Ensure that your internal teams have a centralised view of all key driver information directly through the eLogiiTM dashboard – with the ability to create driver profiles and enable individual access to the eLogiiTM Driver App. Allow internal users to also add custom notes, comments, contracts and other attachments for each driver profile, providing an easily accessible and simple method of tracking all relevant driver details in one place.

Set and view the working schedule of each driver either per week, per day, or per hour – with clear indicators to dispatchers who is and who isn’t available at any given time. Allow your drivers to also set their own availabilities directly through the eLogiiTM Driver App. Set custom rules for driver breaks, ensuring it meets the necessary legislation and requirements, as well as being considered in the route optimisation of your operations.

Have complete visibility of each and every action of your delivery fleet, with an up-to-date Driver App log and audit trail of all actions, including timestamps and geo-stamps at the start and finish of each day. Quickly search and filter historical tasks per driver and have a transparent view of each driver’s performance through their customer ratings and feedback.

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