Customer experience is now more important than ever and in many cases your customers will only remember their last delivery from you. In many cases, the last mile / at-the-door experience is almost as important as the product itself in terms of delighting the customer.

Unique, high quality service to the door is a major differentiating factor and in order to deliver this service, you need insights that only your customers can provide.

Using the eLogiiTM Ratings and Feedback module, you are able to collect valuable feedback from your customers in a way that blends elegantly into the overall delivery experience.

When asked, most customers said that the delivery experience is the biggest demonstrator of their value in the eyes of a brand / business. If you know your service is excellent, you can do more of the same, if you know you are struggling in some areas, you can make immediate changes before it is too late!

Your customers are automatically sent SMS messages, emails, or both linking to a web-based app allowing them to rate the overall experience. You can white label the Ratings and Feedback messages to your customer in any way that best suits your business, down to what you want to ask them.

Gaining insight into the performance of your drivers allows for you to create incentive schemes for them that drive the performance you require in order to maximise customer delight.

With powerful insights straight from your customers, combined with drivers encouraged to put on their best performance every time, businesses can seamlessly optimise the experience they deliver to truly exceed their customers’ wants and needs.

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