eLogii’s route optimisation make life simpler for dispatchers, removing the hassle of manually routing tasks and drivers, whilst ensuring optimal efficiency in the operations. Optimised routes are clearly presented and are visible on a map to the dispatcher with detailed visibility per driver and each individual route. Within each route, you’re also able to see the specific ETA, service time and waiting time for each task, as well as the total route distance, time, and capacity utilisation of the vehicle.

Dispatchers can also make manual adjustments within a route or move tasks between routes using a simple drag-and-drop function. The goal being to empower internal teams to manage their delivery fleet in the most efficient and cost-optimal way, ensuring they meet operational requirements, whilst at the same time providing them the tools to also be dynamic and flexible as required.

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eLogii’s route optimisation intelligently takes into consideration an almost infinite level of operational requirements, to ensure the most optimal and efficient routes are produced within your defined constraints. This includes your total available resource pool, driver schedules, vehicle capacities, any specific driver skills and vehicle capabilities (delivery requirements), task locations, task service times, as well as any specific task time constraints and windows. eLogii’s platform also allows you to flex your service level, by allowing you to configure task earliness and lateness tolerances and service times that match your requirements.

Use eLogii’s platform to also set fixed routes for your delivery fleet based on pre-determined collection and/or delivery orders. Flexibly adjust each route individually and its corresponding drop orders and assign a dedicated driver to each route.