Maintain complete control of your operations and track every event of each task throughout its complete lifecycle. Quickly access a real-time updated chain of events per task via the eLogiiTM dashboard, showing time-stamps and geo-stamps at each stage of the task lifecycle.

Collect multiple different forms of proof at the point of collection and/or delivery using eLogii’s Driver App – including signatures, photographs, scanned barcodes or QR codes, unique alphanumeric codes, as well as any notes or forms. Ensure all your proof is collected digitally and in real-time, allowing you to quickly access and verify each task via the eLogiiTM dashboard.

Configure your form of proof at either or both collection and delivery points, and do so on an individual task, customer, or organisation basis. Customise and set additional workflows and rule-sets at the point of collection and/or delivery that meets your needs.

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