based on schedule, skills etc.) and vehicles (based on capacity, capabilities etc.) and a series of routes are then produced with precise ETAs for each and every delivery/task. You are able to fix a route (or series of routes should you wish to) and make adjustments to this fixed master plan / route on a daily, weekly etc. basis based on live events.