All operators know that deliveries can fail – and whatever the reason (customer not home, customer rejects delivery, item wrong or broken), you need to empower your drivers to handle these situations seamlessly with minimal required intervention from your office-based teams (operations, customer service etc.).

Even though a delivery might have failed, you cannot fail your customer when it comes to maintaining consistent audit trails and chains of custody.

Your drivers and your operations teams are empowered to handle any kind of failed delivery situation that might be thrown at them, ensuring that operations continue smoothly and that it is business as usual.

Control the experience end-to-end, from whether you enable your drivers to mark delivery as “failed” to where they should return the item to (that can be the depot, or it can be a completely different location entirely – including the location of the failed drop-off).

The elegant workflow that eLogiiTM enables ensures that the audit trail is fully complete as soon as the driver returns the failed delivery its intended secondary location (either return to depot or somewhere else). It also provides proof of the failed delivery item’s exact location, providing ultimate efficiency and peace of mind.

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